The Florida Condo "collapse" is very likely a PSYOP

I did not think so at first but seeing the sudden American MSM obsession with this story tells me it is indeed a PSYOP.  What would be the reason or a reason for doing this PSYOP now?  We must ask this question because there is always a reason behind what the Jewish snake does, even if it is not obvious to us Goyim. But this Goy suspects the reason behind this is just a distraction to get the Goyim focused on it and to take attention away from other important things that the Jews do not want us on focused on, such as the obvious lies of the Covid 19 plandemic.  SO MANY people are seeing through the Plandemic now that I think the Jews are anxious to get people distracted at looking away from the lies of Covid 19 to anything else. There could be other reasons behind it as well which are unclear at the moment. CNN and MSNBC are probably going to try to blame this on Trump or a Trump supporter or just blame the White Race for it, which Jews love to demonize every chance they get.  And Fox News will probably blame it on Biden or the Democrats somehow.  The controlled opposition Drama queens are playing their same old song to create a false reality for their faithful, but you should be immune to that by now. You should ignore this Condo collapse completely and not give a fuck about it.  Its just bait to capture your attention.  Do not fall for it.  Do not focus your attention on what the Jewish snake wants you to look at, which is this latest distraction.  Ignore it.  Instead focus all of your attention on what the Jews do not want you looking at.  Ask yourself what other stories are there in the world that the Jewish Main Stream Media is not covering at all so they can focus so much attention on this bullshit condo collapse?  You have to be smart enough to know the tactics of the enemy we face by now.  Its a Snake World but you don\’t have to live in it.  

2 thoughts on “The Florida Condo "collapse" is very likely a PSYOP

  1. Someone, I don't know who, thought that McAfee had some data in the building that if he were to die it was to be made public and \”they\” were trying to destroy that evidence and keep the wi-fi from automatically disseminating the info.


  2. That us a Conspiracy theory that I have heard too but I do not accept it as being true. I see McAfee as a disinformation agent. Even if McAfee were not a disinformation agent, the idea that they would have to destroy an entire building to destroy his \”evidence\” is absurd. That is a lie that QAnon would spread and probably did. As a truther you need to be able to distinguish between legitimate truth and obvious bullshit that is purposely spread by the snakes themselves. But that said there is a reason that this Condo was brought down and I think its purposeful and probably has nothing to o with McAfee at all.


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