Christianity is not the Truth

As someone who was raised to believe in Christianity as the truth, I have been careful not to make many posts condemning Christianity because I perceive that some of the viewers of this Blog may be Christian and I do not want to offend them.  But this Blog is dedicated to exposing the truth as I see it and so I cannot just ignore the subject of Christianity just for the sake of not stepping on anyone\’s toes. So this my latest post about Christianity as it has been revealed to me.  If you are of the Christian faith, you might not want to read this post or you may want to read it out of curiosity.  In any case, this is the way I view Christianity today.

Christianity is not the truth. Christianity is the ultimate blue pill.  Besides the obvious fact that it is a Jewish Religion that is all about Jews and that glorifies Jews and Israel and that preaches Jewish supremacy and Israeli supremacy, Christianity is the opposite of the truth.  Instead of teaching people to think for themselves and question, Christianity teaches blind obedience and faith to an obviously Jewish God.  It teaches its followers not to focus on this world or this life at all and to put all focus on an after life.  It teaches Christians to be mindless zombies who ignore the bad state of the world and consume themselves with singing gospel songs and praising Jesus all day.  It does not take a rocket scientist to see how that Jews would favor non Jews becoming totally mindless zombies to a Jewish God and a Jewish Jesus.  It teaches Christians to be like ostriches with their heads stuck in the ground, seeing no Jewish or Israeli evil and just praising God all day long.  

Instead of teaching thought, it teaches no thought.  Instead of teaching Christians to question, it calls questioning a sin. Instead of teaching Christians to be aware of the Jewish problem in the world, it teaches Christians to completely ignore anything bad that Jews do or Israel does, for example in its horrible treatment of the Palestinian people in Gaza.  Christianity gives the Jews a total pass simply because their entire Religion is based around Jews.  And their God loves Jews and Israel above all others.  And their Savior is Jewish too.  So how could Christians ever condemn Jews or Israel for anything and still be Christians?  Condemnation of Jews is the antithesis of Christianity and I say that is by design.

All who are tied to Christianity will never come to the real truth about the world. Only those who have separated themselves from it as I have will be able to see what Christianity really is, which is Jewish brainwashing of non Jews. 

Although (((they))) have threatened our souls with eternal damnation and painted the God of the Universe as an evil sadist who would condemn people to such a horrible fate for simply not believing, you should not fall for such lies, because they are lies. If you believe the God of the universe would do such a thing then you are not an enlightened person. 

What I am trying to say in this post is that you should first seek the truth before you seek God.  Truth is available for any man to find and you should make it your goal to find that.  You do not need any Religion to be saved but you do need the truth.  I am not an Atheist. I do believe in God but its not the Jewish God.  Its a God who would never choose one race to rule the world as \”Yahweh\” clearly does in Christianity.  If you are a Christian, I encourage you to question what you have been taught to believe in.  Question who it serves.  Question and don\’t accept anything on faith.  Because scoundrels and evil men use lies and deception to trap honest but gullible people into a type of Jewish mental slavery. which is the way I view Christianity.  Christianity is Jewish mind control of non Jews IMO and that definitely does not serve the truth.  We are at war with the Jews and you need to be aware of that.

10 thoughts on “Christianity is not the Truth

  1. The Jews strongly hate and despise Jesus for a reason. First thing to say: I don't like Christianity, Christian God and Jesus. However, it is my suspicion that Jesus is a good and honest man who teach the truth, but then after Jesus died (possibly the Jews were behind Jesus crucifixion), the Jews changed what he preach or said to complete different things to form the Bible. The Bible is full of misleading teachings and propaganda that make people become sheeps and stupid. However, I believe Jesus is a good man, but the Bible is an evil book which was made up by the Jews. I don't believe what is said in the Bible as truth, it is propaganda, the God who is described in the Bible is very evil and horrific.


  2. Jews strongly hate Jesus without a doubt. In the Talmud he is portrayed as being boiled in excrement for eternity in Hell. Jewish hatred of Jesus is one of the foundations of the Talmud. But I want to note that Satanists also hate Jesus and Christians, which another link between Judaism and Satanism. I am wary of trusting anything in the Christian Bible not to be Jewish deception but if Jesus was a real person then I perceive him as honest and good and someone who was fighting against the Jewish corruption that he saw. I would like to believe in Jesus as a good man fighting against Jewish corruption but I just cannot trust anything in the Bible not to be some kind of elaborate Jewish deception. If we have learned anything about the Jews, it is that they are very clever and they love deception and they are the inventor of the Big Lie to deceive people. What greater deception could there be than Christianity itself? I do not want to say that its all false but I also do not want to connect myself to it. I just do not trust anything that the Jews have had a hand in creating.


