Miles Mathis is a Disinformation Agent for the Red Pilled

 In a previous post I talked about Miles Mathis and that he is speaking some important truths but I now believe my endorsement of him to be a mistake.  Although I clearly stated in that earlier post that I very strongly disagree with a lot of what Miles Mathis says, I still thought he was some kind of a truther but now I see him differently.  Most disinformation agents are aimed at (have a target audience of) the Blue Pilled or those who have taken what I call the False Red Pill, so they are very easy for me to spot.  In terms of disinformation agents, Miles Mathis is one of the more clever and deceptive ones whose audience is clearly the red pilled.  But the truly red pilled can clearly see that this man is dishonest even when he appears to tell the truth.

I note that Miles Mathis appears to be what I call \”Jew Aware\”, saying that he believes many prominent people are Jews or that the Jewish hidden hand is involved in many things, which is the truth, but I claim that he says these things only to give himself credibility among those who are fully aware of the Jewish problem, which are the truly red pilled.  So he appears to be against the Jews and the Jewish Master Plan but he is much more caught up in using names and certain families as being important and totally ignores the Jewish question in most cases. 

Miles Mathis tells a very believable story about a lot of things that are meant to appeal to the truly red pilled but is he really telling the truth or is he just telling a very elaborate cover story that hides an even deeper truth?  I strongly suspect the latter.  As an example Miles Mathis says that Paul Walker faked his death because that was part of his Hollywood actor\’s clause so that Paul Walker could retire in anonymity  without being followed around by fans and press everywhere he goes.  It sounds believable even to me but once more I see this as being a cover story that hides a deeper truth about Paul Walker being a Jewish PSYOP which I strongly suspected before I even read anything Miles Mathis had to say about him.  I said before that the Jewish Snake is very clever and cunning and uses multiple layers of deception.  The top layer of the deception (Lie Number One) is the one told by the Jewish Main Stream media, but below that are many other layers (Lies Number Two, three, four and five) to deceive anyone who does not buy Lie number one and that the internet is filled with disinformation agents telling these alternative lies. Miles Mathis is one of these disinformation agents.  I have no doubt about that.

But the biggest thing that reveals Miles Mathis as a disinformation agent is what he says about the JFK assassination., which is that there was no assassination at all and that JFK\’s death was faked and that JFK went on to rule in secret.  This is a very obvious and blatant lie and the one that exposes Miles Mathis more than anything else of being a disinformation agent.  I want nothing to do with Miles Mathis. My previous discussion of him on this Blog was a mistake.  I do not trust a word he says now.  There is such a thing as truth but Miles Mathis is not telling it.  He is nothing but bait for the red pilled throwing clever red herrings in the path of honest people in order to confuse, distract, obfuscate and to derail anyone from coming to awareness of a deeper truth that I am trying to tell on this Blog.  Miles Mathis is working for the Jewish Snake.  Or a deeper truth is that there is no such person as Miles Mathis and he is just an \”internet personality\” whose entire purpose is to deceive.  That is probably the truth about \”Miles Mathis\”.

11 thoughts on “Miles Mathis is a Disinformation Agent for the Red Pilled

  1. Miles Mathis really paints himself as being honest especially in such posts as the one about Stephen Hawking being replaced by a look a like. I happen to agree with Miles Mathis in that post about Stephen Hawking which is what got me to accept him as a truther. But just because a person tells the truth about some things certainly does not mean they are not a disinformation agent about the big things. What Miles Mathis said about the JFK assassination being faked is proof that he is a disinformation agent.


  2. I have said very clearly on this Blog that Jackie killed JFK so there is no need for me to do a rebuttal. Miles Mathis is a disinformation agent who has told some truth and a whole lot of lies. I cannot trust anything he says. The above post states the truth about \”Miles Mathis\” as I see it. It does not require further explanation to me. I do not want to waste any more time on this Blog addressing an obvious disinformation agent.


  3. Unless I keep missing it, you never explicate your reasoning; you merely make the \”He's a disinfo agent\” statement and leave it at that. Have I somehow missed your explanation? We need to be provided with the opportunity to scrutinize your complete line of thinking if we're going to potentially trust your conclusions.


  4. Its obvious to me that Miles Mathis is a disinformation agent. On this Blog I do not explain every little reason why I say what I say. I reach conclusions that become obvious to me and I state them. My consensus after looking at everything Miles Mathis has said is that he is a disinformation agent for the red pilled. Most disinformation agents are for the blue pilled but Miles Mathis is a disinformation agent for the red pilled. Again, I do not explain why I say that but that is my conclusion about him. I do not offer complete proofs for anything I say. I say what I believe to be the truth after looking at everything. As for trusting me, you have a choice to trust me or not. I do not keep this Blog for you. I keep it for myself and for others who do trust what I say. I am not going provide proofs for everything I say to you or anyone else. I am simply stating the truth as I see it. I do provide reasons why I believe what I believe but you just have not seen them.


  5. \”Every little reason\”?? Given how infamous \”Miles Mathis\” has become and, consequently, how many posts you've purposely decided to devote to him(/them), this is no \”little\” topic. Very obviously.Also: 14 sentences to tantrum, \”I do NOT explain myself!!!!\” in response to a simple, honest, important, and extremely helpful (to both you and your readers) question?!Why not just two or three sentences doing what any sincere Normal would do: Explaining yourself?! (Or linking me to where you *have* explained yourself?)That would have required significantly less effort, and it would have made you look eruditic and legitimate, instead of like an obtuse lunatic.What is your problem??!


  6. Since you insist on an explanation, I give you this. The thing that gave Miles Mathis credibility in my eyes is his exposure of Physicist Stephen Hawking being replaced by doubles. Go and read that post if you have not. I believe that post is accurate and not disinformation and so this gave Miles Mathis credibility to me. However, after reading all of his other posts more carefully and especially reading his post about the JFK assassination being faked, my overall assessment of Miles Mathis is that he is a disinformation agent. Does that satisfy you or do I need to explain further?


  7. I don't \”insist\” on an explanation. I'm just explaining to you that if you want us on your side, you have to actually *present* your side. Respectfully: you can't just say, \”I say believe X, so just believe it!\”, and expect us to be satisfied. If you have some unique perspective with which to enlighten us, then enlighten us.Tell us, for example, why exactly you think Miles' Hawking paper was legit, and why you think his JFK paper is disinfo.Just a small paragraph on each, hitting a major point or two. Nothing comprehensive.


  8. I don't want you on my side. I want you on the side of truth. This Blog is my interpretation of what the truth is. Its not about me but it is the way I see the world. I am not going to go into that level of detail of explaining things as you want on this Blog. I am not going to dumb down the content of this Blog to do that. I am not trying to sound arrogant when I say this but this blog is aimed at people who are close to my level of understanding about the world. I do explain some things to provide a foundation for what I say but I expect the viewer to some comprehension or understanding of some basic truths without me having to explain every little thing. I create these blog posts as I feel compelled to create them and I am not going to alter this format.


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