9-11 was a Jewish Movie


This is a post that I feel compelled to create especially after creating a previous post about the world being a Jewish stage.  There is no better example I can give of the world being a Jewish stage than 9-11.

Although most honest people in the truther community (outside of the shills such as Stormfront.org) correctly see the NASA Apollo moon landings as staged deceptions on earth in which there was no real danger to any of the so-called \”Astronauts\” (who just coincidentally happen to be Freemasons), I see a lot of confusion in the truther community about 9-11.  As I see it, most people in the truther community, whether they are honest or whether they are shills I cannot really say, view 9-11 under the theory that the Establishment either made it happen or they let it happen. They see 9-11 not as a real terrorist attack but as a false flag \”attack\” in which thousands of people died.  But the truth about 9-11 is neither of these, as I will explain in the following paragraphs.

First, you must understand the different between a false flag and a PSYOP.  A false flag is a real attack or incident which gets blamed on someone who was not really behind the attack.  In a false flag, people die.  A PSYOP on the other hand is a complete fake.  Its a dramatization portrayed on the main stream media as \”reality\” but its completely unreal. Although there is frequently the portrayal of mass death shown on the main stream media, in a PSYOP nobody really dies.  All the deaths are imaginary or illusion.  As a good example of a PSYOP, look at the Sandy Hook School Shooting of 2012.  This was portrayed as a real event in the MSM in which 20 elementary school children and 13 adults were killed.  It was portrayed as real but it was completely fake.  None of those people died, as I have explained before on this Blog.  So that is a PSYOP.  You can think of the Apollo moon landings as also being a PSYOP but in which there were no deaths.  Both the Apollo moon landings and the Sandy Hook School shooting were staged to present a lie as the truth for the gullible public to ingest.  If you understand those two PSYOPs then you can use them to understand how 9-11 was also a PSYOP.

The only thing that makes honest people believe that 9-11 was a real incident instead of a staged event is the alleged deaths during 9-11.  Without the deaths, nobody would even believe that 9-11 was ever real.  So in this post I want to focus on the alleged deaths.

There are three groups of people who we are told by the Jewish main stream media died during the 9-11 \”terrorist attack\” as follows.

1)  The people in the four civilian passenger jets, two of which allegedly crashed into WTC 1 and 2, one which allegedly crashed into the Pentagon. and a fourth which allegedly crashed into an empty field in Shanksville, PA.

2) The people in the buildings that three of the alleged planes crashed into.  Specifically, the people in the WTC twin towers and the people in the wing of the Pentagon where the plane allegedly crashed.

3) All the fire fighters and rescue workers who allegedly died trying to rescue people in the twin towers, etc. in New York City.

In total, the MSM tells us there were at least 3000 victims of 9-11 in the above three groups.

I contend that all of these deaths, regardless of how convincing some of them appear to be, are all illusions to deceive the public and that in reality nobody died.  Think of a Blockbuster movie like the Towering Inferno.  In such a movie you have the portrayal of shock and awe, you have mass death and misery. It can be very convincing that what is portrayed is not a movie at all.  But you know its a movie so you are not deceived into thinking its real.  But what if you were shown these same scenes of the Towering Inferno on CNN and told that these scenes represent a real event?  Suppose the U.S. Government backed up these media claims and said that these are real events instead of fiction.  How would you know that it was not fiction?  If you trust the media and the government not to lie to you then you would probably believe that the Towering Inferno was a real event and not a movie (at least if you did not recognize the Hollywood actors starring in it).  What I am trying to show you is how easy it would be for the Jews to stage a movie and then show it as real on the MSM.  That is exactly what they did in the case of the Apollo moon landings.  They showed a movie of people in space suits walking around on a moon-like stage and said it was really on the moon.  They did the very same thing during the Sandy Hook School Shooting.  They showed scenes of children and adults standing outside of a long abandoned school and said that this was the scene of a terrible school shooting in which 20 First graders were brutally killed. So of course they could do the same thing in the case of 9-11. The only thing that causes honest people to doubt that 9-11 was a PSYOP is because of the alleged deaths. But I say that these deaths must be an illusion.  There is a rule that I came up with when studying 9-11 that can be applied to any deception to expose it, as follows.

If any single part of a larger picture is proven to be a lie or false, or a hoax or a deception then all the other parts of that picture are also lies and false or a hoax or a deception, even those parts that do not appear to be deceptions.

Allow me to break that down for you so you understand it better.  What it is saying is that if any part of 9-11 is proven to be a lie or a hoax or a deception or a fraud then the entirety of 9-11 is a hoax/lie/deception/fraud, even those parts of 9-11 that appear to be real.  Understand now?

