The New Two Worlds Paradigm Example of the JonBenet Ramsey Murder


It is time for me to create an update of my original Two Worlds Paradigm example of the JonBenet Ramsey Murder.  After being asked some very good basic questions about this case which my first post failed to address and also after a lot more dot connecting to see the bigger picture myself, I think I can paint a picture of the truth about this case in a much more concise, less ambiguous manner.  The first post was rather rambling in its content but I hope this post will be much less rambling to say exactly what I believe about this case after all the time I have spent going down this rabbit hole. I highly recommend you look at this post also: The JBR Murder Compendium, because this gives an overview of the case. 

The Two Worlds Paradigm

FALSE WORLD EXPLANATION:  John, Patsy, Burke and JonBenet Ramsey attended a Christmas Party at the Boulder CO home of Fleet Russell White Jr. and his wife Priscilla White. At around 8:30 to 9:00 PM the four members of the Ramsey family left the Fleet White Jr. residence to go back home, merrily passing out Christmas presents to neighbors along the way. After arriving at their home, they put JonBenet to bed sometime before midnight. JonBenet was murdered inside her home by an unknown person sometime late on December 25, 1996 or early in the morning hours of December 26, 1996. Who murdered Jon Benet inside her home is unknown to this day.  Some say that an unknown intruder snuck into the Ramsey home, murdered Jon Benet and then snuck out again. Others say that a member of the Ramsey family committed the murder inside the home.  Some say that John Ramsey was the murderer.  Others say Patsy Ramsey was the murderer.  Others say that Burke Ramsey was the murderer.  This murder remains unsolved to this day.  This case will never be solved.

REAL WORLD EXPLANATION: John, Patsy, Burke and JonBenet Ramsey attended a secret Satanist ceremony on the night of 12-25-1996, the location of which has never been disclosed to the public. During this Satanic ceremony, JonBenet Ramsey died but her death was not intentional. After she died, the Satanists who were involved in the ceremony were much more concerned with preserving their secrecy than they were with the unintentional death of this child. So they created a cover story to conceal both the circumstances of the death and the location of the death and other people besides the Ramsey family who witnessed the unintentional death. This cover story involved moving the dead body to the Ramsey home and staging a false crime scene there to support the lie that the child was murdered in her home. The cover story was intended to confuse the public about who actually committed the murder inside the Ramsey home. Part of the cover story would point to an intruder breaking into the home and killing the child in a botched ransom.  Another part of the cover story would purposely point the finger of blame at all the other members of the Ramsey family. This is the cover story that was created and shown to the public as if it was reality. Many people know the true circumstances of this case but this has been completely hidden from the public eye. 

The Boulder Police Department as well as the Boulder DA\’s office were both involved in the cover up.  While I do not say that every single member of the Boulder PD and Boulder DA were corrupt in this case, the leadership of the Boulder P.D. and Boulder D.A. was part of the cover up.  See this post for some details of some of these people.

Although I do not know the location where the death of this child actually happened, I strongly suspect that it happened in Denver, Colorado instead of Boulder Colorado for various reasons. First of all, Denver Colorado is one of the major cities that is known to be a Satanist \”hot spot\”, or an area where many Satanists are located and where Satanists have a high degree of control in the city. Denver is so close to Boulder that it would be very easy for the Ramsey family to drive there on Christmas day to attend Satanic ceremonies and then to move the body back to their home after the death.  In addition, Shirley Reed (who is the younger sister of Nancy Krebs) worked in Denver, Colorado and allowed her then five year old daughter to be used in the same Satanic ceremony where JonBenet died.  Also, John Fernie who I contend was another Satanist who attended the same Satanic ceremony owned an investment management firm in the Denver, Colorado area.  So there are many reasons to suspect that Denver Colorado was the true location of the death and then the location of the death was moved to Boulder Colorado where the Ramsey family lived to support the false cover story. Keep in mind that JonBenet was just one of the children being sexually abused during this ceremony and that she was never intended to die.  The only reason that Boulder Colorado is significant is that she lived in Boulder. But Denver was the real location in my very strong opinion.

Following are some basic questions and answers concerning this.

Question: Why would they move the body to the Ramsey home and stage a false crime scene there?  Why not just get rid of the body in another way, such as having it be found dumped by the side of the road somewhere?

Answer: It was much easier for the Satanists to control the situation by having the murder appear to be in the Ramsey home, which they controlled than in a location they did not control. Since the other members of the Ramsey family were all members of the Satanic cult, they would all cooperate with the cover up and maintain the secrecy of the cult. In terms of doing damage control, the best alternate location for the child\’s death was her own home.  Also, the other members of the Ramsey family would allow the suspicion of blame to be placed upon them in order to confuse the public and spread the finger of blame to many others, none of which could ever be proven by LE. It was logical for the Satanists to move the body to the Ramsey home and then to confuse the public by pointing the finger of blame at multiple suspects, with those suspects allowing themselves to be suspects as part of the cover up.

