2 thoughts on “On the Satanic Nature of the Rabbinic Kabbalah

  1. Bro, in the post they said the land of Jerusalem has strongest evil force or evil energy, therefore if the Jews can have this \”holy\” land, they can perform \”dark magic\” or \”evil magic\” better in this land and make its effectiveness become much more powerful. So when Trump gave Jerusalem to the evil Jews, did he somehow commit the greatest sin? Anyway, I am not sure, the post is so spiritual that claim they translate secrets from Jewish books but it is so spiritual and unscientific. At least it explain why the Jews need the land of Jerusalem so much, it literally said in the post that the land \”has awesome power\” that help the Jews dominate the earth by doing dark magic ritual on this land. However, we are not sure if this explanation is true or not.


  2. I believe that Trump is a Jew. His father was a Jew who also greatly helped Israel. The fact that Trump is Jewish has been carefully hidden from the public so that Trump can serve Israel and Jews without being accused of bias. Trump is as much of the Jewish problem as he can possibly be. I am not saying that I agree with everything in this book. I posted it because it shows a link between Satanism and Judaism which I am trying to explain. I do not believe in magic, Black or otherwise but I contend that it is possible it has a factual basis and that Jews are involved in this with their Kabbalah involvement. I do not know.


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