Trump as a Jewish PSYOP


In my previous post I said that Jews use certain people as PSYOPs in the False World as part of achieving Jewish agendas. These people are nothing more than actors on a Jewish stage to deceive the Goyim.  Perhaps the biggest and best example I can give of a Jewish PSYOP is Donald J. Trump.  It has taken me a long time to reach the point of my awareness of the Jewish Problem to be able to state that Trump as a Politician is a Jewish PSYOP from 2016 all the way up to now.  From 2016 before he became President, all during his Presidency and after his Presidency, Trump is controlled opposition.  If you don\’t understand what controlled opposition means, it means that there are two or more sides who appear to be conflict with each other, but the conflict is nothing but a drama put on to manipulate, control and deceive the public.  Behind the scenes in the Real World, Jews control all sides in secret, and they play the sides against each other in a puppet show to manipulate the public.  Here are some examples of controlled opposition, where Jews control both sides of the argument.

CNN vs. Fox News.

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

MSNBC and CNN vs Donald Trump

The Republican Party vs the Democratic Party

Blue pilled people in the false world are totally fooled by the drama and are clueless about the controlled opposition game being played on them by the Jews.  But I want to get back to Trump.

Trump is not what he appears to be to the public in the False World.  He is not genuine.  He has never been genuine.  A former reality TV star, he never stopped being a reality TV star all during his Presidency.  Trump knew from Day one that he was a phony but with such pied pipers as QAnon painting him up to be great Patriot and hero on the internet, many people were deceived by this man and believed him to be honest and sincere, including myself.  I had to find out the hard way who Trump really was by watching what he did during his Presidency. He was a Jewish puppet from Day one but he disguised that fact from his supporters.  

Now I want to address the constant attacks on Trump by the main stream media, particularly CNN, since before he became President.  These attacks persisted all during his Presidency and they have not let up at all since he left the Presidency.  If you turn on CNN or MSNBC today you will see a constant stream of attacks on Trump with calls to prosecute him, etc.  Its the same old story from 2016 with a new face.  Attack Trump.  Attack Trump.  Attack Trump. But you must understand that CNN and Trump are working for the same people.  They are controlled opposition putting on a drama for the public.  If you will notice, Trump has never defended himself from the media attacks.  He allows himself to be attacked and demonized and does not respond to it.  Do you know why?  Because he is part of the drama.  He lets himself be attacked and smeared because that is his role in the controlled opposition drama that the Jews are putting on for the American public.

If you don\’t understand the game being played, here is the way I see it.  Through Jewish manipulation of the public, Trump has come to represent the conservative white race in America.  This is the group of people in America who the Jews hate and fear the worst because if anyone could challenge their control of America, it is this group.  So the Jewish answer to that is to associate the conservative white race with this Jew (Trump is Jewish) putting on a clown show and then to attack the hell out of him 24-7.  The constant smear campaign against Trump is really a smear campaign against the conservative white race who he has come to represent politically through deceit. 

Its also a way to make the conservative white race rally around and support Trump against Biden, as if reelecting Donald Trump in 2024 is the very best that the conservative white race can hope to attain politically in America.  But Trump is not a Patriot who represents the white race.  He is a Jew who represents the Jewish race.  He proved that in spades all during his Presidency.  So if he were to be reelected, God Forbid, he would be the same train wreck he was from 2017-2020.  But I am digressing from what I am really trying to say.  Jews have given the illusion to the white race and conservatives that reelecting Donald Trump is the very best they can hope for to stop the Democrats.  If Donald Trump does manage to get elected in 2024, Jews win. If Kamille Harris gets elected in 2024, Jews win.  Jews have the whole game rigged so that there is no political solution left to the American people to get an honest leader who is not corrupt and controlled.  The only solution left to the American people is a non political one in the form of a Revolution, but good luck with getting that to happen.

