The Fort Sumter, Archduke Ferdinand, Lusitania Moment is Waiting in the Wings

Not often but occasionally I find an article written by someone else that I see as highly truthful and profound. Such is the article that is the subject of this post, which is from a sister Blog called Visible Origami. I highly recommend you read this:

 The Fort Sumter, Archduke Ferdinand, Lusitania Moment is Waiting in the Wings

Listed below are some significant truth said in this article with my commentary in blue.

As you can see, THEY are fomenting race wars, religious wars, and soon to add in energy and food crises as well; not to mention their bullshit no account virus and the DEADLY vaccines.

Previously it was dark and hard to see what was going on. As the light increases it becomes harder, and HARDER for those who work in darkness to conceal what they are up to. People are waking up as well.  As much as I have been able to see concerning the Real World, I am still in the process of waking up to the reality of it.  With this Blog I am trying to wake up as many others besides myself to the shared bad reality we all must recognize and deal with.  This is no time to be asleep.  This is a time to be WIDE AWAKE and alert to what is really going on.  You snooze, you definitely lose

Yes… it SEEMS as if they continue to have the upper hand. It SEEMS that those of us who are in opposition to their plans are few and not well organized. This is not the case. We have the forces of Heaven at our back and the Tides of Fortune in our favor. It does not SEEM that way, BUT… we shall see.

All the chaos in The World is the work of a handful. Of course, they have invisible minions.  With all due respect to the author, I think it is more than just a handful who are behind this. I think there is a leadership who decides what is going to happen and then they have many minions below them, layers upon layers of minions in a pyramid shaped hierarchy that make what the leadership decide happen in the world.  Knowledge about what is really going on is kept at the top of the pyramid, with those at the bottom levels of the pyramid having no knowledge of the overall plan but knowing only their \”part\” in the overall plan.  In this way secrecy can best be maintained because the most trusted members who will never disclose are at the top of the pyramid and those at the bottom have nothing to disclose because they are kept in the dark.  I very strongly believe that Freemasonry is directly involved in this hidden command and control structure for Jews to rule the world in secret.

It\’s like people are dreaming, sleepwalking and you speak into the dream and they hear you in the dream and have no idea that there are worlds upon worlds beyond the dreamscape they are in. If… for whatever the reason, you are outside the Dreamscape and looking in, the state, nature, and intention of their dreaming reveals itself to you because your vision is not obscured by The Attraction-Aversion Dynamic. Once one has stilled The Reactive Mind, cut down on senseless craving, and mastered the propensity to like one thing and dislike another, a new world opens up before you. You will need new eyes to see it with, but that comes with the territory. You get the 5-D glasses when you enter the theater. That world, that theater, is not crowded, and the affairs of the masses do not enter in there. Very profound writing. This is just another way of distinguishing the Real World from the False World that I have been talking about on this Blog from the very beginning. Those who really understand the Real World are living in the Real World and not the False World, including myself. I see all those people who are trapped in the False World and I understand them (because I used to be one of them) but I am no longer one of them. We live in completely different worlds. I can try to talk to them from my world but can they even hear me, much less understand me, since they have no awareness of the world I am living in?  Still I try.  I use this Blog as a beacon of truth from the Real World to those living in the False World in an attempt to wake them up to the reality that I see.

Cold Mountain is for the people who have had it with this world. This world is for the people in whom The Thrill has not yet gone. It is a supermarket for the five senses. You can pretty much stay there as long as you like, as long as you can stand the Suffering and Disappointment. It is said that the Truth will set you free and I have found this to be true in this sense: The truth sets you free from the illusion that most people are living under. There is a freedom that cannot be described using words with knowing the truth, even a bad truth.  Just knowing the truth gives freedom and peace of mind that others who are trapped in a false illusory world will never understand.  Many people have turned to Christianity to get away from the false illusory world, but Christianity is not the real Red Pill.  It is the false Red Pill given to us by Jews, the exact same Jews who are running the false illusory world.  This is not the Red Pill you want to take.  This leads away from the truth, not toward it.  I hope all those who are immersed in Christianity as I once was will gain the wisdom to realize that the enemy we face is a deceiver par excellence and there is nothing this deceiver will not do or use to control the world.  The enemy I am referring to is not Satan but the Jewish race.

But as for what is coming next, my own feeling is that the Snakes who run this world are going to continue with their goal of getting every human on the planet to take the injection into their body which is not related to Covid 19 at all but which has nefarious hidden purposes.  If you have been reading my Blog entries I have discussed some of those hidden nefarious purposes.  I think we will see a more heavy handed approach used by the governments of the world to try to get the unvaccinated to accept the injection in their body.  I predict they will use any means necessary to get every single person to take the injection because that is the Jewish plan. What the injection is really about is Jewish control over every single person in the world.  Jews are all about controlling non Jews and they have schemed and planned for greater control and this mass injection of humanity is what they have come up with for the ultimate control over humanity and the world that is greater than any control they have ever had in the past.  Think about total enslavement of humanity as being the real goal of the injections. As a member of the human race, I greatly fear for the future of the human race.  I see the human race down on its knees kneeling in submission before a very clever devious cunning enemy that will use any trick in the book to win. Humanity needs to stand up on its own two feet and fight back against its enslavement.  There is no substitute for this.  Humanity is forced into a position now where it must either go to war to be free or else be forced into total enslavement.  All those who have taken the injection are lost. If you take the injection then you will be lost too. You must never take the injection into your body because if you do then they will own you.  And those who are giving the injection to their children are dooming their children to enslavement.  God help them.  God help all of us during this very dark and troubling time in human history.  Will we survive it? I honestly do not know. But I feel that the injection is really the Mark of the Beast spoken of in Revelation. Those who take the injection betray God.

One thought on “The Fort Sumter, Archduke Ferdinand, Lusitania Moment is Waiting in the Wings

  1. Excellent commentary, man. I really enjoyed reading it. I don't read blogs much, but i'll try to remember to visit yours and keep up to date


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