A New Rabbit Hole for you to go down

To understand this Rabbit Hole you must have a thorough understanding of the False World vs the Real World mentioned in the Two Worlds Paradigm.  If you think you understand the difference between the False World and the Real World, then I am ready to take you down this rabbit hole.

This is something which I noticed long ago during my 10 year plus long search for the truth and it is deep even for me but this is where my mind is taking me so I am taking you along on my mental journey.  Here is a truth for you to understand.

There are important concepts in the Real World that are given names (or labels) in the Real World that everyone in the Real World understands but that nobody living in the False World is supposed to understand.  These names have a specific meaning in the Real World.  These same names are often used in the False World. In the False World they can mean anything but sometimes they can symbolize and point to the meaning of the term in the Real World.

As an example, here are three terms that have important meanings in the Real World but the general population is not meant to know about the real world meanings of these terms:

\”Delta 1\”

\”Delta 2\”

\”Delta 3\”

These terms are important and significant in the Real World but they are hidden from the public.  In the False World, you will discover many different meanings for these same terms.  For example, if you do a search in a search engine for any of these terms you will see at least a dozen or more definitions come up. They are very commonly used. Most of the definitions in the False World will have no relationship at all to the definition in the Real World but you may find that at least one of the definitions hints at the real world meaning. I am remaining purposely vague at this point because I have not properly laid the groundwork for what I am trying to communicate here.  For me to become more specific at this point would only confuse.  I plan to be talking more about this but just for grins, do searches on those terms and look at all the different definitions that come up.  Although there appears to be no meaning behind this, it is not a coincidence that these names are used so much in the False World, because for some reason they like to hint at the things that are in the Real World even though they never make clear to the sheep what is really going on.

This is just one small example. There are countless others I could give of important Real World names that are reused in the False World. Although they have no meaning in the False World, these names have important hidden meanings in the Real World that the general public is not intended to know. Only the zoo keepers are supposed to know, not the zoo animals. Another way of looking at it is that this is a way for them to hide in plain sight, putting the truth out there in disguised form but only those with understanding of the Real World will comprehend the meaning.

I am sorry if this sounds confusing but this is as specific as I can be for now. Hopefully other posts I make in the future will shed light on this post and about how I say that the names of important Real World concepts are frequently used in the False World.

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