Fiona Barnett\'s Many Rapists


In my previous post I say that I believe Fiona Barnett to be a Jewish PSYOP.  To try to emphasize that, I want to list here all of the important people that Fiona Barnett alleges have personally raped her.  I believe that this woman is lying her ass off but I believe its important to list exactly who she has claimed has personally raped her.

ex President Richard Nixon when she was five.  Note that Richard Nixon was recorded being critical of Jewish control of the U.S. Government and USA.  I contend that it was Richard Nixon\’s anti Semitism that turned him into an evil Child Raping Satanist, according to this brazen liar.

Evangelist Billy Graham. Note that Billy Graham was recorded being critical of Jews in discussions with Richard Nixon.  Like Nixon, I contend that it was Billy Graham\’s anti Semitism that turned him into an evil child raping Satanist.

Dr. Antony Kidman, father of Australian actress Nicole Kidman.  I contend that there is some unknown reason why Fiona is smearing this man which has nothing to do with her personally but she is just an attack dog who has been set upon him to destroy his reputation, which she did very effectively by publicly accusing him of child rape. 

Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke.  As with the others, Fiona paints him as an evil child raping Satanist.  What other reason could there be for her vicious slander on this man\’s reputation?  Ask yourself that question.  Could he have been anti Semitic?  Inquiring minds want to know.

CIA Psychologist John Gittinger.

CNN founder Ted Turner when she was six years old at Disneyland.  For those people who love to hate CNN, what better evil child raping Satanist could there be than Ted Turner? 

Australian actor Bruce Spence who played in one of the Max Max movies.  He took a break from filming Mad Max to personally rape Fiona Barnett.

John Bell, Australian Actor.  Apparently every famous person in Australia personally raped Fiona Barnett.  

Besides the above list of famous people who she claims personally raped her, Fiona claims she witnessed other famous people participating in Satanic ceremonies:

Queen Elizabeth.  Have you heard she is a Reptilian too?  And a secret Nazi?  

Jackie Weaver, Australian Theater, Film and Television Actress.

John Williamson, Australian country singer songwriter

Kathy Lett, Australian/British author

Nicole Kidman, Australian Actress

I could go on and on showing pictures of every person Fiona says raped her or who she personally knows is a Satanist and/or pedophile, but why should I?  You should already know that this woman has no credibility whatsoever.  She is an agent who is paid to defame everyone she has been told to defame, for whatever reason they are being defamed.  Probably the real reason all of these people are being defamed is because they said something Jews did not like.  I have wasted enough time discussing Fiona Barnett.  I place her and her story in the trash can where it belongs.  One shameless disinformation agent bites the dust.

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