12 thoughts on “Trump as a Jewish PSYOP

  1. I think you misunderstand between Trump and Gates. Bill Gates don't defend against any accusations throw at him, he is silent and accepted. Meanwhile, Trump call the media who attack him as fake news, fake, fake, fake, any bad news you throw at me are just fake story. He just call all bad news attack to him as fake news and his supporters blindly believe to what Trump said, they think everything bad about Trump must be fake news (although a lot of bad things about Trump are real if we are sane enough not to join in his irrational cult)


  2. Not crazy as much as sad. A morally vanquished nation holds on to the only guiding principle left– “the lesser of two evils” –and settles humbly for crumbsIt’s still very much amazing that all these people can still fall into the trap of Donald Trump and not come to the realization that the only people that this jackass cares about are Jewish people. It’s so sad that all these Trump supporters are so desperate for change that they are able to willingly set all common sense aside.


  3. What I am trying to say is that in the case of Trump and Gates both, they are just actors on a Jewish stage. Trump and Gates are both playing roles that have been given to them by others to play on the Jewish stage. Everything is planned in advance and calculated for the effect it will have on the viewing audience, i.e. the general public. It makes no difference that Trump calls the MSM Fake news. Trump is just controlled opposition to the very MSM he attacks. Likewise, the MSM who attacks Trump is also controlled opposition. Jews control what both Trump and the MSM says and does, so any opposition between Trump and the MSM is nothing but drama to be consumed by the public. That is what I am trying to get you to understand. You are still deceived by the false world and confuse it with the real world. What I would like you to do in order to broaden your awareness is to think of what you see as a drama. Do not view it as real. View it as a made for TV movie, where YOU are the audience of that movie. When you reach that point then you will have a very good understanding of what I mean when I call the world a Jewish stage.


  4. @zard: As I have said, its a controlled opposition game to deceive nd control the public. One part of the public is purposely manipulated to support Trump (while the other side is purposely manipulated to hate Trump). The Republican party is intent on putting forward Trump as the Republican Presidential candidate in 2024 because that is their role on the Jewish stage. I want you to always keep your focus on the Jewish stage. Everything is being manipulated to conform to the \”reality\” that Jews want the people to believe and accept. Everything is planned and calculated in advance for the effect it will have on the public. The mob is like a stupid child who needs someone else to tell it what to think because it cannot think for itself. Jews are very well aware of that fact and they control everything to tell the mob what to think and what to believe, and the mob falls for it every single time. The reason I am so black pilled on the Jewish problem is because of what you just said. If the best that the American people who call themselves \”Patriots\” think they can do is to \”reelect\” a Jewish snake who never once served their interest then America is truly lost. What the people should be thinking about at this point is Revolution but they are a million miles away from that and I see no attempt at all being made to bridge that gulf.


  5. IMO Democracy as it exists today is an illusion or fraud. The Presidential elections are nothing more than drama to give the American people the illusion of freedom and Democracy when that no longer exists. If ever did truly exist, it certainly does not exist now. You seem to understand this. Trump serves Jews and Israel. During his Presidency Trump served Jews and Israel. If he became \”President\” again, Trump would serve Jews and Israel. Have not already answered your question or do you require further explanation?


  6. First, I'm not trying to fight with you! If that's what you're thinking. It's just that I usually finish your posts feeling like you acted as if you were going to answer your own posed questions, but that you never actually do answer them.I know that Trump is a fraud who did not serve America and Americans but rather Jews, Israel, the NWO, etc. But so does fake-elected Biden!So what purpose would it serve The Jewish Stage to oust Biden and reinstall Trump?


