Beware of Disinformation Agents

This is my word of the day to those who would know the truth.  This world is full of deception and illusion from top to bottom and in this world there are many deceivers.  Some of the most believable deceivers are those who pretend to be sheep telling the truth when in reality they are wolves in disguise who are in the employ of the bad guys to lead you away from the truth to whatever lie they want you to believe in.  You as a truth seeker must always look these Trojan horses in the mouth with the up front suspicion and knowledge that the enemy is going to send many such deceivers your way to misguide you, to confuse you with carefully crafted lies, to prevent you from knowing the forbidden truth about the Jewish snakes who really run this world.  Its your responsibility not to be deceived by them.  A perfect example of a wolf in sheep\’s clothing or Trojan horse whistle blower is Edward Snowden. Another person who is in the news lately that I suspect of being a Trojan horse whistle blower is John McAfee, who allegedly recently died in a Spanish prison.  I tell you that you cannot trust this man to be genuine.  He is more than likely a PSYOP.  It is not the influential people such as John McAfee who are the true whistleblowers.  It is the nobodies of the world who are the whistleblowers. I just want you to have your shields up at all times to deception and deceivers.  Expect the enemy to send many deceivers to try to get you to believe a lie, because this is the standard M.O. of the Jewish deceiver.  You must not allow yourself to believe a lie because once you do then you are lost to the truth.  You have been warned. 

Additionally, many web sites that appear to be honest out themselves as disinformation web sites by endorsing disinformation agents such as Alex Jones, QAnon, Donald Trump and many others.  You must know that the snakes are everywhere endorsing their own agents.  Really you must be aware of this.  When you see a web site endorse a snake then you are on a snake web site.  

EDIT TO ADD:  Please do not misconstrue the above paragraph.  Honest people can be deceived by disinformation agents and endorse them on their web sites in a mistaken belief that the person they are endorsing is honest.  So I am not saying that every web site that endorses a disinformation agent is a snake web site but in general this will be the case, especially when you see a web site that is almost entirely focused on a single disinformation agent or one that is heaping praise onto a single disinformation agent.  I can give examples of that here but I won\’t.  I just do not want to be accused of falsely saying some web sites are snake web sites simply because the person creating the web site has been deceived into trusting a disinformation agent as truthful.  You understand what I am saying.  

EDIT TO ADD:  I have another proof even today that he is, which is a tweet by John McAfee implying Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. You have to understand that the enemy we face is very clever.  Its not dumb.  Its very devious and cunning.  It NEVER relies on a single story to deceive but instead it relies on many levels of deception to deceive.  Those who are not fooled by the top level of deception are very likely going to be fooled by a deeper layer of deception.  All those who are fooled by the likes of Edward Snowden and Isaac Kappy and John McAfee and so many others have not really understood the Two Worlds Paradigm at all.   The most important thing to know from the Two Worlds Paradigm is that the truth is never want they want you believe it is.  The truth is what they do not want you even to suspect.  So when you see many people come forward suddenly to present a \”popular\” alternative\” explanation to a main stream media narrative,  this should be a giant red flag to you that you are seeing a very clever disinformation campaign.  Allow me to use Jeffrey Epstein as a case in point, in the following paragraph to elucidate what I am trying to say.

The main stream media presented the lie that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in a New York City jail cell.  The popular alternative explanation from many so called \”truthers\” is that Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide but he was murdered.  Just look at how many people in the \”truther community\” are saying Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. Apply the Two Worlds Paradigm here.  Both the main stream media explanation and what all the \”truthers\” are saying about Jeffrey Epstein being murdered are what the Snakes want you to believe.  BOTH are a lie.  There is a third explanation which very few are saying, which is that Jeffrey Epstein\’s death was faked and that he is still alive.  That is what the Snakes do not want the general public to even suspect about Jeffrey Epstein.  The Snake does not care which lie the public chooses to believe, as long as what the public believes is a lie.  What the Snake does not want the public to even suspect is that Jeffrey Epstein is a high level Mossad agent whose death was faked and who never would have been killed because he was doing the work of the Snake, such as blackmailing politicians for Israel. The Snake does not kill its own but it can certainly pretend to do to remove someone from the public\’s view by making it appear that they have died.