So in the case of 9-11, the only thing that makes people think its real is the alleged deaths.  Some of those deaths are easily proven to be deception but some deaths are not easily proven.  However, as the above rule says, they must be deceptions.  It cannot be the case that part of 9-11 is a deception and part of 9-11 is real.  It is either 100% real or its 100% deception.  It is never a mixture of real and deception.  The point I am trying to make is that all of these deaths must be an illusion and anything which makes us believe they are not an illusion is a lie or deception.

Envision 9-11 as a PSYOP in which there were no actual deaths. How could this be?  Here are some ways it could be, just to give you an example:

Envision that there were never any four civilian airliners full of passenger as the Main stream media said. That was just an idea planted in the mind of the public to give credibility to the terrorist attack scenario.  In order for there to be a terrorist attack, there needs to be terrorists who hijack planes.  But suppose the planes and the passengers in those planed never existed in reality?  If real planes flew into WTC 1 and 2 as appear to be shown on television (but this could just be an illusion also) then those planes were not the civilian airliners but were remote controlled planes without passengers or crew.

Envision that the twin towers (WTC1 and 2) were completely empty of people when they collapsed.  Undoubtedly the towers collapsed, but there were no people inside them when they did. The illusion presented by the media is that the towers were full of people who died when they collapsed but this is a lie.  

Envision that nobody was killed in the Pentagon explosion that was obviously never from a plane hitting it.  

Envision no New York City firefighters climbing up into WTC 1 and 2 to rescue people from the empty buildings.  Envision that whole scenario of hundreds of firefighters dying when the towers collapsed as being a deception.

Envision hundreds or even thousands of crisis actors in New York City to present a convincing illusion to the American public of  a devastating terrorist attack against America that never happened in reality. 

I could go a lot further down the rabbit hole in this post but I am not, for now.  What I am trying to do in this post is to open your eyes that 9-11 was a made for TV movie and that there were no real deaths in any of the three above groups.  Even though the main stream media told a very convincing lie, all of these deaths are completely unreal because 9-11 was unreal.  9-11 was as unreal as the Towering Inferno movie was unreal. 

If you have questions or comments to make about any of the alleged 9-11 deaths that you would like me to discuss then please leave a comment below.  I welcome an honest informed discussion about this.

14 thoughts on “9-11 was a Jewish Movie

  1. No, in this post I think you have gone too far. I use to believe what you said about 9/11 as psyop but now I rethink and I think it is definitely not a psyop but a false flag. Covid-19 can be a psyop, yes, I really agree. Anything can be staged with fake deaths , but this one with over 3000 deaths cannot be staged. This is a false flag, not a Psyop. This is a real attack but from the Jews – not the Muslims. This is not a fake accident (aka a psyop). You can just ask some family members of anyone who died in any of three categories you mentioned above to know.It is impossible to find hundreds or even thousands people as crisis actors. Why do thousand of people agree to act in this absolutely terrible hoax that lead to chaos, deaths and suffering in Middle East? Why don't a single one of these thousand crisis actors regret and tell he/she is a crisis actor? There have to be at least some people regret and tell all if there are so many crisis actors in this accident. Where is thousands of people's moral? Don't tell me they are all Jews because there are blacks and other races in the crisis scenes…


  2. Also just ask the employers or employees of the airline's brand that lost four of their air planes. If the media just named some random airplane's brand as the owner of these four crashed planes, and if there were no planes' crashs, this airline's brand would have public said the truth immediately or this airline's employees would have spread bad rumors to their friends, relatives and then spread on the internet…etc…


  3. I was aware of this article. In looking at the Jan 6 \”insurrection\” part of the reason for it is to hugely demonize Trump and to make him (further) hated by the people. But Trump is controlled opposition so don't use that to justify Trump being honest. But I see a bigger reason in Jan 6th in conditioning the public not to revolt against the government. Jan. 6th was a fake revolution PSYOP against the government but IMO Jews greatly fear a REAL revolution by the American people against the government to overthrow it and to completely remove Jewish control from the government. IMO at least one of the reasons behind Jan 6th was to condition the clueless sheep (angry about the covid 19 plandemic, etc.) NOT to even think of revolting. Also the new 24-7 defenses of the capitol including U.S. troops in the capital is to prevent a real revolution by honest people from overthrowing the government. Do you see what I am saying?