  7. And I am not trying to fight with you A.D. I don't have all the answers. As with most people, I have a lot of questions I am trying to figure out the answers for that nobody is telling me. What I have discovered is that I cannot trust others to answer my questions for me because I simply do not trust others. I must answer my own questions to the best of my ability by grokking the truth from many sources and connecting my own dots to make sense of things. I may not always do a good job explaining things in a way that satisfy all people but I satisfy myself and in that I hope I satisfy most others. I am against Trump and Biden. Just because I condemn Trump do not make the assumption that I support Biden. Both are Jew owned controlled opposition. To answer your question, I give you a question. What purpose did it serve on the Jewish stage for Trump to become President in 2017? What did Trump do to serve Israel and Jews? Well we see very clearly what he did. He made multiple missile attacks against Syria. He sent a naval armada to Syria to attack it. He responded militarily to false flag attacks against the Assad government. He unilaterally gave Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan Heights to Israel. He did other things to support Israel. Trump was the most Israel friendly President in U.S. history. Trump is far more Israel friendly than Biden is, so Israel would want Trump to become President again certainly. Also it is my very strong opinion that the Trump/Biden conflict is subterfuge and that behind the scenes the two men are not enemies at all. Politics is just a drama put on for the benefit of the people. Its not real. But if Trump became President again he would serve Israel more faithfully than either Biden or Harris. Does that answer your question?


  8. What purpose did it serve on the Jewish stage for Trump to become President in 2017, you ask? Probably to make 150 million Americans believe in elections, and believe that a True American and savior-type had finally arrived to rescue us from the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas—only to watch our spirits being crushed when it became clear that it was all just another demonic con job.Doesn't Biden serve Israel, Jews, and Satan just as much as Trump did? Why would they go through all of the trouble of reinstalling Trump?Just for more false hope and spirit crushing??


  9. Good, A.D. Now you are talking my language and understanding what I am trying to say. Yes, Trump's 2017 \”election\” served many purposes and what you mention are some of them. I do not call Trump demonic, which implies an external evil spiritual influence to all this. My focus is not on the demonic but is on the Jewish race and Jewish minions and the Satanists and the Elite. My focus is on evil men in the world, not demonic spirits outside the world. But yes, Biden serves the evil Jewish agendas as does Trump. What I believe about the Presidency is that the POTUS is just a figurehead to deceive the people and make the people believe in Democracy. I believe the real power us not in the POTUS. It does not really matter who the POTUS is ever four years other than to deceive and manipulate the people. Since the Establishment has obviously demonized Trump in the eyes of the public, there is no way that I see Trump becoming POTUS again. But I do Trump as remaining in the political landscape as Jewish controlled opposition. IMO Trump was always controlled opposition even when he was POTUS and he remains controlled opposition. Politics is just a drama to deceive the people and Presidential politics is the best example of that drama. So I believe they will make a big show of Trump challenging Biden or Harris but that Trump will not become POTUS again. He had his one shot in the White House and he fucked that up so bad I don't think anyone really wants this guy to be President again. He's just a loud Jewish mouth screaming on the world stage trying to get attention. I just ignore him.


  10. Of course Trump is a crypto jew….if he wasnt he would be the only non jew involved in high end real estate in NY!!….The fiends own most if not all office buildings in the city.

    Biden….the utter prick is also a crypto jew despite him waving a giant bible around at his inauguration. Of course the American public thought he was refering to the New Testament bit.His wifes surname is JACOB….case closed.

    The corrupt hag Hillary Clinton is jewish and of course,like Trumps daughter her daughter married a jew.

    Americans buy this stuff not helped by their dumbed down education system

    These hate filled fiends own everything in the USA….the Mayors of any sizeable towns and cities are USUALLY crypto jews.

    ALL of the big time stars in Hollywood are Jews,from the cast of the nauseating “Friends” to blockbuster movies….From Bwad Pitt,an appalling actor who likes to star in jewish propaganda movies like Fury or Inglorious Basterds to Tom Hanks…..theyre all jews,the whole damn lot of them…..this necesarily involves racism favouring jews.
    The “black hip hop star “DRAKE” is a fully barmitzvahed black jew…..

    How about Madeline Albright the poisonous dwarf….she originally claimed to be Catholic but had a reverse road to Damascus conversion and came out of the closet and announced she was a jew.Infamous for saying the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq was “worth it”.


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