The Real Reason behind Watergate


Like the previous post, this post is the result of a lot of dot connecting by me to understand the False World vs the Real World as discussed in the Two Worlds Paradigm.

It wasn\’t the dishonesty or crookedness of Richard Nixon that caused him to be removed as President but his vocal opposition to Jews and Jewish control of the U.S. Government and the USA. I am in no ways trying to say that Richard Nixon was a Saint.  Far from it.  Nixon was a Freemason and an Illuminati member but he wasn\’t a Bitch who was going to just kneel down in submission to the Jews. Despite his corruption, he did have a measure of integrity about him that caused him to resent and object to Jewish control of the USA.  He was resentful and vocal in his opposition to Jewish control of the USA and this came to the awareness of high level Jews who then destroyed Nixon politically to completely discredit him and to smear his name with the American public. I really believe that to be this to be the real reason for Watergate and his forced resignation to avoid being impeached in 1974.

As I have said in my post on Freemasonry, hidden at the bottom of Freemasonry even from its own membership is Jewish control.  Freemasonry is just a tool that Jews use to maintain Jewish world control in secret.  Even inside of Freemasonry Jewish control is hidden and secret but its there at the very bottom controlling and manipulating everything about Freemasonry.

So for a Freemason and Illuminati member in a position of high political power as Richard Nixon was to be making statements against Jews could not be tolerated and Nixon had to be removed from power and publicly discredited, but the real reason for his removal had to be hidden from the public so the Watergate story was invented to destroy Nixon and Nixon himself was set up to fall into a carefully laid Jewish trap by those around him in his Presidency that he trusted.  

And this brings me back around to a discussion of Fiona Barnett being a very clever disinformation agent as I described in my previous post.  One of the many claims made by Fiona Barnett is that she was raped by Richard Nixon in the back of a plane that flew to Australia in 1974.  I was always astounded by that claim and I sought to either prove or disprove it.  I noticed that the date Fiona gave for her Nixon rape was after Nixon\’s resignation from the Presidency in 1974. I was in direct contact with Fiona Barnett earlier and I asked her about that and she confirmed that Nixon came to Australia in 1974 after his resignation.  But that seemed too strange.  Why would Richard Nixon come to Australia in secret just to rape Fiona and nobody at all in Australia reported Nixon as being there. That did not seem right at all. This is before I knew that secret tapes had been made of Richard Nixon and Billy Graham both saying negative things about Jews in private White House meetings. It is 100% confirmed that both Richard Nixon and Billy Graham made private statements against Jews and this was only recently revealed.  So I got to really thinking about that, as follows:

Those secretly recorded tapes showing Nixon\’s anger and resentment at Jewish control of the U.S. Government tells us who Nixon really was behind closed doors.

The picture Fiona Barnett paints of Richard Nixon as an evil child raping Satanist is completely at odds with who Richard Nixon really was.  So Fiona Barnett is lying about Richard Nixon to defame him and the reason for her defamation is because Nixon was secretly against the Jews.  Which means that Fiona Barnett is a disinformation agent working for the Jews and her story about Nixon raping her is complete Bullshit.

I actually confronted Fiona Barnett on Facebook Messenger about Nixon\’s vocal statements against  Jews and how that I cannot see someone like that as being an evil child raping Satanist.  Shortly after that Fiona Barnett broke off all conversation with me and she also shut down her Facebook and disappeared from public view for a long time.  That is the act of a disinformation agent who cannot defend her lies against the truth so she just disappeared.  She is back now telling the same old lies but she is still a disinformation agent who is working for the Jews in secret. Just like Alex Jones, nothing she says can be trusted as being real and legitimate.  Everything she says has a hidden agenda and someone else is writing her disinformation scripts for her. 

But going beyond Fiona Barnett, there are others on the internet who paint both Richard Nixon and Billy Graham as being evil Satanist pedophile child rapists and I smell a big Jewish rat in that. All those who paint Richard Nixon and Billy Graham as evil child raping Satanists are doing so ONLY to discredit these men because of their vocal opposition against Jews and Jewish control of America.  I have no doubt about that now.  You have to realize and understand that there is a disinformation smear campaign against these men simply because they came out against the Jews.

And this begs the question:  What other high profile people have been described on the internet as being evil Satanic pedophiles just to smear or discredit them for something they said against Jews?  I do not know the answer to that question but here is a short list of people who have been described as evil Satanist pedophiles on the internet.

Richard Nixon

Billy Graham

Hillary Clinton

George H.W. Bush

Ronald Reagan

Bob Hope

Queen Elizabeth

Pope Francis

We must always question the motives of those who make these accusations and at least consider the possibility that those making them are part of a Jewish disinformation campaign to smear and discredit people who the Jews want to destroy the reputation of for some reason.  We must be wary of being deceived at all times.

2 thoughts on “The Real Reason behind Watergate

  1. And here I thought Forrest Gump facilitated Watergate. 😂 But seriously, the Bushes were a polished, well connected crime syndicate family. No doubt. I have a enjoyed your blog. The the vitriol for all Jews, for me is overkill. I have always kinda liked Tucker. Your article, has made me think. An argument or perspective that is one sided, politically charged and bias should be questioned. As far as People who have thrown their lots in with the dark side, yeah, society should be concerned. But lumping all Jews into one evil category isn’t logical. Kindly and respectfully, I wonder if this hatred is somehow personal? I don’t know. You seem earnest in your pursuit for truth . But I don’t see how anything good can come out of people hating people, rather then people hating evil. The satanic evil is real. And I think the dark side loves it when people point fingers at each, rather then these demonic spirits. I hope you take this well.


  2. If I recall you said you are married to a Jew. If that is true then you cannot see clearly because of that. I have no relationship to Jews whatsoever. You say that I hate Jews, which is basically true but I do not hate all Jews. Some of my heroes are Jews, such as Kirk Douglas. I do not believe that all Jews are evil but I do believe that the group behind all of the world's problems is Jewish and that the so called good Jews that you speak of do nothing at all to constrain their evil brothers. So that makes the good Jews part of the problem too IMO but you probably cannot see that from where you are at. As for saying it is illogical for me to hate those who are behind the world's evil, you are entirely wrong about that. Hate is the logical and normal conclusion for anyone once they realize what Jews are doing, have been doing and are doing in and to this world. I understand what you say but I do not accept it. I have seen what you have not. And you also said that you are a Christian and steeped in Christian belief. Well, all I can tell you is that you are brainwashed into believing a certain version of reality which suits the evil Jews very well. Peace and love without truth IS slavery. Only with truth can peace and love be real. You probably will not want to hear anything else I have to say after reading this but I tell you the way I see it after looking at things for a long time. You do not want to hear my message so you probably should not read it.


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