Dr. Pamela Monday, Ph.D.

In this post I want to begin going down a very deep and troubling rabbit hole concerning mind control. There is so much to be explored down this rabbit hole that I simply do not know where to begin, but since this Doctor came up on my radar recently I guess I will begin with her but there is much more to this topic than what she says. What she says is only the beginning of learning about this very deep and mysterious topic of mind control. Following is one or more links discussing what Dr. Monday said regarding mind control and below that I will give my own commentary. I feel compelled to bring you down this rabbit hole at this time because significant truth about other things I have said on this Blog can be explained by going down this rabbit hole. This post is going to connect many seemingly unrelated subjects and show they are really all part of the same group.

Letter from Pamela Monday Ph.D, psychotherapist, on 24th August 2003.

The first thing I want to note is that this letter originally came from a web site called http://www.gaiaguys.net which no longer exists on the internet.  When I went to look up the web site on the Wayback machine which I frequently do for dead links, I discovered that the entire site had been purposely excluded from the wayback machine.  When I saw that it tells me that this web site was telling some very significant truths that the Snakes do not want the public to know, so they not only killed the web site on the internet but they make it impossible for anyone to look up what the web site said when it did exist.  I have seen this Snake tactic before. I am going to be doing further research on this web site because I especially want to know what the Snakes don\’t want me to know. I want to know that above all else.

In this letter she mentions Sarah Connor (no relationship to the Terminator) exposure of the child pornography network in Australia.  Here is the link about Sarah Connor:


Since it clearly says in the above document that all names have been changed, its very likely that \”Sarah Connor\” is actually Fiona Barnett.

A video-tape depicting police members actively participating in the ritual sexual abuse of children from the Mornington daycare facility in Australia which was made around 1992 was discovered. This video tape proved that members of Australia Law Enforcement were involved in Satanic ritual abuse of children but the existence of the tape was covered up by other members of Australia LE and they refused to investigate it.

As I have said before on this Blog in multiple posts, Satanists purposely infiltrate LE and get into high level positions where they can control/stop investigations into any Satanist activity that somehow comes to the attention of the public. It is a no brainer why Satanists would do this.  Satanists value secrecy about themselves and their activities above everything else because exposure of them would mean their total destruction.  So they make sure that secrecy is maintained as much as possible at all times. Infiltrating and controlling LE is one of the most basic ways that Satanists can maintain their secrecy.  Relate this to the JonBenet Ramsey death, which is another case involving Satanic ritual abuse of a child and a corrupt Boulder, CO police department and district attorney\’s office that refused to properly investigate it but instead covered up the truth. You will see this pattern repeated again and again all across the USA and the world. Satanists make sure that they are not investigated by LE by controlling LE.  This is one of their standard M.O.s. Not only do Satanists infiltrate LE to control it, but Satanists also infiltrate both the government and the military to control them. This too is one of their standard M.O.s.

Also in this Australian case of the Morningside Daycare center is evidence that children were secretly taken out of the daycare center and brought to private homes where they were sexually abused by many people.  Relate this to what was said in the McMartin Preschool case which is the very same thing the kids in that case described.  Another case is the Franklin Credit Union scandal and what was disclosed there.

You have to understand the scope of Satanism as a worldwide phenomenon to understand how all of these different cases relate under the hood and that they all have a common denominator, which is Satanism.  I told you this was a deep rabbit hole. This is as deep as it gets. 

I could have very easily named this Blog \”Stranger in a Satanist World\” and I would have been talking about the very same thing.

The people at the top control the people down the line; that\’s why it\’s so incredibly difficult to get to the big boys running the show. In other words, the Pyramid shaped command and control structure.

Teachers, principals, physicians, day care workers, policemen, lawyers, judges, senators, presidents–organized crime makes sure \”one of us\” is in each place of authority or power. This is the Satanist infiltration and control of organizations that I discussed earlier in this Blog in this post.  Are you able to comprehend the size of this?

Remember that the organized crime involved isn\’t just about making money through child pornography (although this of course produces vast sums of money), but also about arms sales, drug running, blackmail at the highest levels, deals made with governments.  Child pornography, child prostitution, the making of snuff films, drug running, gun running, blackmail of government officials, high level deals made with governments, organized crime.  All of these things and many more is what Real Satanism is involved with.  If it involves crime and corruption, Real Satanism is involved. 

The groups use each other; they network with each other.

When people talk about global conspiracies, it really refers to thousands of groups who network with each other across the globe. The good news is that there is infighting within these groups, and lots of times that\’s when the secrets start to come out–information is leaked, people are caught as a result of one group exposing the other to eliminate them from the power/money benefits. This purposeful leaking of information might just explain the following image, which definitely was never supposed to be seen by the public.

