Satanism is Real

I have made many posts concerning Satanism on this Blog, the most important of which is my Two Worlds Paradigm example of it. The most important thing I want to say about it is there are two different versions of Satanism.  The first version is the benign version of Satanism that the Establishment wants people to believe is the only version of Satanism. This is the version of Satanism as just another Religion that is peaceful and non violent.  This version is merely an illusion to hide the real version of Satanism that the Establishment wants the public to know nothing about.  On this Blog I only look at the real version of Satanism and I ignore the false version of Satanism as being meaningless other than to deceive.

On this Blog I have discussed five different important cases that I believe all involve Satanism:

The Franklin Credit Union Scandal (1984 – 1988)

The McMartin Preschool case (1983 – 1990)

The JonBenet Ramsey murder (1996)

The North Fox Island, Michigan case (1975 – 1978)

The Bizarre Case of Richard and Susan Hamlin (2004)

Although it may not be easy for you to see, I contend that there is a common denominator or link between all of these cases.  I say that all of these cases are connected and each one gives us a glimpse into a hidden underworld that nobody is supposed to see and know about.  I am extremely interested in shedding the light of day on this hidden world to uncover its secrets.
What I contend is that there is a vast Satanist movement in America that is very secret and very powerful and that has managed to get control of the government.  This relates to the Jews and the Jewish question in a way that I have yet to define.  I do not say that Satanists are Jews or Jews are Satanists but there is a link between the two or an alliance where they both exist side by side in the world.  But the point I am trying to make is that IMO Satanism is very real and that it is very powerful but in total secrecy.  

5 thoughts on “Satanism is Real

  1. It is possibly that Satanism and Judaism are actually one, or it is possibly that they are different religions but worship the same God. It is because I read one of the link you refer to in your post about JRS, in that link, a famous historian said Jews (the Hebrew Israelite) worship Moloch – a God that want children to be sacrificed to him. This God that the Jews worship is most likely the Devil, which the Bible describe as Satan. Furthermore, the law enforcement of America is lead by the Jews, as you point out in your post, for example, the story about a father who lost his two sons because off JRS, this poor father indirectly got murdered by the leaders of law enforcement (the leaders are Jews), and the law enforcement protect the Satanism from further public investigation. The law enforcement deny the proofs or testimony from the children and their parents of the McMartin school case, they protect Satanists and Satanist ritual abuse the same way they protect the Jews and JRS. Therefore, it is very likely that Judaism and Satanism are one and the same, both have horrific rituals whose victims are children, both get protected by the Jews in law enforcement.


  2. I have been looking for the \”missing link\” between Satanism and Judaism but I have not been able to define it. I sense there is a connection between the two but that connection still alludes me. Yes, I perceive that they may worship the same \”God\” behind the scenes and that could be the connection, perhaps the only connection between them. You speak of the Devil as a literal being as if it was a fact. I caution you not to do this. As for LE being led by Jews, there is some evidence of Satanists controlling LE. I very much see your point about the overlap between Judaism and Satanism in terms of control of LE and the world. I am going to be making a new post about this soon, asking the question who really controls the world, Jews, Satanists or Both? I think at this point that is a very good question to ask.


  3. What is LE? Ok, I’m going to weigh in. I’ve been a born again. Christian for 30 years. I know the Word of God. It’s only been about 5 years that I’ve been red pilled. I am married to a Christian Isreali. I feel like a have a much better idea of this culture then most Americans. First of all, Israeli’s are as diverse as Americans. AND they are every bit as blue pilled as Americans. Most of the Jews don’t seem to have a close relationship to God. But, some do. Most of the people are just living their lives and don’t want to include too much religion. My husband was raised Greek Orthodox, attempted to convert to Judiasm with the hopes of marrying a Jew girl. He changed his mind and remained Christian. His dad and brother is Muslim. His sister Christian. Hey kids are Christian. His Grandma goes to church every day and has a very real relationship with the Lord. But her husband was ATHEIST 🤔. I sense that all of them try to distance themselves from religion because over there it has been a painful experience for all of them. The gates runs deep. However, NOT from the little people. My husband tells me about how the Palestinians, the Jews and the Christians all got along, and still try to. It’s the government that creates a lot of the strife among the people. Both my husband learned a lot from the videos I’ll share. There is a BIG difference between Zionists and your old fashioned Jew. Many traditional Jews resist Zionism. They actually feel like the Zionists are not doing the will of God. Zionists are more political then spiritual. They seem to have roots in occultic religions that sprouted out of Babyalion. Remember, there was a time that the Jews were taken into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar. These people worshiped Satan and sacrificed children to Baal. Some of the Jews, who thrived in captivity acquired these Satanic rituals etc. After they left Babylon, many migrated into Europe. Many of them ended up in an area of Russia near Moldova. At the time the area was known as Khazaria. Most of the people weren’t really Jews anymore. They were just Satanists practicing the Old Ancient Babylonian religion, aka Satanism. The Russians had serious problems trying to govern Satanists. They gave the people Khazaria an ultimatum. They had to pick a religion, Christianity, Judaism or Muslim. They choose Judism. Unfortunately, this didn’t change the bend toward evil. These people were known for their deception. They dressed up and pretended to be other people, in order to rob them. They were liars, cheaters and thieves. Just like their father Satan. Eventually the Russian got rid of them. And then they became Europe’s problem. Many moved to west Germany. They continued with their crimes etc. It is said that they consulted with demons who taught them about usury and money making. This is about the time they entered into lending to the Royal families. There is a wealth of information about how the Rothschilds came about. Just google it. I have no doubt that Satan himself set those people up to be wealthy for the future generations. Clearly these people were given this wealth with the idea they HAD to work toward the devils agenda. Which includes working toward the one works order. Basically Satan is chomping at the bit to have his day in the sun as told in revelations. It is the job of these Khazarian Jews to make sure Satan has a one world Kingdom once the time has come. (I’ll finish this a a minute. )


  4. LE means Law Enforcement. It is my contention that Satanists/Jews have infiltrated LE in all major cities of the USA to control it and it is perfectly understandable why they would do this. If you do not understand why they would infiltrate LE please ask me.I was raised in a Christian environment but I no longer call myself a Christian. I call myself an Agnostic. While you talk about God and Satan as defined by Christianity as being factual, I do not. I view them as concepts of a Religion and not as fact. If you are married to a Jew then I would say that you have a huge personal conflict of interest in believing anything I say on this Blog about Jews as being true. You will perceive everything I say through a filter of your own experiences and not accept what I say. How else could it be? Additionally, since you stronly involved in Christianity you also have a huge conflict of interest involving Christianity and you will not want to believe what I say about Christianity on this Blog. I had to completely separate myself from Christianity so I could come to know the truth. I know you will disagree with me but I say that Christianity pulls you away from the truth, not toward it. All those who are deeply immersed in Christianity will never come to a true understanding about the world. Additionally, Christianity is inherintly Jewish, so if you are deeply involved in Christianity then you will never condemn Jews or Israel, since Christianity is all about Jews and Israel and says that God loves them above all others. I can only point that out to you. You must make a choice to either know the truth or not, and that is a personal choice that every person has to make. I sense that you are a sincere person that wants to know the truth but I tell you that it will be impossible for you to know it in your current status.


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