The Real Red Pill


The World as a Jewish Stage is the same as the Two Worlds Paradigm.  Those who understand that have taken the Real Red Pill, which is the one (((they))) don\’t want you to take.  Instead they want you to take:

QAnon\’s False Red Pill.

or Donald Trump\’s False Red Pill.

or Fox News\’ False Red Pill.

or Alex Jones\’ False Red Pill.

or Noam Chomsky\’s False Red Pill.

or Mike Stone\’s False Red Pill.

or Lin Wood\’s False Red Pill.

or Henry MaKow\’s False Red Pill

or Fiona Barnett\’s False Red Pill

or Isaac Kappy\’s False Red Pill

or any other False Red Pill that they offer through one of their agents.

Jews purposely offer the Goyim a million false red pills to choose from so that nobody will take the real red pill that will really open your eyes and your mind to the hidden truth about the world and what happens in it.  I offer you the Real Red Pill and I highly recommend you take it. I also warn those who are truth seekers to be wary of any counterfeit or substitute that is saying anything substantially different from me because these are all False Red Pills meant to prevent you from seeing the deeper truths I am trying to show you.

Trust me because I am not working for the snakes and everyone in the above list (and many more besides them) is.

4 thoughts on “The Real Red Pill

  1. Do Henry McKow who is mentioned in your post mean Henry Makow? I will be so surprise if even Henry Makow is a snake. He make many good contents or articles which have a lot of truth and many of his content share the same points of view with you. He is a lot like you, both personality and contents. Please check: .If he is a snake or a disinformation agent, can you said to me what thing you found that make you think he is one of them?


  2. That was my misspelling. I meant to Henry Makow, who is Jewish and has a web page where he appears to be exposing the truth. I am very well aware of Henry Makow and even though he does appear to be exposing the snakes, I have perceived that he is still not telling the whole truth. Since Henry Makow is a Jew himself he has a huge conflict of interest in what he says about Jews. I do not trust any Jew to be honest even those who appear to be honest on the surface. Also I have detected in Henry Makow's writing a kind of controlled opposition narrative. He purposely directs his readers' attention to certain areas and he never discusses other areas that involve the Jews. That is the work of a clever snake IMO. I do not trust Henry Makow nor do I need to read what he says to know the truth. I would prefer not to have my red pill poisoned by Jewish propaganda, no matter how subtle it is.


  3. its quite easy to find the snakes and the people who work for the snakethey will always mention something about the big bad Nazis or try getting you to believe in the holohoax…..the all fail the Hitler test..end of story….if anyone is a true Truth seeker they absolutley know that Hitler was and is the man who tried telling you about the Snake.. the Snake that is trying to destroy us this day..Hitler warned us Hitler was right…and the snakes keep bombarding us with there False historical narrative..and keep you from revealing the truth….


  4. I have noticed what you say. I have consistently seen this attempt to smear Nazis being brought into the conversation by fake truthers and whenever I see it I am immediately turned off by it. This is disinformation being brought into the conversation purposely to take the focus and attention off the Jews, where it really belongs. I am aware that Hitler was red pilled on the Jewish question and was trying to warn people about the Jewish snake but at the same time I have many questions about Hitler which is why I do not endorse him on this blog. Jews have created such a huge negative persona around Hitler and Nazi Germany that it becomes a kind of \”poison pill\” for any truth revealer such as myself to endorse Hitler and Nazi Germany. For me to do would create a link between me and many other sites and people also endorsing Hitler and Nazi Germany that I want to have nothing to do with. I do not want people reading this Blog to think I am a Nazi, which I already get accused of being simply because I discuss the Jewish question. I do not want to give the Jews more ammunition to use to discredit me and my Blog by endorsing Hitler and Nazi Germany so I remain silent on those topics for now. I neither endorse nor condemn them on this Blog. I do not discuss them. Maybe later my attitude on this will change but for now I believe that this is what I should do.


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