Everything that is seen is just a Means to an End

This is deep and only those who are truly red pilled will understand what I say in this post.

First you must understand the Two Worlds Paradigm. Second you must understand the concept of the world being a Jewish Stage. Understand that before you go on and read the rest of this post because what I say will not make sense unless you first understand what has been said before.  I am leading you down the rabbit hole of understanding the Real World. The world wants you to be clueless. I am trying to wake you up.

Here is wisdom for those who understand it:

Everything that is seen in the False World is just a means to an end in the Real World.

Let me break that down so that you understand exactly what I am trying to say, which is that everything of any significance that is shown to the public in the False World is just a means to one or more desired ends in the Real World.  The False World is an illusion or deception to fool the public.  What happens in the False world is not real, although it is made to appear as real to the public..  What happens in the False world is purposely made to happen in order to deceive and control the public. There are no coincidences in the False World.  If it happens, its been made to happen and there is always a hidden reason for everything that happens.  

Here are some quotes by famous people who attempted to expose this truth to the public.

The public (which is you unless one of the Snakes happens to be reading my Blog) only sees the False World and never sees the Real World.  As far as the public is concerned, the False World is the real world and the Real World that I describe does not exist.  If only it were so.

But back to the topic of this post.  Everything that is seen in the False World is just an illusion or deception and is the means to a desired end to manipulate and control the public in some way.  Even for those in the general public who are aware of the Two Worlds Paradigm, it may be unclear or difficult to understand what the Snakes are trying to accomplish with something they make happen in the False World, for example \”Covid 19\” and the mass vaccination push world wide currently underway. But notwithstanding, there is always a purpose (one or more) for everything that happens in the False World or that is seen in the False World, according to the following rule:

There are always one or more hidden agendas in everything that happens in the False World. Nothing happens by chance or coincidence. Everything is carefully planned and happens with one or more agendas in mind.

Here are some examples of events or incidents that I see as being clearly well planned in advance means to an end.

9-11 was a Staged PSYOP in the False World that served various agendas for the Jews and their minions which I have discussed in various posts on this Blog such as this one.  Of course the Blue Pilled do not accept it as even a possibility that 9-11 could be a PSYOP because they have not seen the big picture.

The Covid 19 pandemic in the False World is just a means to an end to getting everyone on the planet to take an injection into their body that has some unknown purpose to the Snakes.  Covid 19 is not real but whatever is hidden inside the vaccine is real and those people who are foolish enough to take this injection into their bodies are doing exactly what the Snakes want them to do.  Covid 19 is simply the deception being used to get the cattle to willingly accept the \”shot\” and even to get them to pay for it out of their own pockets.  That is a little like asking a person to buy the rope that is going to be used to hang them but hold that thought.  What is important to know is that Covid 19 is/was a deception leading to the mass injections, which was always the intention from the very start.  Remember, Covid 19 happened in the False World.  Its not real.  But the injections and their hidden payload on humanity is very real.  Covid 19 is the False World. The injections are the Real World response.  All those who take the Covid 19 vaccine are taking something real inside their body and these people have no idea of the true purpose of this or what effect it is going to have on them or their children in the future.  All people taking the vaccine are operating on a misguided sense of trust that the people who run the world are honest and would not deceive them. Bad choice

Getting everyone \”vaccinated against Covid 19\” in the False World is just a means to an end to something else in the Real World.  The injections have nothing to do with Covid 19 at all but are just a trojan horse method of delivery into the human body of something that the Jewish snakes who run the world want for some hidden reason for every person to take.  As I have said on this Blog, it is not currently clear to me what the real purpose of the injections is but I am confident that the real purpose will become clear to everyone in time.  People are being kept purposely ignorant now about the vaccine but there will come a time when everyone is going to know what it is really about. 

More to Come

6 thoughts on “Everything that is seen is just a Means to an End

  1. Indeed the vaccination has less to do with the public’s best interest and more to do with the selfish interests of a few. I prefer to call the “bad guy” Jewish group by their biblical name, Synagogue of Satan.” In Revelations there is a distinction made between the real Jews and the fake Jews. Clearly all Jews are not evil. However, the elite Khazarian Jews, are ruled by non other then Satan. And indeed, they are well organized and goal oriented.


  2. I LOVE this videohttps://yandex.com/video/touch/preview/?filmId=14227055884717553217&url=http%3A%2F%2Fvimeo.com%2F366437716&text=The%20Khazarian%20Conspiracy%20Full%20Movie%20The%20Synangogue%20of%20Satan%20The%20Fake%20Jews%20youtube%20original&path=sharelink


  3. Since I do not trust the origin of the Christian Bible and do not trust that Christianity is not some kind of Jewish brainwashing of non Jews, I do not use its contents as the basis of anything except for certain things such as the Mark of the Beast, which I see may very well have a factual basis, in that it describes a system of total financial and economic control which I see the snakes want over humanity. Although I do not say that every Jew is evil and involved in this evil, I do not trust any Jews at this point. I view the entire race as highly suspect and not to be trusted. I also do not trust that the Khazarian explanation for the evil Jews is correct. I cannot trust that and neither should you. You should be VERY CAREFUL what you believe and who you trust, because our enemy is extremely clever and extremely deceptive and he often comes in sheep's clothing appearing to be a prophet of truth when in reality he is a wolf or snake. You just cannot trust most of what you have heard about Jews to be true, especially that. You also should be wary in accepting discussing Satan as a real entity, which is again from the Christian Bible. I sense your heart is in the right place, which is good, but you still have a lot of waking up to do. I can help you if you will listen to me.


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