What Dr. Pierre Gilbert said about Rwanda

After watching that short video clip from Dr. Pierre Gilbert I was very interested in hearing more about what he had to say, but surprisingly I could find nothing more about what he said.  All I found is just repeat after repeat of the same video clip with no details given about it whatsoever.  I have seen this kind of thing many times before when researching things on the internet.  I see something tantalizing that I want to learn more about it but despite all of my research I can find nothing else on it.  This frustrated me but I am not one to be dissuaded so I tried a different tact by eliminating Dr. Pierre from the search and just concentrating on what he was talking about.  One of the most interesting things he said in that clip was that the Rwanda genocide of 1995 was actually caused by using this mind control technology, so I used this search term \”mind control\” + Rwanda and I hit pay dirt. Do not use Google ever to make any searches but use an alternate search engine like DuckDuckGo.  Here is what came up for me.  

Operation Crimson Mist, Electronic Slaughter in Rwanda

American Mind Control in Baghdad. Spooks use technology \”proved\” on one-million dead Africans

Mind Control: Scientists Engineer ‘Magneto’ Protein Capable Of Remotely Controlling Brain & Behavior

Rewriting Rwanda


What I am extremely interested in knowing is what vaccine programs were implemented in Rwanda prior to this genocide and who was involved in implementing these vaccine programs?  I can almost predict that Bill Gates was somehow involved in this, because Bill Gates is a total snake and as evil as any man has ever been who has walked the earth.  He pretends to be a hero but he is a complete and total scoundrel, just like Dr. Fauci.  In this Jewish world, the \”heroes\” they give us are complete and total scumbags who should be executed for crimes against humanity. 

EDIT TO ADD:  As a commenter pointed out, the Rwandan genocide took place in 1994 before Bill Gates became involved in vaccines so he likely had no involvement in this but others have been giving vaccines in Africa before 1994, such as the World Health Organization, the U.N. and UNICEF among others.  I do not know that vaccines had been given to the Rwandan people before the genocide to cause them to commit genocide but I just implied that from the content of Dr. Gilbert\’s speech.  There is another alternate explanation, which is that the Rwandan incident perhaps does not involve vaccines but it does involve electromagnetic based mass mind control to directly influence behavior of a target audience.  In the case of Rwanda it was necessary for the U.S. military to fly planes carrying large dishes to beam EMF waves onto the target audience.  Of course this is not a practical solution for the snakes.  They would want something much more convenient for them. What Dr. Gilbert could be saying is that sometime in the future (after 1995) they want to be able to use this technology without having to fly planes over target populations.  If liquid crystals were inside the body that would respond to EMF waves then these would respond to ULF carried by wireless networks such as 5G.  What I am saying is that with the vaccine to get the crystals inside the body it would be possible to do the same thing as was done in Rwanda silently and remotely in complete secrecy, without having to fly planes over target populations.  The 5G wireless network would be used to beam the signals onto the target populations in selected areas.  Just imagine what (((they))) could do with such a system.  The possibilities are mind boggling and also very frightening.  

8 thoughts on “What Dr. Pierre Gilbert said about Rwanda

  1. But it do not match with the timeline, Bill Gates started his Bill & Melinda foundation in 2000 and then give some of his money to this foundation later, the charity projects such as vaccine donations started after the years 2000, while the Rwanda genocide was happened in 1995. Therefore, I think there must be someone before Bill Gates.


  2. I agree that Bill Gates was probably not involved in giving vaccines this early but others such as the World Health Organization, the U.N. and UNICEF have been involved in earlier vaccination programs. I do not know that vaccines were involved in the Rwanda genocide but I suspect it based on what Dr. Gilbert said. He seemed to believe that vaccines were involved unless that video was cherry picking from a much longer presentation by him. I wish I could find his full presentation but I have not been able to, only the same video snippet I showed originally.


  3. Let me know if you would like me to put up a box ad of your site on my sites. Damn! I wish there were more of us, BUT… most people are EITHER stupid, or rank cowards. One thing you discover when you venture into the Howling Unknown, is that you are carrying whatever it is that frightens you with you as you go. Upon my discovery of this, that was my first project; to understand and control my Fear. Only Love, I have found, will neutralize Fear.


  4. I should also point out that it DOESN'T MATTER that Gates started his foundation at a specific point in time. He could well have been deep into it from another angle, via another medium prior to. He didn't just turn evil overnight. He came in here that way. No doubt he was up to dark shit earlier on as well.


  5. Yes I would like that. This blog has very low readership and I need to get it in front of more eyes to help red pill more people. Anything you can do to help bring awareness of this blog from your blogs would be greatly appreciated. I went through the fear phase and I conquered my fear to be able to face this without fear. My primary emotion is not fear but anger, indignation and a strong determination to do what I can to foil the plan of the bad guys. That is what I am trying to do on this blog, to bring awareness of who the bad guys are and what they are doing so that humanity can rise up and fight the bad guys. All of this is leading up to a war between good and evil. Even though I cannot see the war yet I believe a war between humanity and the forces of evil will come because the bad guys are going to force humanity to fight for their very survival. I really do believe that. My love for humanity and my utter hatred for the bad guys is what takes away my fear. Hate can be a good thing when it is used against a ruthless foe. God gave us hate for a reason. We are meant to hate evil and these people are evil and must be fought.


  6. Are you aware that Bill Gates is Jewish? I had no idea of that until various people revealed it. Bill Gates is a member of the group of people who I call the Jewish Snake. This group is my enemy. Its not the entire Jewish race I am against but against a sub class of the Jewish race is really behind all the world's evil and is out to enslave humanity. That is who I am against and who I was born to be against. But I believe Bill Gates has been involved in evil for a long time. Have you researched Bill Gates' father? He was also a powerful Jew involved in these very same things. Donald Trump and his father have been involved in many evil things also. I consider Trump and his family to be part of the Jewish Snake also. Although I do not consider all Jews bad, a common denominator of the core group behind all this evil shit is being Jewish and that is no coincidence. I try to bring awareness of that on this Blog, which explains the Blog title.


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