A New Thought About Jackie assassinating JFK

As I was creating the previous post discussing the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, I started connecting dots to the JFK assassination with this incident.  I concluded that post with the realization that if JFK would not have been assassinated and would have been elected to a second term that there would have been no U.S.S. Liberty incident.  I also said that it is highly likely that LBJ, who was a Zionist in bed with Israel before he became Vice President, was purposely chosen to succeed JFK as President of the United States because Israel and Jews wanted a corrupt Zionist stooge like LBJ who would let them get away with what they wanted in the world instead of an honest American President like JFK who would oppose their plans. And this got me going down the rabbit hole about Jackie, which is what this post is about.

First I want to say that I am aware that (many) readers of this Blog do not agree with me when I say that Jackie killed JFK but this is of no consequence to me.  This Blog is not about what other people say is or is not the truth.  This Blog is about what I say is the truth and I say that Jackie assassinated JFK exactly as is shown in the below gif.  


There is no doubt in my mind that Jackie assassinated JFK based upon what is shown in the Zapruder film but the big question I have always had is in explaining her role as the assassin.  She is the least likely person that anyone would ever suspect of being the assassin but yet, there she is, in living color, blowing her husband\’s brains out all over the back seat.  She was married to the man.  She had children by the man.  Why on earth would she kill her own husband and the father of her children in cold blood? What explains this? 

As I have said from the start, the CIA was very heavily involved in the JFK assassination.  In fact, if you watch the Zapruder film you can see CIA agents standing in the grass beside the Limousine filming it as Jackie does the head shot.  Since there was undoubtedly a high degree of CIA involvement in the assassination and since the CIA is known to have been involved in mind control technology before the assassination that could be used to make a person do something completely against their will, I initially thought that Jackie must have been under some kind of CIA mind control to get her to assassinate her husband against her will and then to forget all about it.  There is no doubt that the CIA had this technology prior to November 1963 so they could have done this to get Jackie to assassinate JFK.  It is the realm of possibility but I do not believe this to be the case.

I have been as deep down this rabbit hole as I can go and it is my contention that Jackie willingly and knowingly shot JFK and was not under mind control.  But this just left me without an explanation of why she would willingly kill her husband.

Another possibility is that Jackie was shown evidence of JFK\’s private sexual indiscretions by the CIA and this caused her to have such hate for her husband that she agreed to kill him for the CIA.  I reject this notion. Hating JFK for having affairs behind her back does not in any way equate to cold blooded murder. I do not believe this is an explanation.

One thing about the Jewish Master Plan that I have not said before now but should have is that Jews are planners.  Jews constantly plan for the future so that the world turns out the way they want it it to be and then they implement those plans.  Jews do not wait for things to happen and then respond to them.  Jews make things happen in secret.  This is one of the biggest ways in which Jews control the world.  They plan five, ten, twenty or even fifty years into the future and then they work to bring their plans into reality.  They also constantly tweak their plans to keep them up to date with any new circumstances. It is very important to understand that this has been a basic tenet of the Jewish Master Plan for decades and even centuries earlier.  For example, certain Jews have accurately predicted events more than 50 years in the future (and I have proof of this) and this proves that Jews have short term, medium term and long term plans that the Jewish leadership all knows about and are all working together to make reality.  Understand that because its very important to understanding what I am about to say next concerning JFK and Jackie.  Are you ready to go down this rabbit hole?  Probably not but I am going to take you there anyway.

What got me going down this rabbit hole, you might ask.  It was the realization that LBJ was one of the built in remedies of the JFK problem, the JFK problem being defined that JFK was going to be a thorn in the Jewish side and oppose their plans in the world. Jews who plan events long in advance knew even before JFK became President that he was going to oppose their plans. LBJ was purposely chosen as his VP candidate to replace him if and when JFK became too much of a problem for the Jews.  JFK did become a big problem for the Jews in 1963 over Dimona.  But outside of Dimona, Jews had other long term plans that they knew that JFK would oppose if he were reelected.  So LBJ was a built in remedy to the JFK problem. At any time, Jews could assassinate JFK and install LBJ as President and have their own stooge in the White House who would cooperate with whatever Jews and Israel wanted. 

