The Law is for All

I am creating this post not because I agree with the content but because IMO the following document sheds great light both upon Real Satanism and the Jewish problem.  It provides a missing link to explain how Satanists and Jews can both exist in the world and be following the same doctrine.  This document is a book by Allister Crowley called The Book of the Law. I had heard of the book before but I never took the time to seriously look at its content to see what it is actually saying until now. This book is deep. It is very deep.  Shallow minds will not even begin to comprehend its meaning. But for those who have understanding of the world, this book is extremely revealing.  I plan to be discussing more about what is contained in this book and my interpretation of it but for now I simply provide you a link to the book.  If you are curious to know what is in it, you can read it but not at leisure.  This is not a book to quickly scan over and forget. This is a rabbit hole to be gone down and explored. You have to have a lot of understanding to even begin to understand this book.  But for now I just want to show you the book and then I plan to discuss key parts of it later.

The Law is for All (AKA The Book of the Law) 

One of the many mysteries of this document is that it clearly mentions a graphical symbol, which is a five pointed star with a red circle inside of the star.  This is unusual.  Most people including myself have heard of a circle with a star inside it as being a representation of Satanism but this document states the opposite, that the circle is inside the star and that the circle is red.  I looked on the internet to see if I could find such a symbol and I could not find one single example of it, which I find very odd.  I know that this document called The Book of the Law is one of the foundations of Real Satanism. In this document it clearly describes a five pointed star with the circle in the middle and I found nothing about this on the internet.  What this tells me is one of two things.

1) This symbol is of importance to Satanists but it has been completely hidden from the public for some reason, because only Satanists are supposed to know about it and the general public is meant to know nothing about it.

2) The symbol is not a graphical symbol at all but it has some hidden meaning.  In other words, both the star and the circle have a hidden meaning.  However, even if this case I believe I should have found at least some reference to this symbolism on the internet and I found none.  This is odd to me. 

5 thoughts on “The Law is for All

  1. I have books in PDF that might explain things a bit more. I would like to email these to you but I don't have your email address.


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