  4. I respect that you think I have reached a false conclusion and I perfectly understand why you see 9-11 as a false flag instead of a PSYOP but the rabbit hole goes deeper than you have seen. Of course I too once believed it was a false flag. Once I became even partially red pilled I never believed the terrorist attack scenario presented by the government but I assumed it was a false flag and when I begin to investigate 9-11 my intent was on proving it was a false flag. But during the course of my investigations of it I discovered a deeper truth, which is why today I say it was a PSYOP. You should not be deceived by the 3000+ number of \”deaths\” during 9-11. As part of the PSYOP (((they))) needed a high number of deaths to convince the American people of the reality of the terrorist attacks and to justify using the U.S. war machine in the middle east. Who have you talked to personally who lost family members in 9-11? I am not asking who you read about on the internet or heard on the MSM, because of course all those can just be lies. But who do you personally know (and trust) who lost family members in 9-11, outside of anything you have read or seen or heard on the internet or the MSM? I know nobody personally.It is certainly NOT impossible to find hundreds or thousands of crisis actors for a long planned staged event as I believe 9-11 was. The fact that you see it as impossible shows you are not awake to the Jewish problem. You don't really believe that Jews have such control over the world that they could stage a major deception like that and get away with it. Your eyes are not fully opened to be able to see that. You ask why would hundreds or thousands of people agree to participate in a hoax? For many reasons. Some are Jews who go along with the hoax willingly because its part of the Jewish plan. Some are agents, such as CIA and other intelligence agents who do it as part of their job. Some are just corrupt dishonest people who do it simply for the money, and Jews have a lot of money to spread around, especially when they control the U.S. currency system. Regardless of the reason, these people act as dishonest agents for the Jews and their minions to accomplish Jewish agendas in the world.There are various reasons why none of the above I mentioned would talk. Jews and intelligence agents will never talk. Corrupt people who were temporarily hired to play a role during it were undoubtedly well vetted in advance to make sure they could be trusted. They didn't just bribe \”Joe Blow\” off the street but they got people they controlled or who had proven they could be trusted. Also, if anyone did decide to talk, how would you even know about it? Jews control the MSM and if anyone talked I guarantee you that would never appear on the MSM. Also if anyone talked that person would end up dead. I believe that many people have been killed to protect the secrecy of 9-11. When I say there are no deaths in a PSYOP, I do not mean that there are no deaths to maintain the secrecy of a PSYOP, especially a big PSYOP like 9-11. IMO many have died to keep its secrecy.You mention morality, as if human morality would prevent so many humans from being so corrupt. I am afraid that is your own brainwashing that you need to remove so you can see the truth. This world is deeply corrupt and the morality you have been taught to believe in is nothing more than an illusion in your own mind. In the False World there is morals to prevent people from staging major deceptions, but in the Real World, corruption is much more important than morality. You just have not seen it yet as I have.


  5. Once again, you are trying to use your own brainwashing about the world to disprove that 9-11 was a PSYOP. I understand that thinking because I went through it. I had many moments of doubt before I saw enough evidence of a PSYOP so I no longer have any doubt. Once more, unless you have personally talked to people in the airlines then all you are doing is relying on someone else's word. You consider the absence of anyone exposing 9-11 as a hoax to be proof that it was not a hoax. That is very faulty logic. Also you do not see that the airlines themselves are part of the corruption and involved in the hoax. Jews and their minions control the airlines as they control everything else. You are not really red pilled. You have taken what I call the false red pill, where you think you have seen the truth but you have not really seen it. I went through that stage too so I speak from experience. Its taken me so many years to see the real picture. It will not be easy for you to see this because your brainwashing is preventing you from seeing it just as my brainwashing prevented me from seeing it for many years. You have to remove your brainwashing before you can really see anything I am trying to say on this Blog. Perhaps I need to create a post about how to remove your own brainwashing because that really is a prerequisite for seeing the truth.


  6. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: thousand employees work at the twin towers. If the 9/11 is not a false flag but it is a psyop, there must be no one work at the twin towers that days. But then there were still thousands of death of the employees in Twin Tower. Do these towers' employees who are all allowed days-off to survive in 9/11 do not know what happen? They will think something like this \”We employees are still alive because we stay don't work at the towers this day. Why do you say we all died? We don't work on that day. We don't work on 9/11. Thousands of us still alive\” and they will tell everyone around them the truth and this will spread on the Internet.


  7. I agree that this is the illusion that was presented on the main stream media and one of the main reasons that 9-11 is seen as having involved massive death, but I say that this too can be an illusion. If you don't see how it can be an illusion then you have not thought about it enough. What I say and what September Clues says is that the two big towers were empty when they were collapsed. Forget about people going to work and just ask the question: were there really people in the towers when they collapsed, regardless of anything the media showed to make you believe there was? What proof do you have that there were people in those towers? In fact, there is no proof outsude of the video shown on the MSM to make it appear that way. What you are wondering is how they could get away with such a deception, and this is a good question but with Jewish control of the world you have to step back and look at the big picture. Remember, a notorious Jew (Larry Silverstein) owned the entire complex in a 99 year lease. Who knows what happened at the WTC complex after he assumed ownership. Also the notorious CIA was involved and a lot of other people in Washington D.C. who planned to use the 9-11 \”terrorist attack\” as a pretext for staging huge wars in the middle east involving tens of thousands of people. You think they could not have staged this? They could have. Even if you or I cannot say how exactly how they did it, I say they did it. It was a big con job on the American people that appeared to be one thing but was something else. I understand that you do not think its possible but its only because you are still in certain mode of brainwashing to believe that. Trust me when I say that ANYTHING is possible if evil people such as the Jews and their minions are determined enough to do something. There was a deception that all those people worked in the towers but I say that the towers had been emptied and nobody was working in them when they brought them down. How would you know if the towers had been systematically emptied of tenets before 9-11 if nobody ever told you? Suppose they had been emptied with 9-11 in mind and then later the empty towers were brought down. Forget about what the MSM showed you and just consider what is possible in terms of deception.