Question:  Does the death of John Ramsey\’s first daughter, Elizabeth Ramsey, relate to the JonBenet Ramsey murder and if so, how?

Answer:  It does relate because it shows that John Ramsey was involved in Satanic Cult activity prior to the death of JonBenet Ramsey. In the case of Elizabeth Ramsey, she was John Ramsey\’s daughter from his first marriage who as a teenager began to recover memories of Satanic Ritual Abuse including being abused by people wearing robes in bizarre ceremonies. After she started disclosing her memories to therapists and others, Elizabeth Ramsey suddenly died in \”a car accident\” in 1992. But the car accident was just a cover story for the truth, which is that Elizabeth Ramsey was killed to prevent her from disclosing what she remembered about SRA activities involving her and especially to prevent her from disclosing anything about her father, John Ramsey, as being the primary abuser of her in these ceremonies. Although Elizabeth Ramsey died in 1992, her memories shows that John Ramsey was involved in Satanism earlier. This collaborates what Nancy Krebs said about John Ramsey being a long term Satanist who was involved with other Satanists, for example those in Southern California (the White Family, etc.).  Just as Elizabeth Ramsey recovered childhood memories of being abused by people wearing robes in Satanic ceremonies, I contend that JonBenet Ramsey was also being abused by people wearing robes in Satanic ceremonies, her own father and others being the abusers.  She was being ritually abused prior to December 1996 but on 12-25-1996 something went wrong and she died during the SRA. And everything else has been to cover up the secrecy of JonBenet\’s SRA.

Question:  Who killed JonBenet Ramsey?

Answer: I do not know but I contend it was no member of the Ramsey family but someone outside of the family who was abusing the child during the Satanic ritual abuse and accidently killed her in the process.  Nancy Krebs said she very strongly believes that the true killer was either Fleet White Sr. or Fleet White Jr.  and she gave this testimony to the Boulder Colarado D.A.\’s office in February 2000.  I believe Nancy Krebs to be an honest second hand witness to the death.  After looking at everything, my honest opinion is that the true killer of JonBenet Ramsey was probably Fleet White Jr., who was one of the members of the Satanic cult in attendance at the Satanic ceremony. What I believe is that Fleet White Sr. was sexually abusing JonBenet Ramsey while his son, Fleet White Jr. was performing sexual asphyxiation techniques on the child and that Fleet White Jr. accidently killed the child in the process of trying to bring her close to death as part of the ritual abuse.  I very much believe this.

Question: Was JonBenet Ramsey used in child pornography before her death?

Answer: Yes, by members of the Satanic cult, including by her own father but also by professional photographers such as Randy Simons, who was hired by her father to take child pornographic pictures and video of his daughter.  It is also my contention that child pornography was being taken of JonBenet during her accidental death and that this video became a snuff film that is in the possession of Satanists today.  The child may well have been under mind control techniques as the child pornography was being made of her so she would have no conscious memory of it afterwards.

Question: Was JonBenet Ramsey involved in child prostitution before her death?

Answer: Yes, but only to members of the Satanic cult who could be trusted never to disclose it.  I contend that this happened all during her childhood but she was usually brainwashed using mind control techniques to have no memory of the abuse afterwards.  This allowed her to appear to be a happy normal child with the abuse being hidden even from her.  I believe the same thing happened in the case of Elizabeth Ramsey, who had no memories of being abused until she became a teenager and the memories were revealed.

Question: What explains JonBenet Ramsey\’s use in the child beauty pageants and all the overtly sexual pictures that were taken of her during these pageants?

Answer: The child beauty pageants were then and are now just a front. In reality they are a form of sexual advertising of children to wealthy Satanists and pedophiles. If you are an insider with the money to play then you can have access to this child sexually and the child\’s parents will cooperate with it and keep the secrecy, as long as you have the cash to pay. I contend that John and Patsy Ramsey were involved in prostituting their daughter to wealthy individuals for a lot of money.  In my opinion, John Ramsey\’s company Access Graphics was nothing but a front for the Satanist activities he was involved in, including selling his own daughter for sex to wealthy individuals. 

Question: Was that really Ghislain Maxwell in the background of that image taken at one of JonBenet\’s child beauty pageants (see below image)?

Answer: Yes.  Although I do not see her as having direct involvement in the case of JonBenet, Maxwell is/was involved in the prostitution of children in these child beauty pageants. She is 100% corrupt.

Question: What is the biggest secret that Nancy Krebs revealed in her February 2000 testimony to the Boulder D.A.\’s office?

Answer: That Fleet White Sr. was named as a suspect in the JonBenet Ramsey murder on a television program immediately after the murder on 12-26-1996 and shortly after this the story became completely changed and Fleet White Sr. was entirely removed from the picture. Apparently I was the only one who took the time to read the transcripts carefully enough to catch that.

If anyone has any specific questions about anything concerning this case then please ask in the comment section below.  I welcome these questions.  In questioning comes understanding of the truth.

