Satanism is Jewish at its core

 For such a long time I have sensed that there is a hidden relationship between Satanism and Jews. Up to now I have not been able to wrap my mind around what that relationship is but suddenly in the middle of night it came to me as an epiphany that I want to write down while I see it.

There are many hidden signs that Satanism is Jewish, one of the biggest being Freemasonry.  As I said in that link, Freemasonry is Jewish at its core.  Think of it in terms of the Two Worlds Paradigm.  In the False World Satanism is not Jewish and has nothing to do with Jews or Judaism.  In the Real World, Real Satanists and Jews have something in common, which is that they secretly worship the same \”God\”. Certainly not all Satanists are Jews; in fact I believe many are not Jewish at all and Satanists do not see their beliefs involving Jews or Judaism but this does not matter because they both worship or honor the same deity.  Under the hood where it really matters, Jews and Satanists are brothers but this is a carefully kept secret from the Goyim.

I have discussed Freemasonry as being an integral part of the Jewish command and control structure to rule the world in secret and I very much believe this to be the case. In the False World, Freemasonry is just men in funny hats riding around on tricycles and doing good works, but this is pure deception for the Goyim.  In the Real World, Freemasonry is one of the major vehicles by which Jews control the world and there is also Satanism hidden at the core of Freemasonry.  For example, Albert Pike himself, who was one of the founding fathers of Freemasonry is Jewish and he admitted that the God Jews worship is Satan (or Lucifer) and not any benevolent deity.

Whether Albert Pike was Jewish or not (I believe he was Jewish but I cannot find proof of it on the internet) he is speaking in the very same language that those Jews who I refer as the Snake Speak.  There is no difference. This is the core of Satanism. That Satanism directly relates to Jews is undeniable.

Also very significant is that woman who appeared on Oprah who openly admitted a relationship between Jews and Satanism and who revealed that some Jewish families perform Satanism rituals that directly involve Satanism and Judaism.  She gave one clear example of a case where a baby would be raped on top of the Torah.  Her testimony is really stunning. I believe that she is an honest witness.

I also believe that Jewish Ritual Sacrifice is the same as or directly related to Satanic sacrifices. There are many similarities between Jewish Ritual Sacrifice and Sacrifices in Satanism, and this explained by the fact that the deity of Satanism and deity of Judaism requires human sacrifice, but this is kept a very careful secret from the Goyim. 

What this also means is that the God of Christianity, which is the Jewish God is also the same as what the Christians call Satan.  

This also explains why Jews would be referred to as the Synagogue of Satan in the Christian Bible, because in their Synagogues, Jews are secretly worshipping Satan but this is kept secret from non Jews.  Jews want to keep non Jews completely ignorant about what Jews do in secret, which explains the False World better than anything else. In the Real World, Jews worship the exact same deity as Satanists do. The ways in which they worship this deity may be not the same but regardless they worship the same deity.  This explains the link between Satanism and Judaism. Under the hood where it really matters, they are the same. This explains how Jews and Satanists are secretly allies in the Real World, which is a fact that I had already perceived long ago.

Another link is that Jews and Satanists both hate Jesus, Christianity and Christians. In The Jewish/Babylonian Talmud, Jews have such a hatred of Jesus that they say he is being boiled forever in shit in Hell. Such extreme hatred of Jesus can only equate to extreme hatred of a Religion based upon Jesus, which is Christianity. Christians have often been the targets of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice, for example the famous case of the adult Catholic Priest and his servant being targeted as documented by Richard Burton (not the actor but the Governor of Syria).  Satanists purposely target Christians for harassment and even murder. As an example of that I show you the case of Richard and Susan Hamlin of El Dorado, California but there are many other documented cases of Satanists purposely targeting Christians. So this too shows a link between Satanists and Jews.

18 thoughts on “Satanism is Jewish at its core

  1. same anon who just commented. Aside from all this stuff, and i fully agree and am also aware of most of what you are writing, but i'm focusing on awakening the kundalini energy inside, and then trying to help others too. In this way we might can heal the world


  2. I think the real God (good God, the God of truth and wisdom) is probably the God that Jesus preached. That why the Jews (who father is God of evil, lies and deception – aka Satan) hate Jesus so much. However, the real God is not in the Bible because the Bible is the book made up by the Jews which smart and wise people can see something very wrong with the book. The Jews probably made people crucify Jesus and then eliminate the teaching about the truth, wisdom and the good God that Jesus preached, and then create the Bible with the evil God (Satan) and false teaching, propaganda to brainwash the Goyim.


  3. When Rosenthal was asked by White back in 1976 in the now famous interview about what the Jews are really all about….The question was asked to that snivelling Jewish prick about the Jewish god, and Rosenthal said flat out that their 'god' was indeed LUCIFER and that it has always been LUCIFER…Need you say more? That was right from the horse's mouth.


  4. So if I understand you correctly you are trying to use some occult method in a positive way (opposite from what people like the Jews are doing) to heal the world. I am not a believer in the occult but I do not know. I think in terms of the physical world and not the occult. As I see the problem, Jews have conspired over centuries to control the world by physical means. In order to undo that control, humanity (ie non Jews) are going to have to go to war against the Jewish control in the physical world. I do not see magic as being a solution to this problem but I see war as being the solution. Humanity must go to war against Jewish control of the world to defeat it and I do not see any substitute for that.