I have not even gotten to the mind control portion of this post, which is what it is really about, but I showed all of the above just to let you know how corrupt the world is.  Just in case you did not already know it, in the Real World, corruption is king.  While the False World is just bullshit to deceive the public, in the Real World the bad guys are running the show and they are corrupt and evil.  Have no doubt about that.  If it is a major downer for you to learn this, I don\’t apologize. Everyone has to learn the truth about the world some time.  The time for living in a fairy tale world of your own imagination is over with.  So fasten your seat belts because Kansas is about to go bye bye in the next section that discusses mind control programming.

Recognizing and Classifying Programming

To begin to bring you down this rabbit hole, many honest psychologists who have treated patients who have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), which was formerly known as MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) is that it was discovered in the course of treatment that some kind of secret bizarre mind control programming had been performed on many of these patients.  Dr. Pamela Monday is only one of these clinical psychologists involved in exposing this secret mind control but there are many others, most notably Dr. Cory Hammond.  I am going to be discussing those other psychologists but for now I want to focus on what Pamela Monday said by breaking down the content of the link above to make it easy to comprehend for readers of this Blog.  Because we all need to understand the truth, even bizarre uncomfortable truths like this one.  The enemy we face likes to hide what it does in secrecy but I and others like me are committed to exposing that secrecy to the light of day and helping the common man to understand it.

Many Sadistic Ritual Abuse Survivors who have been diagnosed as having Multiple Personality Disorder (SRA/MPD), have been programmed in systematic, complex ways. By programming, we mean that the human, in a dissociated or altered mind state, has been systematically and deliberately taught lessons, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and responses to specific cues (\”triggers\”) so as to respond on command in ways that benefit the person/groups responsible for the programming.  This summarizes what I said in the above paragraph, that many people with DID/MPD have been discovered to have been programmed in systematic, complex ways.  In this context, programming is defined as the process of using mind control techniques to alter a person\’s brain in order to control them without their conscious awareness and against their will.  Unknown to most, a human mind can be programmed in a way that is analogous to programming a computer.  In this programming, a human mind can be taught things in secret to the host, things such as lessons, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.  The human mind already has some of these hidden things in it from birth which we call instincts. For example, a normal person does not have to be taught some basic things about being human because these things are wired into the human brain so they are naturally a part of being a human. All of this is in the subconscious mind and outside of our awareness. This mind control programming is just adding to what is in the subconscious mind to put new information there to alter the person in a way that most people are not.  Its like creating a new kind of human being who is different from most human beings.  Notably this is what the Satanists often do to their own children to make them different from normal children and this explains why many people in the world act so differently from most people. In addition to lessons, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, mind control programming can cause a person to do something against their will in response to a trigger. For example, a person could be programmed to hear a certain word or phrase slipped into a conversation and then once they hear this trigger then they will automatically go do something which they have been programmed to do when they hear that trigger.  

Have you seen the movie called the Manchurian Candidate? If not, you may want to watch it.  In that movie one of the characters had been programmed to do something associated with the trigger of seeing the \”queen of hearts\” card. When he saw that card he would automatically become like a zombie and go do something he had been subconsciously programmed to do. This is the exact same thing that Dr. Monday is saying here.

Survivors have told us that a group of programmers may travel from location to location, teaching members of various \”cults\” or other organized groups how to program their victims so as to ensure optimal mind control.  Some survivors of Satanic Ritual abuse have been directly involved in the programming of others. A person who is involved in programming other people is referred to as a \”Programmer\”.  In the Real World, this mind control programming is very important.  It is very common in the Real World. The job of being a Programmer is a very important one in the Real World.  Satanists value mind control programming very much in order to control people, including their own children. This is a big way that control of the world is maintained and secrecy about that control kept.  For example, how can you tell something which has been programmed into your unconscious mind which you do not even know about?  You cannot.  So this is a perfect tool for the Satanists to maintain secrecy.  But back to programmers. In the Real World, groups of highly trained programmers may travel from location to location acting as advisors to the various Satanic cults in the world to ensure that the best mind control programming techniques are used to achieve maximum control over the person. 