Another very good example is the case of Isaac Kappy.  The main stream media narrative is that Isaac Kappy committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in Arizona.  The popular alternative media explanation told by such known liars as QAnon is that Isaac Kappy was murdered.  Both explanations are a lie that hide a deeper truth, which is that Isaac Kappy was a Jewish PSYOP from the time he stopped being an actor and became an \”anti-pedophile whistleblower\”.  He was never genuine.  He was a Mossad operation from the very first but the public had stopped believing in his story so his PSYOP was brought to an end, which mean that Isaac Kappy had to die in the False World.  Suicide or Murder in the False World but in the Real World he is still alive.  But once more its important to know that what the Jewish Snake does not want people to even suspect is that Isaac Kappy was a psychological operation and that his death was faked when that operation came to an end. 

EDIT TO ADD:  I realized I mixed up my Johns in this post which I have corrected.  For clarification, it is John McAfee, the one who is alleged to have recently died in Spain that I am alleging to be a disinformation agent, not John Kaminski.  I see John Kaminski as honest  I apologize for this mistake in my post which was really just a typo on my part.  I did not intend to slander John Kaminski as dishonest.  I am very sorry for making this mistake that I see offended some viewers of my Blog but this was unintentional.

EDIT TO ADD:  Is it possible that John McAfee faked his death?  Absolutely.  I am not saying his death was faked but since I see the man as a disinformation agent his death very well may have been faked.  John McAfee could have been a Jewish PSYOP as so many other high profile people are and it is very common for deaths of these agents to be faked or staged when their PSYOP comes to and end. .  

10 thoughts on “Beware of Disinformation Agents

  1. Sorry, but this is where I draw the line..I have known John Kaminski now for nearly 15 years, and I know his character and his very mind set.. THIS man is absolutely not a ' trojan horse' nor 'PSYOP'… I would have sussed that out over a decade ago myself, and therefore KNOW full well that he is one of the good ones out there.I have given you the benefit of the doubt to this point, but now I have my flags raised about yourself, for you are falsely labeling those who are not deception agents as thus….What next? Call me a disinformation agent as well? Honestly, I have to laugh as I have had that term thrown my way so many times I lost count…..


  2. how and the hell could John Kaminski be a disinfo agent?where is the evidence of this BS ?HE has been exposing the snake for years…., he is not in the spotlight at all….please give proof of your claim?


  3. Maybe the author of this blog become too sensitive to all people (even good honest people), but we should acknowledge that he has experienced a lot of red-pill stuff, he is also get fooled many times because he is also a human. It is understandable when he become so suspicious to everyone and claim everyone is disinformation agent. By the way, this blog is actually a good source of truth even though I don't agree with some of his claim. I filter his content for my own version of truth. Actually, a few of his suspicions is too much to be real, but I still accept his opinions because I want to read all theories and then filter the truth for myself. For example, the author of this blog insisted that JFK's wife kill JFK in front of the public but no one can see it. To me it is an illogical suspicion (not ridiculous, but only illogical). Why did they try to shot him to the throat in the first shot, not directly to the head which is much easier to hit? (because the neck's area is considerably smaller than the head's area so it is clearly harder for the bullet to hit in the neck, also firing directly to the head is not only easier to hit but also much deadlier). I think they don't try to aim to the neck, it is because they aim to the head but they miss in the first shot so it hit the neck, and they actually shot him right in the head in the second time (two shots to head or neck which is guaranteed to be fatal, no need for the wife to do anything). It is extremely risky, difficult and unnecessary to make his wife assassinate him because it is so risky that can make everyone see the wife did the assassination and then the public will realize how cruel this world is, which is very bad for the Jews because the Jews hate red-pill people. Therefore, no way the Jews would make Jackie do that. Moreover, in reality, almost no one see Jakie kill JFK in the video so it did not happen.


