The JBR Murder Compendium


I did not intend to make this post, but I was recently asked a question about this case and in the process of answering that question some new pieces of the puzzle fell into place for me and I want to document what I have seen while I still see it.  In a case like this, its very easy to become blind to the forest by the sight of all the various trees.  I have tried to describe as best as I have been able to see what is the truth about the JBR murder in posts such as this one. But it is apparent to me that most people have not understood what I am trying to say in that post.  I need to say it clearer and with less ambiguity so people understand exactly what I am saying about the JBR murder.  So in this post I am going to be going deeper down the JBR murder mystery rabbit hole than I ever have to show you exactly what the truth is about it as best as I have been able to see after connecting many many dots. What follows is a summary of what really happened and also about the cover up.  It is the cover up of the truth that is very important to understand.

As a prerequisite for understanding this case, you must first understand the Two Worlds Paradigm, which says that the world is not what it appears to be to the public. A false perception about the world is shown to the public in order to deceive the public, but underneath that deception exists the world as it really is.  I call this the Real World, as opposed to the Fake World which they want the public to believe in. In the Real World, bad people are in control. These bad people control the U.S. Government and the main stream media and Law Enforcement and the legal system. All of this control is secret and is not intended to be known to the public. A single power structure controls everything behind the scenes in secret. I do not want to get too far into that but you must have an understanding of that before you begin to comprehend the real story of the JBR murder or death.

Another prerequisite for understanding this case is to understand Satanism in the Real World.  As I pointed out in my main post on Satanism, there are two versions of Satanism, which correspond to the False World vs the Real World of the Two Worlds Paradigm. There is a version of Satanism that is meant for public consumption in the False World. This version of Satanism paints it as a peaceful, non violent Religion that worships \”Satan\”. Think of it as a version of the Christian Church which worships Satan instead of God. But there is another version of Satanism that is not intended for anyone who is not a Satanist to know about.  Satanism in the Real World involves everything bad and evil you can think of, including human sacrifices, murder, child pornography, child prostitution, snuff films, drug running, gun running, etc.  In the Real World, that is Satanism and there are many many people in the USA and the entire world who are involved in it, all in secret. I refer to these people who are involved in the Real Satanism as Satanists. This is what you must understand before you can understand this case. 

The hidden power structure that controls everything behind the scenes is controlled by Satanists and others who are associated with them. Not everyone in control has to be Satanist but they do have to be corrupt in some way.  Corruption is the common denominator behind those who control the Real World in secret.  Think of the hidden power structure as being controlled by an alliance of bad guys, who might not all be the same but they share many common goals so they cooperate with each other, kind of like a mafia. I believe that this is the best definition of the Illuminati that I can give, as a mafia of various groups who cooperate with each other for control of the world. Jews and Satanists are two of those groups, also the rich corrupt Elite, organized crime, the CIA and other intelligence agencies, etc.  Put in simple terms, the bad guys are all in bed with each other behind the scenes and cooperate with each other and when necessary give cover to each other to maintain the secrecy of the entire organization. It is this maintaining the secrecy of the entire organization that plays a big part in the cover up of the truth about the JBR murder, which I will be discussing in this post.

A defining quality of Real World Satanism is that there are entire families involved in it.  While outsiders can sometimes be recruited into the lower levels of Satanism, the top hierarchy of Satanists consist of families who pass down their Satanist beliefs from one generation to another. Some refer to these as intergenerational families. Secrecy is maintained by keeping everything in the family, the members of which who have been conditioned and taught to believe in Satanism perhaps from birth.  It is my contention that the Ramsey family is one of these Satanist families. It is my contention that the White family is another one of these Satanist families.  I list many other families involved in this case that I contend are Satanist families as the John and Barbara Fernie family and the Stine family. Another Satanist family is the one that Nancy Krebs came from.  These are just some of the families which have been seen but there many many other Satanist families which have not been seen.  Think of all the Satanist families as being part of a network that all share the same goals. It does not matter what part of the country the Satanists live in, because they are all part of the same whole. They are all connected and they all cooperate with each other in secret. I want to open your eyes to this hidden reality which has been kept completely secret from you and from me.  You must first become aware of this hidden world before you can even begin to understand the JonBenet Ramsey murder. 

JonBenet Ramsey died during a Satanic ceremony which was held at a secret location which has never been revealed to the public. It is my contention that this location was not in Boulder Colorado at all but was in Denver Colorado, which is a city where many Satanists are located.  At this ceremony were all the members of the Ramsey Family, all of the major members of the White Family (including Fleet White Sr., Nyla White, Fleet White Jr., Priscilla White, Daphne White and possibly other White Family members) as well as many other people who I have not identified. JonBenet Ramsey died during this Satanic ceremony at this secret location known only to Satanists. That is the big revelation that explains everything else in the case.  This is what explains the cover up.  It is my contention that the death of this child during the Satanic ceremony was unintentional but after she died, the Satanists had a huge problem on their hands, which is that a child who had previously been high profile because of her involvement in child beauty pageants, etc. was dead and her death now had to be explained in a way that did not disclose anything about the Satanists. Also it is my contention that this child had been used in both child prostitution and child pornography, prior to her death.  So not only did her death have to be covered up, but her involvement in Satanist activities such as child pornography, child prostitution, etc. had to be covered up.  John Ramsey\’s company (Access Graphics) was a front for Satanist activities and that also had to be covered up.  What was important to the Satanists is that the death of JBR be explained in such a way that Satanism remained secret and that nobody who was a Satanist would be blamed in any way for it.  The Satanist underworld had to be kept secret was the main priority of the cover up.