One of the main ways that mind control programming is achieved is by purposely creating multiple personalities inside the human mind that are completely separate from each other and that have no awareness of each other.  This may be difficult for you to understand so let me break it down this way. Think of yourself as being one personality. This is your conscious mind. Everything you think, etc. is this one personality.  But this one personality is just using a very  small part of the brain.  The brain is so vast that it has the ability to contain multiple personalities or multiple conscious minds.  Each one is like a different conscious mind inside of a single human brain.  Mind control programming allows different conscious minds to be put into a single human brain.  Each conscious mind has no awareness of any other conscious mind inside the brain.  Each is separate and as far as it knows, it is the only mind inside the brain.  Mind control programming is the technique of creating multiple conscious minds inside of a single brain.  Only one conscious mind has control of the human body, which is called the front personality but it is important to know that all of these minds exist all the time, even if they do not control the body. A \”trigger\” is used to bring one specific personality to the front and have it control the body.  Everything that happens to a person while a certain personality is at the front is only known by and remembered by that personality.  

For example, consider a person with ten programmed personalities. One of these personalities is brought to the front using a trigger. While this personality is at the front, the person assassinates or murders someone.  Then another trigger is used to bring a different personality to the front.  The knowledge and memory of the murder is known only to that one personality and is hidden from all the others.  In this way, a person can be programmed to kill and then have no conscious memory whatsoever of doing it.  I very strongly believe that Sirhan Sirhan was programmed to kill RFK against his will.  Sirhan Sirhan murdered RFK in 1968 but he had no memory of doing so.  Only when put under deep hypnosis does he remember it.  It is completely hidden from his conscious awareness normally.  Do you understand that?

Programming occurs after the creation of a new personality via the usual techniques of trauma and torture.  The way that new personalities are created is using trauma and torture of a young child victim. Programming is most effective when it is done to a young child, so what the programmers do is to create multiple personalities in a child victim and assign each one a trigger that can be used to bring it to the front. For each mind control victim, all the different personalities and the triggers used to activate them are carefully recorded and kept for the life of the victim.  Then, at any time in the future this information can be used to completely control the person in any way that the programmers want.  Its like turning a human being into a robot that can be manipulated and controlled.  Do you understand that? But severe trauma and torture is used to create the multiple personality system inside of a human brain.

A common name for each separate personality is Alter, which is an abbreviation for Alternate personality. So when you read someone talking about alters in terms of mind control, this is what is being referred to.

This next part is bizarre but as part of the mind control programming, each alter is programmed with its own separate \”reality\”.  The reality that the alter thinks it knows is entirely a fabrication of its programming.  When the alter is not at the front, it is still living in its alternate reality.  An internal landscape can be created in the alternate reality for the alter to live in.  For example, a castle or a cave or any other scenario that has been programmed into them.  Do not dismiss this as science fiction because I believe this technology is completely real but also extremely hidden from the public eye. 

There are many types of mind control programming available and each Alter is assigned one of these types.  As an example, some alters can be trained to perform military type functions and these are used on professional soldiers in the U.S. military and other militaries to make them very efficient soldiers. Another alter can be trained to be an assassin or killer and to feel no remorse whatsoever for doing it.  I believe that mind control has been used on many serial killers to purposely make them kill.  Other alters are called sexual alters and these are for prostitution, pornography, etc.  Others are for drug running,  Others are for snuff films. Anything can be programmed into an Alter to make a person do anything that the programmers want.  People can be programmed to be professional athletes such as professional football and basketball players.  There is no limit what a person can be trained to do using this system because each Alter will become extremely good at one thing and that alter can be brought forward at any time to make the person become what that alter has been programmed to do.

Now I am able to accurately describe for you what is shown in that picture of Obama that I posted above.  Here is the picture again.

This is an example of what I refer to as a picture from the Real World.  Most people when seeing this picture will have no clue what it means. It shows a reality that is so different from what most people believe to be reality that their minds cannot even comprehend it.  But I am able now to explain to you exactly what this picture shows.  

First it shows a young child who is no older than six years old but who could be as young as four.  This child is a mind control victim who has been trained as a sexual alter.  In the form of that alter, she has been trained to perform sex acts with adults.  She has been trained previously to perform this behavior on command from someone else, commonly referred to as a Handler of the mind control victim. This young child is performing a sex act (oral sex) with President Obama above.  Everybody seen in the above photograph is aware of what is going on, including President Obama, the child\’s mind control handler, the U.S. Secret Service agents, and the White House reporters who are watching it.  Everyone there knows what is happening.  This is a perfect example of the Real World that is completely hidden from most people.  Whoever released that photograph to the public wanted the public to see this or it would not have been released.  It certainly was not intended to be released.  But this is exactly what this image shows.  Are you awake enough to see it?  The woman in the photograph on the far right may very well be and probably is the child\’s mind control handler.  You have just entered the Twilight Zone.