Here is the new thought about Jackie Kennedy being the assassin of her husband and there is evidence to support it.  Just as I contend that LBJ was a built in remedy to the JFK problem who was ready to assume the Presidency any time that JFK became too big of a thorn in the Jewish side, I also contend that Jackie was also a built in remedy to the JFK problem.  In a previous post, I said that Jews use people as PSYOPs. What this means is that certain people who come forward into the public eye are really agents in disguise who are working for the Jewish snake and cooperating with Jewish agendas.  I contend that Jackie Kennedy, whoever she really was, was one of these agents in disguise. I have said that Jackie was Jewish no matter how much this has been concealed from the public, but whether she was Jewish or not I contend she was an agent who was working for the Jews and their minions even before she met JFK.  I contend that her introduction and later romance and later marriage to JFK was purposely arranged to put her in place to be a monitor of JFK at the very least for them.  I contend that she was a deep cover agent all along and even though she was married to JFK and mothered children by him. she was still an agent in secret.  And I contend that when it came time for JFK to be assassinated that she was chosen as the assassin because nobody in the public would ever suspect her.  The best possible candidate of an assassin of JFK that none of the public would ever suspect of being an assassin was Jackie, his own wife.  But I contend that Jackie had a hidden side and that her true loyalties were never to her husband.  

The rock group Queen is Jewish, as shown by this link. I knew they were Jewish before I even looked it up because the Rock group Queen outed themselves as Jewish in one of their songs named Killer Queen. I am not going to show the video or the lyrics of that song here but there is no doubt in my mind that this song is about Jackie killing JFK and discloses a Jewish secret about her, which is that she was a built in remedy to any problems caused by JFK to the Jews.  What this means is that she was chosen for JFK before he even met her and then she seduced him into falling in love with her and a later marriage.  But she was always an agent first, and wife and mother second. I contend that Jackie shot JFK because she was an agent for the Jews/CIA all along and that they gave her that assignment and she took it.  And she killed her husband.  And part of the payoff for doing that for the Jews is that five years later she married the richest man in the world and got to live a life of complete leisure for the rest of her life.

7 thoughts on “A New Thought About Jackie assassinating JFK

  1. Dang…. you just blew my head off. 🤯I loved Fritz Springmiers book about the illuminati families. He says that Jackie came from an old illuminati family, as well as did JFK and Onassis. It’s a good read. In it, it says that Jackie had been spending time with Onassis long before JFK was shot. One of the things I heard decades ago, was that Jackie had a photographic memory. And this skill was used to redecorate the White House. Recently that made me wonder, don’t mind controlled disassociated individuals often times have a photographic memory? She always seemed robotic to me. I remember hearing that they had an arranged marriage. That Jackie had a family name, and the name would help Kennedy. Pst…. so much for that. My Mother adored Jackie. I just sent that meme to her. Lol, I’m sure it ruined her day.


  2. I just looked At that video 50x. The stuff sliding down the hood. Is it his brains? That’s what I remember hearing Jackie was trying to collect. If your theory holds water, what was that thing? In my head I was thinking…this chick is trying to get out of that car before one of those 7 shooters accidentally shoots her.


  3. This is my ALL time FAVORITE video about Kennedy and our truthful and basic history for the past 150 years. It’s a little slow. But this guy nails it. Your theory could coincide quite nicely with this theory. Essentially the CIA made sure JFK does that day. There were several shooters https://youtu.be/CyFNsNZhSeg


  4. Jackie was spending time with Onassis before JFK shot. Earlier in 1963 before the assassination she went on vacation to I think Italy and Greece and she went on one of Onassis' yachts. This is documented. I have never heard it said that Jackie had a photographic memory but I note that this is said to be one of the common attributes of people who are often involved in mind control. Can you give me a source about anything that talks about Jackie having a photographic memory? Yes, its true that a photographic memory has been stated as common in mind control victims. I do not know anything about the marriage between JFK and Jackie but that would be of interest to know since it is my contention that she was purposely set up (by someone else) with JFK as an agent of someone else. Have you heard of Jackie being involved with the CIA early on, before she married JFK? There is evidence of that. In one of my posts about Jackie I talk about that. I will try to find a link to that and post it here for you to look at.


  5. I see blood splatter going back onto the trunk of the Limousine, which is to be expected with someone being shot in the head inside of a moving vehicle. Of course blood would splatter and spray from that shot. It is surprising to me the number of people who apparently can watch that gif and see nothing. It appears to me that many people are in total denial that Jackie shot JFK, even though it is clearly shown in the Zapruder film, because they have been so brainwashed by everything else that they refuse to accept this as true. Call it Cognitive Dissonance or whatever. but most people do not accept this is true even if they see it with their own eyes. You should completely ignore everything said about Jackie in the main stream media as disinformation. None of that is true. This is no theory I am telling you. This is fact. The only thing I see in that gif is blood splatter from the shot but I also theorize that she threw the weapon she used to kill JFK back onto the trunk (although that is hidden) immediately after the assassination. In other words, she quickly got rid of the weapon immediately after using it. There were no 7 shooters outside the car. There was only one shooter inside the car.


  6. This video tells some truth about the JFK assassination but it also contains blatant disinformation and it completely hided that Jackie shot JFK. The disinformation is that eight different rifleman were firing at the Limo. This is untrue. There was only one person who fired a shot anywhere near the limo and that was Jackie. You may disagree with me about this but this is the way I see it.


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