Blackmailing America


Blackmailing America

There is disinformation in the above link, such as saying that Jeffrey Epstein died in a New York jail cell.  I contend that Jeffrey Epstein did not die at all but that his death was faked and he is still alive today serving as a Jewish Mossad agent which he has been from the beginning.

Attorney General Bob Barr during the Trump Administration is a Jewish puppet as were all other members of the Trump Administration including Donald Trump himself.

Robert Maxwell, shown in the above image with his daughter Ghislaine Maxwell and his wife Betty Maxwell was a very wealthy Jew owner of a UK media conglomerate including the Daily Sun and he was also a Mossad intelligence agent.  He allegedly died in 1991 on one of his yacht\’s but I very strongly suspect his death was faked to remove him from the public spotlight.  Look at the similarities between Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.  Both were very wealthy Jews with many connections.  Both were involved with intelligence agencies such as the Mossad and the CIA and MI6. Both achieved a level of notoriety due to their activities.  Both allegedly died under mysterious  circumstances.  I contend that both of these men were high level intelligence assets who had their deaths faked for them by intelligence agencies (CIA, MI6, Mossad) to remove these agents from the public eye by making them appear to die but in reality these men did not die as alleged.  Jeffrey Epstein is still alive in the Real World.  Robert Maxwell may still be alive in the Real World.  You must always distinguish between the False World and the Real World.  On this Blog we care nothing about the False World except to expose its lies to the public.  We only care about the Real World which is the truth.

The claim is made that both Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were Mossad agents who were involved in Mossad intelligence projects to entrap high level U.S. politicians in order to Blackmail them.  I find this highly believable.  Although I have not included Blackmail in my post about the Jewish Master Plan to control the world, it certainly belongs there as one of the major methods that Jews use to control the entire world.  By setting up politicians in compromising positions and photographing and video taping it, this becomes instant Blackmail material that can be used to control that politician from then on.  If the politician does not \”play ball with the Jews\”, the Jews can very easily release the blackmail material on the world media (which Jews control) and immediately destroy that politician\’s career.  Its a no brainer how blackmail can be used by the Jews to control politicians and even entire governments.  And this would also be a reason why Israel receives such a huge amount of U.S. tax payer money every year because U.S. Politicians are influenced to keep huge money payouts to Israel coming on a regular basis just like they are being blackmailed to keep their secrets silent.  This is exactly what I say is happening in reality to explain why Israel gets so much money every year that nobody in Israel has to work for a living.  The USA provides more than enough money so no Israeli has to work and they can spend all their time killing Palestinian children in Gaza instead. 

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5 thoughts on “Blackmailing America

  1. Just inform you, the producer of the Fast & Furious series said the character of the actor Paul Walker which is called \”Brian\” in the fast & furious universe IS STILL ALIVE. It is so surprising because people think Brian should have died already in Fast & Furious 7 because Paul Walker has died when making this movie.The director claim \”Brian\” still alive now, that mean they can bring back \”Brian\” anytime in next sequels of Fast & Furious. They clam they can bring back the character \”Brian\” (Paul Walker) in the movie by using CGI to replace real actor who has died.This prove your suspicion about \”Paul Walker fake death\”.


  2. We live in a world where deception is the norm so nothing would surprise me concerning Paul Walker. I have no doubt that both he and the man who allegedly died with him are still alive. The world has become a Jewish circus.


  3. I glad that you have \”disinformation-proof\”. Many truthers of many blogs, websites, bullshit facebook truth group (mostly talk about aliens), my facebook friends who are also interested in the truth are all believe in the nonsense such as aliens from outer space like reptilians or lizards secretly rule US government and other governments. This is a very popular conspiracy theory with vast information on the internet and so many videos about this issue on youtube. I think they all are fake, all disinformation. People such as my friends gave me so many \”proofs\” or \”evidence\” such as Canada's former minister of Natinal Defense said that aliens working with the US government…etc…Based on the number of video on youtbe and information on other website about reptilians or lizards from outer space, I think the number of dis information agents may be not small.


  4. The focus on UFOs and Aliens is just another way to keep public focus off the truth, which is that the Jews are behind the world's evil. I was not joking when I said that Jews will use any trick in the book to maintain control and hide in secrecy. But once you see enough evidence then you are no longer fooled by their tricks. You see right through them and you know who is behind it and why. Jews are the evil who control this world and do not allow your focus to be misdirected onto anything else because Jews love to hide behind false fronts. They want people blaming and hating the false fronts instead of blaming and hating Jews. Its not difficult to understand why they do what they do. The Jews need to be completely destroyed.


  5. This planet will never experience freedom and true peace as long as Jews control it. Jewish peace is slavery. The only way the earth will be free as God intended it to be is for the Jews to be taken out of power by force. The Goyim must rise up against the Jews in every country and completely take them out of control. They are parasites and predators on the other races and they will never stop being that. Its who they are. This planet is not big enough for both of us. Either the Jews completely enslaves the human race or the human race completely defeats the Jews in every nation. We are at war with the Jews. Have no doubt about that. The only thing we lack is a true anti Jewish resistance movement that goes beyond the internet and is about fighting. I sense it must come because people are getting fed up with the status quo and they will not tolerate what is happening much longer. It is inevitable that there will be a fight. Jews are prepared for this fight. We are not. We have a lot of catching up to do if we are going to win.


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