Afterwards, the sexual alter of this child would be brought from the front and her dominant personality would go to the front so she would have no memory at all of giving oral sex to President Obama.  She would appear to be a perfectly normal child who had never been under mind control at all to anyone observing her.  In this way, nobody would know about what she had done except for her handler and the people involved in the child sexual abuse.  This is the way that Satanists get away with child sexual abuse every single day and maintain the secrecy of it so that even the child does not know that she has been abused.  Do you understand?

At this point I feel compelled to relate what is being discussed here to the case of JonBenet Ramsey who I very strongly contend was a mind control victim with sexually programmed alters (one or more) and that her father, John Ramsey was her mind control Handler.  I contend that JonBenet Ramsey had been programmed to perform sex acts with adults and that she was routinely performing sex acts with adults all during her childhood from at least age 4 but that she usually had no conscious memory of the abuse.  But the abuse was causing problems such as bed wetting, tantrums, crying etc.  In fact, I could create an entirely different Two Worlds Paradigm example of the JonBenet Ramsey murder that is focused on the mind control aspects of it.  I have not really discussed mind control as being involved in the JonBenet Ramsey case but it definitely needs to be part of the conversation. 

Speaking of child sexual abuse, there are many ways in which mind control can be involved in it.

One way is for a child mind control victim to be trained to perform sex acts on adults. This is what I contend was happening in the case of JonBenet Ramsey and in the child in that image with President Obama.

Another way is for a child to be put into a state where they passively accept sexual abuse perpetuated on them by one or more adults without resisting it.  One example of this is Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) during Satanic ceremonies.

A third way is for the child to be put into a trance like sleep state via a trigger where they cannot be awakened until another trigger is given.  Sexual abuse can happen to the child in this state without the child being aware of it as long as nothing traumatic happens to wake the child up out of the state.

Relating this topic to Jackie assassinating JFK which I have discussed on this Blog in many posts, although I have not wanted to acknowledge it, it is very possible that Jackie Kennedy was a mind control victim and that she was trained as an assassin to kill her own husband the way she did.  I view Jackie as an evil person and one of the snakes so I do not want to paint her as an unknowing victim of someone else, but she could have fully cooperated with being a mind control victim.  In any case, there is evidence to support mind control being involved in the assassination.  A careful viewing of the Zapruder film reveals very strange behavior in Jackie after the throat shot and before the head shot.  It also reveals a very calm conversation between Jackie and Governor John Connally that immediately preceded the assassination.  This is evidence that John Connally was acting as Jackie Kennedy\’s mind control Handler in the assassination.  He gave her a trigger word or phrase in that conversation they had that caused her to kill her husband with a concealed weapon. And then she was triggered to forget all about it so that she really believed that an assassin had killed her husband from outside the Limo, just like the assassin in the movie \”The Manchurian Candidate\”. This is a theory of mine but based upon what has been proven to be possible with mind control and based on her behavior in the Zapruder film I believe this is a very firm hypothesis to explain why and how she assassinated her husband. 

I believe that John Hinkley was a mind control victim who was trained to assassinate President Reagan in 1981 so that George H.W. Bush could assume the Presidency.  Hinkley failed but he was put up to it. 

Its also possible that David Chapman, the man who murdered John Lennon was also a mind control victim and that he was put up to that assassination by someone else who wanted John Lennon dead for an unknown reason. I am not entirely sure of this one but its possible based upon what I have read about that case.

Alters can be trained to commit suicide if their Handler wants to get rid of the mind control victim for some reason, such as if the mind control victim is starting to remember something they should not and is disclosing it (for example to a therapist) or if the mind control victim is starting to exhibit erratic behavior, indicating that the mind control programming is breaking down in the human brain. In such cases the Handler can trigger the mind control victim to commit suicide so that they kill themselves.  I believe that this explains many suicides that have been seen in the False World. In addition to being manually triggered by a Handler, suicide alters can be triggered automatically if the internal programming detects that someone like a therapist is trying to decode and override the programming.  The programming is so sophisticated that it has these safeguards built into it to trigger the destruction of the host rather than to allow its secrets to be revealed to someone outside the cult.

Besides the examples above, Mind Control victims can be trained to do many other things against their will such as the following:

Becoming drug running mules carrying drugs inside their bodies to transport narcotics from one location to another.

Starring in Snuff Films and allowing themselves to be murdered on film.

Becoming spies for the government or for others to learn information and then to report it.  Some alters have photographic memories where they can record exactly what has been said in some meeting, etc. and to accurately report it.  This is perfect for spying.

There is literally no limit to the types of applications that this technology can be used for. A person can be programmed to do literally anything for any purpose.  

More to Come

6 thoughts on “Dr. Pamela Monday, Ph.D.

