Back down the Covid 19 vaccine rabbit hole

In my previous post I showed a video of a presentation made by a French doctor in 1995 saying that there was a future plan to pollute the bloodstream of mankind with liquid/magnetic crystals for the purpose of mass mind control.  I find this an extremely interesting possibility and I am certainly planning to investigate these claims further. But notwithstanding of  what Dr. Gilbert said, what I really believe the true purpose of the mass vaccination push on humanity that we are seeing right now is part of a global identifying system, so that each person can be uniquely identified on a world wide network.  

I was in the store today, checking out after buying groceries.  I had to reach into my billfold, find my credit card, pull it out, stick it into the slot on the cash register or swipe it, wait for it to be processed and then I had purchased my groceries. I thought to myself that this is an archaic outdated system waiting to be replaced by something else that is far more convenient for everyone. What I would envision as a perfect system is one where that I did not have to do anything to buy my groceries.  I would not have to find my credit card, pull it out, and scan it manually.  Instead, all of this would be done for me automatically.  I could simply walk through an area, be scanned automatically, my groceries would also be scanned automatically (no manual scanning required), the cost of the groceries would be automatically debited from my bank account and I could just walk out the door without doing anything.  This would be the ideal system in terms of convenience and I believe that this is the type of system that is planned for the future.  Moreover, I believe that the Covid 19 vaccines are a means to an end of developing this future financial system.  

One thing that many people are noticing about the Covid 19 vaccines is that they appear to contain magnetic particles or particles that respond to electromagnetic fields. How is this relevant to the above system?  Very simply, for a person to be easily identified they must be scanned from the outside.  They must have something inside their bodies which can be easily scanned from the outside.  These magnetic crystals or particles inside the vaccine would be a perfect way to do that, tied to the 5G world wide network.  For example, you could simply walk into a store, into the store\’s 5G network and immediately be identified. The magnetic particles allow wireless scanning and identifying of a person simply by walking into a 5G hot spot or wireless network zone. 

A valid question has been raised to me about this, which is in order for this system to be possible then each person must be able to be identified with a unique ID that allows that person to be uniquely identified among the millions and billions of people on earth.  Unless they are able to do uniquely identify a person then this system is not possible.  How would they be able to assign a unique ID to a person that could not be confused with anyone else\’s ID?  Remember, there will be millions of people using this every day and this identifying system must be rock solid and also a way must be found so it cannot be circumvented.  For example, if anyone finds out how they are identifying people then of course there will be those who try to circumvent that identity based system.  You can just bet that the snakes have carefully considered this question and that they have built safeguards into the system so that it cannot be exploited or circumvented.  I do not know how they will do that but I know my enemy well enough to say that they have fully considered that problem.

As I was in the grocery store today I passed by the pharmacy area where I witnessed a child about to get the vaccine. I saw a doctor in a white coat asking the child a lot of serious questions about the child\’s personal identity which the doctor was carefully entering into an app on his mobile phone.  I heard the doctor ask questions such as his birth date and other questions. And this got me thinking of how easy it would be to insert a unique ID into a person that could later be used to identify that person.  Imagine this scenario.  Each vaccine shot has an ID built into the shot which is an integral part of the shot.  The system being used is such that there can be many billions of IDs issued using it.  At the time that a person gets the vaccine, the health workers ask them all kinds of personal questions that can be used to identify them.  All this personal information is carefully recorded and associated with the unique ID inside the shot they were given.  It could be as simple as that.  Even with a system as simple as that, they could be able to uniquely identify each person.  This is the first time I have directly witnessed someone in the process of getting the vaccine but I would be very interested in knowing all the kinds of questions that are asked of people about to get the shot.  If what I say is true then the health workers would ask a lot of personal questions to get the person\’s identity as closely as possible so that information could be tied to the vaccine ID.  Can anyone reading this confirm that these ID related questions are an integral part of the vaccination process?  I strongly suspect they are.

I also want to make clear that I am not saying that the questions asked during the injection would be the only means used to identify a person.  What I believe is that (((they))) have been spying on everyone in the world using the internet for many years and that (((they))) already have complete identity profiles on most of the world population already created.  The questions asked during the vaccine injection would only be used to find the complete profile of the person that has already been created in secret.  So you can see how extremely easy it would be for them to hide an ID inside the vaccine and then link that ID permanently with a person, for life. This would be a permanent way to track a person for their entire life using this system.  Mark of the Beast anyone?

Safety against Covid 19 is just a pretext that is being used to get the cattle to willingly accept the ID inside their bodies that can be used to track them everywhere in the world they go and for many other purposes such as controlling their bank accounts, controlling financial transactions they make, etc.  In this system everything will be digital.

I note that there does not necessarily have to be a single reason behind the vaccine push. There could be multiple reasons behind it and it would not surprise me at all to discover that is the case.  For example it could used for tracking/surveillance, and for the financial system I describe above, and for what Dr. Gilbert is talking about and also in some cases for killing those who are deemed to be useless like the old.  The snakes are known to have multiple agendas with what they do so nobody should be surprised about this. 

But I say that those who are only focused on the deaths caused by the vaccine and use this to suggest that the true purpose of the vaccine is to kill are in serious error. While it is true that there have undoubtedly been deaths that have been caused by taking the vaccine, I say that these deaths are merely unwanted side effects and not the true purpose of the vaccine.  The snakes are perfecting this ID system and they are using human beings as guinea pigs as they do it. Of course this is criminal behavior, but when the crime lords run the entire system, who is going to prosecute them?  But the deaths are simply incidental as they perfect the vaccine and the ID it contains.  In terms of the truth, it would be far better for others to focus on the ID aspect of the vaccine instead of the death aspect because that its is true purpose. As long as truth tellers remain deceived about the true purpose of the vaccine then this helps the snakes get away with what they are doing.  Going further, I can suggest that some of those who are pushing so hard on the idea that the vaccines are kill shots may be disinformation agents whose entire purpose for doing so is to prevent people from seeing he real reason behind the vaccine, which is the one I have documented above.  Because keeping the people ignorant, divided and distracted with disinformation is a big part of the snake game. 

And now you can see why it is so important to (((them))) that everyone get the injection, because in the world they are building this personal ID will be a requirement to live.  If you do not have the ID then its like you don\’t even exist in the world.  That is the way it is going to be.  Your ID will be necessary to even live in the world to come. That is why all must have the \”vaccine\”, but its not a vaccine at all.  Its an ID.

More to Come

3 thoughts on “Back down the Covid 19 vaccine rabbit hole

  1. I do agree with a lot of what you are saying… But the facts are that these monsters are using these kill shots as a multi-faceted approach with at least 3 separate goals which are (a) depopulation (b) mind/body control with their magnetofection shots, and as you are saying (c) identification which many call the mark of the beast…Great article and a great theory/hypothesis BTW…… You are definitely onto something here.


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