Satanism as a False Front for Jewish World Control

This post is the result of a lot of dot connecting by me in order to understand both the False World and the Real World mentioned in the Two Worlds Paradigm.  As most viewers of this Blog are likely aware of by now, the Jewish race is the most devious, cunning and deceptive race on planet earth bar none.  The Jewish race will use any trick in the book to control in secret.  The deception that is the signature of the Jewish race is for the purpose of controlling in secrecy, which is a core component of the Jewish Master Plan

I have determined that Fiona Barnett is a very clever disinformation agent whose purpose is to serve various Jewish agendas.  She has fooled me many times into believing her story but she has revealed herself to be a fraud who is merely a tool for someone else, so we can learn a lot just by examining what Fiona Barnett has said and what her motives for saying these things might be in the Real World to deceive.  

In case you don\’t know about Fiona Barnett from Australia you should do a little research on her for context, but what she is saying is that evil Satanists rule the Australian government (and the world for that matter) and that Jews are completely innocent and blameless of any wrong doing.  I know she feels that way because I was in personal contact with her on Facebook messenger at one time.  I specifically brought up the Jewish question to her and she was adamant that Jews have nothing to do with these Satanists that she is talking about.  But now years later as I look back on Fiona Barnett and her singular focus on Satanism and her attempt to completely white wash the Jews makes me very strongly suspect that Satanism in at least some cases and possibly many cases is being used as a cover or false front to hide the Jews and their world control.

How much of the information discussing Satanism that is found on the internet is purposeful disinformation to make honest people look at Satanism and Satanists and not Jews as the real perps behind all the bad shit that goes on in the world?  I suspect A LOT. If we have learned anything about Jews on this Blog it is that they are master deceivers who will use anything to hide themselves and their world control from the Goyim. 

I believe that Satanism is being used as a False Front to hide Jewish control of the world.  It is not really Satanism at all but Jews who are behind it.  Satanism is just being used as a false front or false flag to hide the Jews who are really the ones who are in full control of this world.  This is what I see and I believe that I have been greatly deceived into focusing attention on Satanism instead of entirely focusing on Jews.  

I can be deceived by seeing the same disinformation repeated many times on the internet and drawing a false conclusion from it.  This is what I suspect has happened concerning Satanism.  But it is difficult for me to distinguish between what is true about Satanism and what is disinformation.  This is the nature of deception.  A lie repeated enough times becomes the truth and even an intelligent honest person can be deceived.  But disinformation agents like Fiona Barnett show that Jews are using Satanism as a false front and this is a big clue that we should question all these claims made about Satanism on the internet and also consider the possibility that those who are making them are disinformation agents.

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10 thoughts on “Satanism as a False Front for Jewish World Control