  3. Untill vatican II the church warned people not to mingle with them because they were evil Christ killers who worshipped the devil.Then suddenly the vatican changed the message 180° with vatican II and told the believers jews were the chosen ones. Altough the bible warns about them many times. John 8:44The bible didn't change, the preachers changed. The church got infiltrated. Watch the video's of Bishop Wiliamson about free masonry in the church.


  4. Even this blog could be a controlled opposition setup to destroy their eternal enemy jezus. They have done it many times before, acting as jew critics only to slide in their agenda.I\”m not saying it is the case but we must be carefull. Christianity is the one thing that delayed their plans with 2000 yaers. Because a moral and just people would never accept the ungodly police state with transgenders, abortions, destruction of family etc..Christianity is and always has been number one on their list.They even created Islam to counter it. NASA, Big bang, evolution.. all with a singel goal: get rid of Christianity.That should tell you something.


  5. There are good reasons to believe that Christianity was infiltrated by Freemasonry, as Freemasonry has infiltrated so many other organizations. Freemasonry itself was infiltrated long ago by Jews and they have been using it ever since as an infiltration tool to corrupt every other organization but it goes beyond Freemasonry. Infiltration and subsequent corruption from within is one of the major ways Jews control the world. By infiltration they can transform any organization or government to transform it from its original purpose and to control it. Jews do this to everything in the world.


  6. I can assure you that I am not a disinformation agent in the employ of the Snake. Yes, we must always be careful as I said. The enemy has proven that it knows how to speak our language and that it is a master deceiver. So even the most truthful sounding source must be questioned. But the deceiver will always out himself by pushing a false narrative or agenda which will be discovered by the insightful honest person with a sense of discernment. Do not accept every truth bringer with open arms but also do not reject all truth bringers as dishonest. Use discernment to distinguish at all times. I have stated very clearly why I do not trust Christianity and I stand by that. Although I see truth in some of the words that are attributed to Jesus, as a whole I see Christianity as a brainwashing tool to make non Jews love and accept Jews and Israel as chosen by God. How could someone who believes in the Bible not think that God and Israel are chosen by God. The anti-Jewish message of the Bible is very small in comparison to the overwhelmingly pro-Jewish message of the rest of the Bible. You agree with that, right? And the leaders of Christianity almost never discuss the anti-Jewish element in the Bible so its become completely meaningless to Christians. I understand what you are saying but you fail to see that Christianity could just be controlled opposition to the other things you discuss that you obviously are opposed to. But I tell you that its highly like that Jews control BOTH sides of that argument. Jews are the masters of controlled opposition because controlled opposition is a perfect deception tool allowing Jews to control the narrative in secret from both sides. I believe you to be honest but you have not seen this clearly IMO.


  7. You said, \”Because a moral and just people would never accept the ungodly police state with transgenders, abortions, destruction of the family, etc..\”Asians live very well without Christianity or Islam. It is human nature to have disgust at the homosexual, transgender, the destruction of the family, etc. It is not Christianity that makes them think like that, it is human nature. Most Asians are either atheists or Buddhists, and Buddhism does not teach anything about homosexuality, abortion, etc. To Asians such as the Chinese, homosexuality is disgusting and wrong, transgender is disgusting and wrong, etc. You don't need religions to tell you that because it is human nature. As long as you are not meek or weak, you will not easily fall into the LGBT trap or another kind of Jewish trap. Religions like Christianity contribute absolutely nothing to avoid LGBT or other Jewish agendas. The countries with the most LGBT bullshit today are America and other white Christian nations. One thing the Asians find very very stupid is the banning of abortion in Christianity, so if the 9-year-old girl gets raped by a pedophile, she cannot get rid of her pregnancy because of the irrational stupid religious reason? She will either die because of giving birth to this baby, or both mother and the child will die because she is too young to carry a baby, or she has to sacrifice her childhood, teenage and her entire life to feed and bring up this unexpected kid from the man she hates (the pedophile who raped her), not the man she loves. Banning abortion is EVIL and the Asians know that.


  8. Strange Arrgument ! Who are you ?A 9 year old girl thats gets raped and is victim of a crimminal act, will have the possibility to \”get rid\” of her pregnancy by Government Doctors.


  9. Humanity does not need Religion to tell humanity what to think or how to behave. Common sense and inner wisdom should do that instead. As for abortion, it is common sense IMO for someone who gets pregnant as a result of rape or incest to get an abortion instead of blindly following a strict anti Abortion rule as Christianity encourages. That said, I believe abortion is wrong in most cases but exceptions to the rule must be made and to blindly follow an abortion ban based on Religion is not common sense.


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