This is where I contend that all members of the corrupt organization, whether they had any direct involvement in the death or not, all pulled together to conceal the true circumstances of the death in order to protect the secrecy of the entire organization.  This includes those who control the main stream media. This includes the CIA and other parts of the U.S. Government.  This includes Law Enforcement.  This includes the Boulder CO Police department and the Boulder CO DA\’s office. This includes the Governor of Colorado and many many others.  The power of the entire organization was used to hide the Satanist ceremony where JonBenet Ramsey died and the Satanists involved in it.  

The Cover Story

Now I can finally discuss the cover story in detail, the purpose of which was to hide all trace of Satanism in relationship to this child.  It involved moving the dead body from the location of the Satanic ceremony to her home and then creating a story about an intruder breaking into the house and just leaving her dead body in the basement to be found by LE. Bolstering the cover story was a long three page ransom note filled with red herrings that pointed the finger of guilt in all directions away from the truth.  All of this is just a cover story to deceive the public.  Another part of the cover story is that the Ramseys were at a Christmas Party held at the home of Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White on Christmas day.  That is a flimsy lie that easily falls apart upon close examination.  There was no Christmas party held at the White residence on Christmas day.  The Ramseys and the Whites were not there on Christmas day but were in a completely different location, which is the secret location of the Satanic ceremony. 

Now the rabbit hole gets even deeper. We have all been told the official story of the JonBenet Ramsey murder, where Patsy woke up early on the morning of 12-26, discovered her daughter mussing and called the Boulder PD.  The story continues with officer French arriving at the Ramsey home, making a quick search of the home, finding nothing and then leaving.  The story continues with Detective Linda Arndt arriving at the house later, making her own search, finding nothing, asking for help, being stone walled by her superiors, etc.  The story continues with John Ramsey gathering the money to pay the ransom from the ransom note and waiting for the call from the kidnappers, which never came.  The story continues with Linda Ardnt telling John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr. to go search the house one more time to see if they find the missing girl.  It is then then that the body of JonBenet Ramsey is found by her father, allegedly going right to it after being told to search again, and he brings the dead body up to Linda Arndt, who tells him to put the body down.  The story continues with Linda Arndt telling Fleet White Jr. not to contaminate the crime scene but he does so any way.

Are you ready to go deeper down the rabbit hole?  Well here are the new dots I connected after being asked a question about Linda Arndt.  I contend that none of what is said in the above paragraph happened in reality but it is just disinformation for the public to consume.  All of the parties involved in that cover story, including John Ramsey, Fleet White Jr., members of the Boulder Police Department such as Officer French (if he ever existed as a real person) and Linda Arndt are all corrupt and all collaborated a cover story that never happened in reality.  If anything was filmed by the main stream media (which is also corrupt) at the Ramsey home to give credence to the cover story, then that is just a deception.  This never happened. It is fiction. Of course (((they))) lie to us all the time and this is just another case of them lying to deceive. Its what (((they))) do.  Nobody should be surprised about this.

Another element of the cover story is that the initial blame for the death of JonBenet Ramsey was purposely placed on John Ramsey, to make it appear as if he killed his daughter.  If you notice, that was the role of Linda Arndt, to make it appear as if she knew that John Ramsey was the killer.  All of this was just a deception though, to fool the public.  John Ramsey purposely cooperated with this and allowed himself to be blamed in the media, because (((they))) wanted all attention and focus on the Ramsey family and no focus at all on anyone outside of the family.  And then also as part of the cover story, blame was placed on Patsy Ramsey by making it appear as if she had written the ransom note and that it was in her own handwriting.  Also the fact that one of Patsy\’s paint brushes was found used as part of a tourniquet around JonBenet\’s neck was used to point the finger of guilt at PR. Also guilt was pointed at BR to make him look like the murderer. All the members of the Ramsey family cooperated with this, purposely allowing themselves to be blamed for the murder in order to keep secret what they were really trying to hide.  It was far better for the Ramsey family to be defamed and suspected of murder than to have the secrecy about the Satanism they were really involved in to be exposed. So all members of the family purposely made themselves look guilty.  Even today, you can find videos of Burke Ramsey smiling evilly when asked about his sister\’s death. Its a drama that is being put on to deceive the public and to hide the big secret of the Ramsey family which really explains this child\’s death.

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