  1. I want to talk about this issue long time ago, however, in many of your previous posts, you attack Satanism so I don’t defend or mention anything positive things about “real Satanism”. There are a website “” that claim they are the real Satanism and other Satanism religons are all fake or disinformation which purposefully paint bad images on their God Satan. This website:- Attack Jews and Judaism intensively. They claim Jews is the root of problems and they explain why in detail. They debunk many secrets about Jewish crimes such as Jews will do murderous events (such as killing an important figure like Abraham Lincoln or start a new war) on their special holidays or close to their special holidays.- They encourage its followers to be strong, aggressive and most importantly, THINK. They required its followers to be smart and notice the reality, what happen around them instead of becoming weak or passives. They said their followers must think without being influenced by media, religion, propaganda, indoctrionations and other kind of brainwashing.- They said Love such as sympathy or compassion is okay but people should avoid misplaced sympathy or suicidal compassion (aka, NEVER LOVE YOUR ENEMY). – They claim Christianity is a deception that make people become dumb and weak sheeps. They said the real name of the devil is Jehovah or YHWM aka God of the Jews, not Satan. They explain Satan actually mean “Eternal Truth” in some language that I don’t remember.- They said that the Jews are using occult powers / spiriutual powers to curse humanity and protect, maintain or improve their leadership / power / influence in this world. They explain how Jews use rituals.- They explain all agendas of the Jews: feminism, LGBTQA+, Zionism, White genocide, etc- They talk about some misleading campaign or disinformation such as “New Age Movement” (to make people practice meditation in the wrong way – a “non-thinking” way of meditation, and to make people value love, forgiveness, sympathy and compassion that they will become a non-thinking weak sheeps for the Jews to rule), and “alien reptilians rule US government” when in fact it is the Jews who rule US government, not alien from outer planet.- MOST IMPORTANTLY, they teach humans how to use their spiritual powers invidually and then collectively to resist the Jews. They don’t teach humans to do animal sacrifice or human sacrifice, they abhor these practices, they teach human to do correct meditations or other method to unlock human potential such as opening chakras or activate kundalini serpent.- Any Jews who claim Jews or the Illuminati worship Satan or Lucifer are actually disinformation agents to make the good guys’ name become infamous. The same tactics is repeated over and over, turn truth become lies and turn lies become truth, turn good people’s name become infamous and make bad people become heroes to be worshiped. For example, they said Hitler or Muammar Gaddafi who are seen as evil ditactors are actually very good leaders who saved their country from collapsing, make their countries miraculously grew in all aspects to become so prosperous and strong, and make people in their countries become happiest in the world. Mother Teresa of Christianity is the opposite example.- And many more…etc…


  2. I can be deceived by seeing the same disinformation repeated many times on the internet and drawing a false conclusion from it. This is what I suspect has happened concerning Satanism. But it is difficult for me to distinguish between what is true about Satanism and what is disinformation. However I believe someone like Nancy Krebs was involved in Satanism and that she has nothing to do with Jews so not everything concerning Satanism is disinfo. I happen to agree with many of the things that Satanist site is saying concerning the Jews and concerning Christianity as a brainwashing tool. You make some good points and you make me want to look at this web site to see what else they are saying.


  3. I agree with you. I also trust Nancy Krebs and what she said about Satanism as an evil religion for evil people. However, I think the Satanism that Nancy Krebs talk about is actually Judaism in disguise and Nancy don't even know it. If she know everything about Satanism and its followers, she will tell everything, for example: how the Satanists connect to each other even from different countries which different languages (do everyone using english to talk on facebook messenger or on other app?)? How their rituals work? Where did the rituals happen? What days should they do the rituals? Is Satan a real spiritual entity or a fictitious entity? How many members do she know and what are their names?I think she know, but she know so little so she doesn't deep down that Satanism is Judaism in disguise for the people who don't have Jewish genetic.Judaism is for Jews who have Jewish genetic (even just a fraction of Jewish DNA in their genes)\”Satanism\” (possibly fake Satanism) is actually Judaism in disguise, for people who don't have any Jewish DNA in their genes.She is told by others that this religion is Satanism but she know so less about her religion , so I think the name is not even true.That what I think.For example, this is what this website \”\” explain about Jewish rituals (that can be the same for \”Satanic\” rituals):\” This is how it works: The enemy reads specific verses from their Torah on specific dates. This is done in synagogues all around the world on the same days and creates powerful astral energy that is used to enslave the world, create unimaginable wealth from the blood, labor and sacrifices of Gentiles, and to ensure success for the Jews and their escape from any justice. \”Source:


  4. I just want to tell you I don't fully trust the page, and neither should you. It is because the page has some ridiculous passages to praise demons and advise people should go to hell and avoid light. suspicious that if I worship this God, I will be dark (because they advise me to avoid light) and therefore become corrupt. Then somehow this will turn me to become a Satanist – a negative evil Satanist like you have done a lot of research. I believe a lot of stories about Satanism and Satanists in your blog but something went wrong with Fiona. Maybe she is just like Alex Jones who shit all over the truth so that we become so confused and can not determine exactly which are lies and which is truth. Maybe she told some truth but blend lies with it to confuse people and make people give up on the truth, and other possible scenario can happen as well, such as she somehow she turn back to become a mind control slave again and they programmed her to tell lies. There are galaxies of disinformation on the internet anyway.