More to Come

7 thoughts on “The New Two Worlds Paradigm Example of the JonBenet Ramsey Murder

  1. I read that Jonbenet still had a partial hyman. I believe it was Nancy a Grace who pointed this out, due to the coroner’s report. It seems unlikely that if Jonbenet was being pimped out, any part of this area could be intact. Are there any sources about Elizabeth Ramsey and her recollections? Does anyone know what became of Nancy Krebs? Do we have any hard proof that Access Direct was involved in kiddy porn?


  2. Very important to understand about this case is that a huge amount of disinformation was released to the public purposely to confuse the public because of the cover up I mentioned above. You certainly cannot believe a large amount of what was alleged to be evidence as factual, including about her partial hymen. The first doctor who did an autopsy on JRB claimed there has no sexual abuse at all but he lied to support a cover story. That is just one example of disinformation released to the public. Nancy Grace is 100% controlled opposition meant to tell the public what the snakes want the public to believe. You would do well to ignore everything she said. Just like so many others in this case, Nancy Grace pretended to be after the truth when in reality her job was to obfuscate the truth so the public would NEVER know what exactly happened. You must understand that there was a cover up about this case from the very beginning that extends all the way up to now. As for Elizabeth Ramsey, you are free to do your own research about her but you may not get anything truthful on the internet. I have not looked into her but I do believe she was a victim of SRA and that her father John Ramsey was a long time Satanist. In fact the entire Ramsey family was a Satanist family along with the White family.I heard from a friend of mine who also has interest in this case that she is still alive but she has returned to the Satanist fold and is no longer trying to expose the Satanist aspect of the JBR murder.I have no hard evidence that Access Graphics was involved in child porn but there are a lot of indications that point to that. Of course they would want to keep that secret from the public and they have kept that from the public outside of the claims of some tabloid newspapers. Sometimes the truth is actually released in tabloid newspapers (and not in main stream media newspapers) because they know that tabloid newspapers are not going to be accepted and believed by most people anyway, so what does it matter if a tabloid newspaper like the Enquirer reports that child porn was found on Access Graphics computers. Who would believe it not to be a lie anyway just because its in the Enquirer. But that is the game that they play with the public.


  3. I do enjoy your work. Thank you. I’ve been looking. Obsessively. I’ll get an idea and I will dig until I feel like I understand. I think it has something to do with skill I acquired as a wife with a cheating husband. You learn to smell the BS and how to figure things out. I guess it’s become an asset now!! LolAnd of course. Why did I even pause and consider Nancy Grace. She has likely paid her dues ans now gets to run with the big boys. Not that there is comfort in knowing what had been happening to that child. I’m sorry to hear about Nancy Krebs. I can imagine it would be difficult to fight such a powerful and evil establishment. I’m going to pray for her. It would appear, something in her was good


  4. If you really want to understand this case then you need to understand Satanism because all the major people involved in it are Satanists and Satanism was directly involved in the death. Trying to understand this case without understanding Satanism will only lead to dead ends. Another thing to realize is that this case is much bigger than the Ramsey family. Do not focus solely on the Ramsey family but look outside of the family, especially to the White family. You will find more actual truth investigating the White family than the Ramsey family regarding this case. Not just Nancy Grace but all of the main stream media and everything they have said about this case is not to be trusted. They pretended to be after the truth but their real goal was to keep the public from ever knowing the truth, and they have been very successful at that. That is just what my friend told me about Nancy Krebs. But what you must understand is that Nancy Krebs was a Satanist. Even though she came forward and tried to do the right thing, she was always a Satanist and she is likely still a Satanist today. Her entire family is Satanist.


  5. I am confused, sometime in the paragraph you use the name \”Nancy Grace\” and sometime you use the name \”Nancy Krebs\” as if they are one person. To me \”Nancy Grace\” is a disinformation agent and a bad person and therefore I think your sentence \”That is just what my friend told me about Nancy Krebs.\” should be \”That is just what my friend told me about Nancy Grace.\”. Again, to me Nancy Grace is a bad disinformation agent but Nancy Krebs is a good person who reveal the truth to people, without Nancy Krebs' long confession about the Satanism and Satanists, we would have known nothing and have no clues about this case, and believed the cover-up story.


  6. Yes, you are really confused. Nancy Grace is a controlled opposition MSM drama queen. Nancy Krebs was a witness in the JBR murder investigation. The only thing they have in common is their first names. <y friend was talking about Nancy Krebs. He said she was a Satanist who had returned to her Satanist family after attempting to do the right thing earlier and tell the truth about who killed JBR. Nancy Grace IS a disinformation agent of course. Nancy Krebs comes from a Satanist family. She may be a good person but her family is not good. From what my friend told me about her, she chose to go back to her family after previously telling the truth about them to Boulder CO authorities in Feb. 2000. You are right that Nancy Krebs did a great service to the truth and showed incredible courage and integrity by what she did. I am not condemning her. I greatly respect her. But I can also see how family ties and the fact that nobody important believed her story anyway would cause her to just give up and stop trying to tell the truth. Can you understand that?


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