The Jews are Using Occult Power

Lately I am looking for a link between Judaism and Satanism, which I have noted both exist in the world in a relationship that I have not been able to discern. This is another article I found which shows a possible link between Judaism and Satanism. I am not saying that I agree with its contents. It is just food for thought to be explored.  I do not say that I believe that the occult actually exists as a reality but I am open to the possibility that it exists.  In any case, here is an article saying that Jews are using occult power in secret to control the world.  

The Jews are using Occult Power 

EDIT TO ADD:  Me posting this article here should not be construed as me saying that Jews use occult power and not physical means to control the world.  I am definitely not saying that.  Jews 100% use physical means to control the world, but in addition to that Jews at the highest level may also be using or attempting to use occult power to control the world.  I am not a believer in the occult but I see the occult as a possible reality.  I do not know but I do know that many people believe in the occult and see it as real. While I do not believe it myself, I cannot say its not true.  So the possibility that Jews are using some kind of occult means to assist in their world dominion plans in addition to what is being done physically cannot be ignored. 

5 thoughts on “The Jews are Using Occult Power

  1. Things start to get more and more strange. It now involve sprituality and occult power, not something normal and physical anymore. It is like a detective try to investigate about a crimiminal but turn out this criminal is a ghost, not physical humans.


  2. As I said, I am not saying I agree with this article. It is just food for thought. The Jews are definitely using physical means to control the world, there is no doubt about that. But they can also be using occult/spiritual means to control the world in addition to that. I am not saying I believe in the occult/spiritual but they believe in it. In the same way I do not believe in an actual Satan but Satanists can worship Satan and commit evil acts in the name of Satan because they believe in it. So don't confuse the matter by saying I am not saying that Jews use physical means to control the world because I do not say that.


  3. However, you should not be unmotivated at researching the possibility of spritual/ occult powers that the Jews use. It can be the truth, so be open minded.


  4. I am open minded. The Detective is not afraid to look under any rock to find the truth. Certainly at the highest levels of Judaism is the occult. Many people have exposed this. It doesn't mean it's real but that Jews believe it's real can lead to Jews doing things physically.


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