  5. I do not trust it. Even though it is saying some things regarding Jews that I agree with, most of what it is saying I disagree with. I cannot look at that. It is evil that disguises itself as light and truth and I will never listen to that and neither should you. I do not endorse it in any shape or form.


  6. You are just like me, I don't trust it as well after reading some ridiculous passages like I said.Now please listen to me. I believed what Fiona Barnett said as the truth (about Satanism, CIA, mind control, and corrupt Australians), but I think she told lies again BECAUSE she has seen the trigger that programmed into her mind so she came back to become a mind control slave to act whatever they tell her to do. Here is the timeline about what I think that actually happened:1. Fiona Barnett was a mind control victim since she was a child.2. Somehow she recovered her memory when she become an adult (like other people in other Satanism's mind control victim case. It is not surprise) and she told people the truth about what happened to her and what she know (the truth about the CIA, doctors who know mind control technique, Satanism, corrupt Australian organizations).3. Some person know the trigger that they have programmed into her mind when she was a child, they brought this trigger to appear in front of her vision, she get triggered and then became a mind control victim again. Then she can do whatever they tell her (just like the case of Mother Teresa and Robert Maxwell like you said)4. They told her to said lies to serve their agenda, such as defame Nixin because he has insulted Jews so that people will discredit her, or said Palestinian inside Australian secret base so they people will think Palestinian are secretly evil Satanists, not the Jews. If people can realized what she said was lies, they will immediately fall to the trap of the Jews, they will think the truth that she said before about CIA, mind control and the corrupt Australians are lies as well. She is also programmed to protect the Jews. Please be open-minded and consider my theory. Thank you


  7. I think you get shocked and overwhelmed in front of the sheer huge amount and the complexity of disinformation on the internet.You can rest a few days in peace until your mind can handle this shocking complication.Your blog is the best blog. I wish any president write this kind of blog instead of writing nonsense tweets or nonsense blogs (oh, because they are puppets anyway). You are actually doing God-given duty. I really appreciate your effort.


  8. No, Fiona Barnett is a disinformation agent. I am more sure of that than ever before for various reasons. After catching her lying about some things I cannot trust any part of her story, even some parts that sound very believable to me. A disinformation agents has a motive or agenda to deceive for everything they say and even if what they say sounds truthful it must be questioned. Fiona Barnett if she were truthful and not a disinformation agent would have been killed herself long ago and not have cameras following her around everywhere. The cameras following her are another proof that she is an agent. I am open minded but I have seen through Fiona Barnett where you have not. Disinformation agents come in all flavors and she is just a different flavor that has been used to deceive many, including myself for awhile. I am no longer deceived by her. I cannot trust ANY of her story. In fact, the things she has said about mind control (that many others have said also) makes me question if this too is just disinformation. Just because many people on the internet are saying the same thing and appear to be sincere does not mean its true. It could be a carefully crafted disinformation campaign that serves a Jewish agenda. This is what I am coming to suspect about the entire mind control scenario.


  9. Disinformation is all around us all the time. Its everywhere. The common man is like an innocent sheep living in a world controlled by wolves whose only purpose is to despitefully use the sheep as a slave and a toy to play with. Unless the sheep wake up then they will always be helpless slaves and not knowing what is really going on. With this Blog I am trying to help wake up the common man who does not know and has not seen what I have seen. I really question if I am really helping anyone but I am doing my very best to tell the truth as I see it in a way that anyone can understand. I believe I am doing God's work by spreading the truth to others. This is the only thing I know to do now. If I could do more to change this world I would. I have discovered that I know inside what should be done to save the world but I appear to lack the power to make those things happen. If I had the power I would use it to change the world to the benefit of all of mankind.


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