  5. Although I can respect some of the words attributed to Jesus, because Jesus was said to be Jewish and part of the Jewish Religion, I cannot trust that not to be disinformation. Even if Jesus professed to be against some Jews I still cannot trust that that is not some kind of controlled opposition ploy that is built into Christianity to get non Jews to trust it. I hope you understand that. If one thing about the Jews has been proven beyond any doubt it is that they are a very clever, very determined people who have had world conquest as their goal since antiquity. Using a Jewish religion to brainwash non Jews and make them feel favorably toward Jews and Israel is EXACTLY what Jews would do. Do you see that? In any case, I have had to separate myself from Christianity just so I can know the truth. I do not allow Christianity to hold me hostage by threatening my eternal soul with Damnation simply because I refuse to believe in Christianity. I do not believe that any benevolent God would do that. You just have to wake up and see this. Words alone cannot wake you up. You have to see it from inside.


  6. You should not trust that Rosenthal interview as being factual, even if it appears to expose the Jewish problem. I am aware of it but I believe it to be disinformation.


  7. Speaking to the fist anon, what you must realize is this: When the enemy controls everything in the world, then peace becomes slavery. The only true freedom that can be obtained is by going to war against and defeating those who are doing the enslaving of humanity. I too want peace but there are times when going to war is a necessity to happen first before true peace and freedom can be realized. I hope you understand that. There is no easy button for this. There is no magical solution to the Jewish problem. Humanity has two paths in front of it, total enslavement or freedom. It appears to me as if the Jews believe they have already won the chess game. They behave as if they cannot be opposed. Humanity is so down on its knees and unprepared to fight this war that I understand why Jews believe they cannot lose at this point. They have no organized opposition at all, just a lot of bloggers and people on the internet who are doing nothing against the Jewish control of the world. Until that changes, Jews have won.


  8. Jesus was not a Jew..he was a Israelite from judiah, the jews have twisted it to fool everyone…they are imposters…95% of the so called jews today are of azhikanazi jews….from Europe…of the synogog of satan, Jesus did say \” those who claim to be jews,but are not,but are of the synogog of satan….the english bible has been twisted with words…go back to the original as possible manuscripts to understand and see the real words….to try and get a better picture of who they are…also the word jew was only invented not to long ago…the true people of bible were the Israelites, no not israel of today…which is possible the Great whore Babylon,Amerika is possibbly the great whore also???the jews have twisted everything to confuse everyone to believe they are some chosen people…its all a sharade..they are an imposter…its a long story and study…


  9. So where is the true \”Israelite\” now? If they are not Jews, do you mean the true Jewish Israelite is Palestinian?


  10. I do not accept the above explanation, which is one the Christians want to believe. I think that the Bible is all about Jews, in both the old testament and the new testament. I also do not accept the Khazarian myth to explain the bad Jews in the world. Again, this is just a way to allow Christians to keep their Religion while explaining how the bad Jews have crept in. I do not accept this and neither should you. The Jewish race was corrupt from the beginning and that is how it should be viewed.


  11. That is correct..from the beginning…according to the Bible cain is of his father the devil..and the lusts of his father he will do…\”cain was a murderer and a liar from the start according to the bible.. cain was not a son of adam…remember what did his mother really partake it was not a apple…hehe…why do you think the God of bible wanted all these degenerate people (Kenites) eliminated…i aint arguing with your opinion..just inputting my 2 cents……there is more than meets the eye of what is taught with the bible…thanks


  12. To use the Bible as a filter for perceiving truth is a mistake. I realize that many people who call themselves Christians want to do this but that should not be done. Truth has to be realized entirely separate from Religion. Religion spins all \”truth\” to support the Religion so it cannot be trusted to be objective about anything. So don't base your understanding on Christianity or the Bible. Those who would know the truth must not to do that.


  13. You have not understood anything I have said on this Blog. You have merely used my words to attempt to reaffirm your own pre-existing beliefs. You are not a truth seeker. Those who believe in Christianity are not seeking the truth because they believe they have already found it. But they have NOT found it. Instead they have found a sweet tasting pacifier that completely blinds them from the truth. I know you won't want to hear these words. I tell you anway because it is the truth that you need to hear.


  14. Hey, you need to be more specific in comes affiliating the satanism in judaism, i know that there are different strains of satanism, one of the satanism that i have known in internet they are aware about the jewish problem and they considered the jewish race as their own archenemies and so they exposed the entire abrahamic faiths that they are totally fatal in goyim minds.. Read their website and you will find that they have no affilitions with the jewish belief..



    1. I would suggest to you that the Satanism that you think you know from the internet is not the Real Satanism I am discussing that is related to the Jews. Judaism, Satanism and Freemasonry are all joined at the hip when you dig down deep enough to find the connections. There are many fake versions of Satanism that are nothing but controlled opposition disinformation. I am aware of those allegedly Satanist web sites that appear to be anti Jewish such as the link you gave and I do not trust them. You need to know the difference between Real Satanism and Fake Satanism. See this link about Real Satanism.


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