Blackmail is next on the Snake Agenda for the unvaccinated

The Jewish Snake is very serious about its plans that every person receive an injection \”for Covid 19\”. The Covid 19 explanation for the injections is just bullshit and a ruse to disguise the real purposes of the injection. The Snakes are using many methods to get the zoo animals to take their shots willingly like good Goy should.

The first method they used was fear by cooking up a deadly pandemic that was killing thousands of people, and the purpose of this was simply to get the sheep to take the shot out of fear that they needed it to survive this deadly \”unexpected\” \”pandemic from China\”.  Oh the Bull shit they spread to make this story seem plausible but so many people have seen through this lie that many do not believe that the pandemic was ever real, including myself.  Although I am sure that many sheep took the injection and paid for it out of their own pocket (what is the definition of  a fool?), fear could only go so far before it played out.  It has played out.

The next method is trying to make it seem patriotic and the American thing to do.  Get vaccinated because its for the good for America.  You are helping the world get back to normal by taking the vaccine.  More bullshit but sadly many of the sheep are falling for it. 

They are using other methods to get people to take the vaccine, such as paying them money to take it or offering to give them gifts such as free marijuana.  Those who would sell their souls so cheaply deserve to lose them. 

But the next method they are going to now is using Blackmail to get people to take the vaccine.  In other words, they are making it so that a person cannot live their life in the world unless they have had the vaccine.  For example, they are making it so that you cannot travel by plane, you cannot go to outdoor events, you cannot work, you cannot receive health care, you cannot receive government services, etc. etc. etc.  Its starting off mildly but I can already tell you that its going to get more and more heavy handed as time goes on to force those who do not want the Covid 19 vaccine to take it simply so that they can continue to live in the world. They are already clearly telling us if you have been paying attention that they are going to do this.  

I saw as early as last year that they were going to do this in posts such as this one.

I did not intend for this to be a long rambling post but I want to lead you to a conclusion I have reached, and this will be discovered to be true.

Those who are honest and wish to remain free of the vaccine are going to be forced into one of two possible choices:

1) Submission. Taking the vaccine out of convenience for your own life just so you can continue to live in the world. And I say this because the Snakes intend to make it very difficult for you to refuse the vaccine and live in the world.  Imagine being forced out of your home because you do not have the vaccine or imagine being unable to buy groceries because you do not have the vaccine.  I predict it will eventually get that bad unless honest humanity stands up and fights the Snake.

2) Revolution.  In this scenario, honest humanity says \”No More\” and fights back.

I perceive that there will be no middle ground for honest humanity who wants to remain free of the vaccine Bullshit.  The Snakes are going to tighten the thumb screws on everyone to make it virtually impossible to live in a world that (((they))) control.  Those who are unvaccinated and believe that they can simply peacefully resist and not take the vaccine are going to be very surprised when they discover that the Snakes are going to force them to take the vaccine just to live.  Therefore Humanity has only one solution left to it, which is Revolution.  Although I do not even see it on the radar yet, I am telling everyone that either Revolution comes or total slavery and submission to the Snakes comes.  There is no middle ground.  I see this very clearly and I am telling you what I see. 

One thought on “Blackmail is next on the Snake Agenda for the unvaccinated

  1. I am quite sure that whatever is pulling the jews strings is setting us up for all sorts of revolutions, world war, empire and other garbage with the endgoal being to kill as many as possible, devastate the environment as much as possible etc. etc. real history of what has actually occurred on this earth is concealed, especially from the jews themselves because of course, what comes around goes around and when people really understand taht the jews are nothing but trouble- they fight back and pogroms happen etc. and then the jews wonder, why are the jews always being murdered? well, maybe its because you murder other people. Africa and India and Japan- they just don't seem to have the same problems that places where this god is worshipped do. wonder why.


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