A Truth about this Blog

On this Blog I openly talk about the Jewish Snake but this Blog is on a platform owned by Google.  Google is owned and controlled by the Jewish Snake.  So I am outing the Jewish Snake on a media platform owned by the Jewish Snake.  I know I could move this Blog to a different media platform but I believe that any platform I move it to would also be controlled by the Jewish Snake.  Jews use their wealth to control all of the world media (which includes the internet) mostly so they can control information.  And of all the information Jews want to control it is information about themselves.  And yet on this Blog I am allowed to speak openly against the Jewish Snake.  Why would they allow me to do this?  Some reasons come to my mind.

1) This Blog has such a low viewership that Jews do not feel in any way threatened by its content.  If a few people learn the truth about them here its really insignificant to Jewish world control.  But if this Blog ever became popular so it was read and believed by a lot of people then I could see this Blog easily being shut down by Google for this reason. 

2) Jews want to maintain the illusion that we live in a free society where freedom of speech is allowed.  As I have said on this Blog repeatedly, I believe the Democracy of the USA and the other western nations is just an illusion at this point.  The illusion is being maintained for the time being to deceive and control.  So for the Jews to use too heavy of a hand in censorship would cause an unwanted backlash against Jewish control and honest people would look for a way around Jewish control by creating their own media companies and not allowing Jews to have any control of them whatsoever.  Jews are smart enough to know not to do something that will work against their plans so they allow people like me to have the freedom to speak my mind without stomping a Jewish boot on my head. So they allow me to talk openly about them for now. But as I said in my post on the Jewish Master Plan, I believe that part of that plan is to keep the illusion alive until Jews have all of the control in their own hands and then to suddenly remove the illusion so that everyone knows the truth.  This is what I call the Jewish checkmate.  Its what the Jews are working to achieve.  In the world they are creating there will be no freedom of speech or even the illusion of it.  There will be no freedom of any kind for non Jews.  There will only be tyranny.  It does not have to happen.  God willing it will never happen but the Jews are betting the House on it.  Everything they are doing now is toward that end.  I sincerely hope it is not too late to stop it. 

3) I would be remiss if I did not mention my suspicion that the internet itself is a highly controlled media in the Real World.  Whatever it pretends to be in the False World is immaterial.  What it is in the Real World is what counts.  I suspect that the number of people actually seeing my Blog is actually far less than what I imagine.  The illusion is that I am broadcasting truth to the entire world but what is the reality?  Am I only talking to a small number of people and the same ones read it and comment on it over and over again?   Am I shadowboxed so that only a small group can even see this blog?  I suspect this. I have a very suspicious mind at this point and nothing would surprise me.  If I have learned anything about this world it is that the world is not what it appears to be.  I do not trust I have been told the truth about the internet and I sure as Hell do not trust the people running it, which are undoubtedly either Jews or minions of Jews. I especially do not trust Google that controls the platform this Blog is on. So do I suspect I am bring tricked?  Hell yes I do.

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