  1. Because the documents, posts or articles often too long, too complicated and hard to read them all or understand, I need truthers like you who can summarize and then conclude what all of the documents, posts or articles talk about. You don't need to apologize for anything, I even have to thank you for your effort of summarizing what happen. There is too much information to read, and too much disinformation as well so I need experienced truther like you to summarize what happen or debunk the disinformation/controlled opposition . I thank you for inform me the truth, because when I know the truth, I first became sad, scared, disappointed and hopeless, then I grew more and become stronger rather than live like a clueless baby.


  2. Yes, I am going to break that mind control article from Dr. Monday down. I just did not feel like tackling it when I made this post. Sometimes the red pill gets to be too much for me and I need a break from it so I took a break on this yesterday but I will add to this post to summarize what Dr. Monday is saying in an easy to understand format. As for the way you or I should feel about these subjects, the more you know the more of a downer it is. Sometimes knowing the truth is too much for me and I must escape from it because its too depressing to know. I am feeling that way lately because I am seeing the big picture and what I see is not good at all. What I see is that bad guys control this world and that humanity is already in slavery to them. Jews and their minions have already taken over the world. The New World Order has already arrived but the Goyim just don't know it yet. That is extremely troubling for me to know. Once you know this stuff well enough, you cannot be happy about it because you know your brothers and sisters are slaves to this without their awareness. I have a duty to help my brothers and sisters by spreading the truth. What good I do I don't know but I feel compelled to at least try.


  3. I know this kind of mind control is brutal, however, it is an interesting technology that still can be used for GOOD purpose. If they can create a personality, they can add all the superior, good and necessary traits to one person such as: kind-hearted, calm, hark-working, brave, think big, love to seek for the truth, be skeptic about what happen (especially what is told in the media), strong – resist the evil, honest (cannot be corrupted),etc.


  4. No it cannot be used for a good purpose. Its an evil unnatural technology that will only be used for evil purposes by evil people. It must be eliminated. Saying that it can be used for good purposes is like saying that nuclear bombs can be used for good purposes. Nuclear bombs are the enemy of humanity that never should have been created and humanity must destroy them. Likewise with this technology. It has only one purpose: to control people against their will. It is anti Human. It is Anti God. Only God should decide what goes inside the human mind and for corrupt man to even attempt such as thing is an abomination against God. Going further, it can be said that some concepts spoken of in the Bible such as the Abomination that makes Desolate are not referring to the Temple in Jerusalem but the temple inside the mind of man. This injection known as the Covid 19 vaccine is UnHoly and it could very well be the same thing because it allows a person to be controlled against their will without the ability to resist it. Think of the injections as a way to accomplish the above without using trauma and torture to achieve the mind control. This is what I really strongly suspect is the real purpose of the injections. I do not refer to them as Covid 19 vaccines because they have no relationship to any virus. They have an evil purpose.


  5. Hello, I just want to inform you a suspicious case that I just read from the news.Mr. John McAfee – creator of McAfee anti-virus for computers (the first commercial antivirus software) found dead in his cell in a Spanish prison. People said that he did not randomly die or commit suicide. They think he is murdered because he know something, they have to kill him before he reveal some secret. I think this theory is really make sense.I notice that media use the bullshit word \”embattled software developer\” instead of using the word \”creator of McAfee antivirus\” to show higher respect or honor the dead man. Here is the link: https://abcnews.go.com/Business/john-mcafee-embattled-software-developer-found-dead-spanish/story?id=78449557


  6. In the Real World many people are murdered to silence them or to eliminate them for other reasons and the murder is made to look like suicide. But it is also possible that some people who have been under mind control programming are programmed to commit suicide when they have outlived their usefulness to the cult. I do not know what the truth is concerning John McAfee but if memory serves me correctly he has said some things in the past that have nothing to do with his computer or anti virus work that make him stand out as someone interesting. You or others reading this Blog may want to do some internet research on John McAfee to see what he has said in the past that might show his as being a type of whistleblower against the Establishment. I am too busy to do that right now but I welcome others to become internet Detectives as I see myself. Yes, the MSM is entirely corrupt and they use wording to convince the public to think of a person they are discussing in a certain way. I call this yellow journalism. Its not objective journalism just covering a subject but it is purposely trying to sway the reader's opinion about the subject to influence public opinion. The MSM does this all the time, as in the case of MSM coverage of Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin. Its really disgusting the way the MSM has become just a whore working for the rich, corrupt and powerful. The First Amendment in the U.S. has been horribly perverted from its original meaning and purpose. Olympus has fallen to the ground.


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