The Truman Show

The Truman Show is about a man named \”Truman Burbank\” who is born into what he believes to be the real world but who is instead living in a simulation or deception that revolves around him personally.  Truman is living in the only world he has ever known from birth and for the majority of his life he has no clue that he is actually living in a simulation.   He is entirely brainwashed from birth to believe that he lives in the real world, or the only world that exists.  He believes that everyone else living in his world is authentic and genuine when in reality they are part of the deception.  

Although Truman is not supposed to know that he is living in a simulation, various people in the simulation try to give him hints about it but poor brainwashed Truman just doesn\’t get it.  He is too brainwashed into believing in the reality of the illusion to understand the hints that are being given to him.

For most of Truman\’s life he has no clue that he is living in a deception but then he begins to notice things around him that are not right that reveal the deception to him.  The more closely he looks, the more he realizes that he is indeed living in a simulation or illusion or deception and that everyone he thinks he knows is part of the deception, including his wife, his best friend, his work associates and his neighbors, even his own birth family.

At some point in his life he wants to escape the illusion and he tries to escape it.  What he discovers when he does this is that all kinds of obstacles suddenly appear in his path to prevent him from escaping.  Truman sees the obstacles as being part of the deception and he tries to go around them but soon the obstacles become too big and he is temporarily forced to go back into the illusion to attempt to plan an escape that cannot be blocked.  He pretends to go along with the illusion but inside he is secretly planning his escape which he will tell nobody about around him because he knows nobody around him can be trusted.

Eventually Truman\’s persistence to escape allows him to escape the illusion/simulation/deception and to go into the real world, which he discovers is nothing like anything he could have imagined while living in the deception.  The truth about the real world was kept entirely from him and he only discovered it after leaving the illusion.  Everything he thought he knew inside the illusion had no reality outside the illusion and he had to learn a completely new reality after his escape.

Who is running the deception/illusion/simulation/dream and for what ultimate purpose does it exist?

10 thoughts on “The Truman Show

  1. The answer for your above question is God. God created the world. I don't know what is the name of God or who is God but there must be a God aka the supernatural or spiritual entity who we can put our faith into.


  2. i have never watched that show, but from the description sounds completely like what is the reality of this world we know, well some know, that everything we have been taught and told about everything weather it history,science,morality,etc…is completely a allusion,and the opposite of reality…we live in one big red Lie!the god of this world is it and his children perpetuate it ,JEW is what they call themselves.. there Father The Devil,satan,Baal, what ever you want to call him is of this World…and the lusts of there father they will do…he was a murder and liar from the beginning , and all the blood falls on his hands…at least that is what Jesus has said… it all lines up to what he, Jesus has taught us.. Jesus did say \”I am not of this world\”Thanks


  3. I believe in Jesus because the Jews hate him. However, the Bible is indeed a fabricated book, none of the content in it make sense, even children realize this fact, the Bible only has nonsense description of the world which is all false, and propaganda, not the truth.


  4. You have misunderstood my question. I am not talking about who created the world but who created the deception or illusion that men become entrapped in and who are deceived into believing it is the real world. That is the question I am asking in the above post. Is God going to purposely deceive his own creation? Or is a clever intelligent deceiver going to deceive God's creation? Think bigger to understand what I am really saying in this post.


  5. The Truman show is what I call an allegorical movie which tells a story on two different levels. Other allegorical movies are The Matrix and They Live. One level is fiction and one level is non fiction in disguise. I am not saying that I believe in a literal Satan but I can believe that the Jewish Race as a whole is a representation of Satan. In reading Jewish writings, Jews have said repeatedly that they are their own God, meaning that they see the Jewish race as God. For example, they say that when a non Jew hits a Jew he must be killed because that is like striking God. So Jews see their race as being God on earth and they have no other external God. I cannot base any truth on a book that is written by Jews so I do not trust the Bible. Anything that Jews have had a hand in creating is immediately suspect because Jews will use ANYTHING to deceive, including Religion. Especially Religion. The very best mind control IS Religion. You just have not seen that yet as I have. So I can trust no Religion to be the truth and neither should you.


  6. That the Jews hate Jesus is certainly a reason to believe in him but I do not trust that all the words that it has been said that Jesus said in the Bible he actually said. I think the Bible has been written to completely conceal who Jesus actually was in order to deceive us. I do perceive that there is truth in the Bible but its not obvious. Its subtle and in disguise and not told directly. Christianity totally does not get it. Christianity is like a joke that turns people into non thinking Zombies. So many things wrong with Christianity I cannot even list them here but regarding Jesus himself I sense a truth in some of his words on a very deep level.


  7. Christianity does not teach Christians the true meaning of Jesus's words but a cheap substitute that is completely devoid of what I believe Jesus was really trying to say. Christianity is a fraud that purposely leads its followers AWAY from the big truths that I sense Jesus was trying to say. Also I believe many words have been added to what Jesus said in order to deceive non Jews, such as allowing others to steal from you and not judging others. These things 100% serve the Jews and this is I believe propaganda used to blind non Jews. So Jesus could have been one hundred percent real but Jews have twisted his message to serve their own propaganda. That is how I see it.


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