  4. Or maybe the author of this blog has seen what you have not, assuming you to be an honest person. Yes, I have been fooled many times by disinformation agents such as Fiona Barnett who tell very seductive stories that makes people want to believe them when in reality they are telling carefully crafted lies. I have learned a lot and I am still learning. A person never reaches a point where he knows it all. I am still learning and some things I believed earlier I no longer believe today. My suspicion that many people who appear to be truthful are in fact disinformation agents is born from my awareness of what the world is really like. You say that nobody can see Jackie kill JFK but that is not true. I can see it and others besides me can see it. Someone else showed me that truth before I could see it. So others can see this but the fact that you cannot says something about you. I have explained about the throat shot, that it was not a bullet but it was a toxin coated dart or flanchette which would render JFK helpless and then allow Jackie to kill JFK easily without him being able to resist it. If you say it is risky, then I ask you what risk has it been to the perpetrators? This happened in 1963 and now some sixty years later how many people know this? What risk has it been? I cannot tell you what to see or what to think. I do not see from your vantage point. I see from by vanatage point and what I have said about Jackie killing JFK is 100% truth to me. It does not matter if anyone agrees with me or not. I do not need the agreement of others to know what the truth is. I know the truth from inside. What you choose to believe is up to you.


  5. I made a mistake and said John Kaminski when I meant John McAfee. That was a typo on my part. IMO John Kaminski is honest but John McAfee is a disinformation agent. I am sorry for this mistake on my part.


  6. I realize I made a typo and said John Kaminiski when I meant John McAfee is a disinformation agent. Please forgive this typo. I just got the names of these two men mixed up on my head for some reason. The one I am calling a disinfo agent is the one who allegedly recently died in Spain.


  7. I really respect your opinion. You are the most trusted truther even I have some disagreement with you. I have two things that I fear the most: – First, some day you decide to permanently stop writing contents for this amazing blog. And this blog die forever (you can temporarily stop writing this blog as long as you want because you want to rest or relax or something, but I hope you don't permanently stop writing it. You can comeback anytime when you find a new truth even though some readers may leave your blog because they don't see you for a long time)- And second, by some reasons, the readers leave your blog that mean the number of readers of your blog decrease (for example, because you become too suspicious or aggressive to some other truthers that make other readers \”hate\” you or dislike you. It is just a hypothetical case. I don't want less people know the truth, the real truth from a truly honest man like you (not disinformation agents or puppets)Since I don't know who is John Kaminski and what is his prominent work or content, can you share some of his posts or work like you share some of Miles Mathis's work before (although you just realize Miles Mathis is a disinformation agent now, which I totally agree). I want to gain more truth or knowledge from John Kaminski, and you can gain back the reputation when you offended some of the readers of this blog because you used to mistook him as an disinformation agent.


  8. I have become quite disillusioned because I look at the number of people reading the posts and I see the very small number. Also I look at the comments and realize that even fewer people are actually getting what I am trying to say. Most comments show that they totally filter to what I say through their own brainwashing to get some false meaning which I never said and never intended. Trying to get through to the Blue pilled is very difficult but I keep this Blog mainly because its my version of reality. What I say here is my honest view of the world as I see it. Its my truth as I see truth and I think the truth is sacred. Everyone should know the truth but the Jewish snake does everything in its power to keep everyone knowing from knowing the truth. By keeping this Blog I am opposing what the Jewish snake is doing, which I see as my God given duty. I believe in a God that is not associated with any Religion. My God respects the truth above all else and it hates the lie above all else. That is why my God would never respect the people of the Lie, which is the Jewish race. I create the posts of this Blog when some significant truth comes into my mind that I want to share with others. I think it is important that I speak the truth as I see it in opposition to all the Jewish liars. Yes, I sense I have lost viewers since I start to accuse others such as Fiona Barnett and Rusty Nelson of being disinformation agents but this is the truth as I see it. I do not keep this Blog to be popular but to speak the truth. If I lose viewers because I dare to speak the truth then I accept that. You can look up John Kaminski on the internet. I confused him with John McAfee in my head and two different commenters got very offended by that. I just made a mistake which anyone can do. I have nothing to prove here to anyone. I apologized for making the mistake and that is all I am going to do. But I like that you respect me as a truth teller. Really I keep this blog mainly for people like you who want to know the truth but they are not getting it from anyone else so they come here to see what I say. I may not always get it right but I am always honest when I say my only interest is in the truth.


  9. What do you mean by the Epstein event? What I take it that you mean is the faked death of Epstein to remove him from the public spotlight. Epstein was a Jew and was Mossad. BLM is a Jewish PSYOP funded by the Jewish snake. The Mossad is very likely involved in BLM. So the connection between the two is Jews and the Mossad. If you can clarify more what you mean by the Epstein event I can give you a better answer perhaps.


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