  8. Assuming that the tower was actually empty in 9/11, and therefore all the employess were allowed a day-off in 9/11, but then the media still report there are 3000 deaths of employess who work here. The employees, who were oreded to stay at home in this day, they must be alive now, why do none of them stand up and say a thing such as \”we are employees who work at twin towers. In 9/11, no one went to work because we were allowed to stay at homes. The tower is empty in 9/11, we employees didn't work in this day. Therefore, no one died. 3000 of us are alive, we are here. Please spread the truth\”?


  9. No, you already misunderstand if you say the employees were allowed a day off. There was nobody employed in the towers when they were collapsed. If what you say is true, that employees were just allowed a day off and then watched the towers come down then of course they would talk and expose the lie. Its not as simple as what you envision. The deception is deeper than that. But you do make a good point in asking the question of how did they pull such a deception off. That is a very good question which I admit that I do not fully understand how they did it and yet I believe they did it because everything else I have seen points to that. Remember what I said about if any part of a bigger picture is a deception then all parts of that picture are a deception, even those parts which do not appear to be deceptions. This is one of those cases that does not appear to be a deception but there are so many other pieces of the puzzle that have been proven to be deception that I say that this too is a deception. Its the reason why most people today do not believe 9-11 was a PSYOP because of the very reason you have pointed out. But evil Jews who control everything find a way to deceive in a very clever way. I understand your objection but do you understand my point about Jewish control of the world? Jewish control of the world allows huge deceptions like 9-11 to be pulled off successfully.


  10. Hello, now I decided to come back to this post. This is because I remember when you and me talk about the airline problem in this 9/11 psyop, I used to say: \”If the media just named some random airplane's brand as the owner of these four crashed planes, and if there were no planes' crashs, this airline's brand would have public said the truth immediately or this airline's employees would have spread bad rumors to their friends, relatives and then spread on the internet…etc…\”. Today, I have just figured out that a lot of airline's brands owners in the US are Jewish, see this picture for information: https://sun9-80.userapi.com/impg/uRpZo1E6JWdtwW5sO_tlosMXhPJkmiJS96hZUw/y1gXG3aAxRw.jpg?size=1206×1280&quality=96&sign=967de2a614cc43af3879e956ab53bbb2&type=album


  11. Its very good you found that image. I really had no idea in the case of the airlines that Jews are in control of all of them but that is the nature of the Jewish problem. Jews purposely work their way into leadership positions of ALL industries in order to control them. In my post on the Jewish Master Plan this is discussed in the \”Infiltration and Subversion\” topic. Its all about Jewish control. But in the case of 9-11 they could do anything they want to do with companies they own. Even if a company like Delta gets hurt by 9-11, it does not matter to the Jews. Jews use companies like toys in the Jewish Zoo which the world has become under their control. A person really needs to see the big picture before they can understand 9-11 being a PSYOP but it appears as if you are learning. Congratulations on being able to see what you could not see before. That is progress and it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something useful with this Blog. I really am trying to wake up people about things I have seen and you are proof that I am starting to wake some people up.


  12. Jews work their way to own industries, but this is not exactly the method they often use to own all industries. Moreover, they are not that capable or talented that they can always raise from the bottom (being employees) to the top (the leadership). How do they own industries, by starting as an employee? No, it is almost impossible to own companies or industries by this method. JEWS OWN THE BANKS AND HAVE UNLIMITED FINANCIAL RESOURCES. If one car company is started by a Jew, and one car company is started by a White (a goy), the company which started by Jews will definitely get more funds aka money because Jews are the hedge fund managers and bank owners in the US. This Jew will have huge capital (from the unlimited financial resource of their tribe) to hire the best engineers or workers to make their company grow to the biggest and take the highest position of markets. One real-life example is Tesla (a car company of a Jew name Elon Musk, you know him) and BMW. Elon Musk is so rich (he is often in the top 3 richest people, sometimes he is the richest). He is a Jew who has a Jewish connection to support him (such as Jewish media, Jewish hedge fund managers, Jew-owned government, etc.). His Jewish company Tesla overtook Volkswagen Group which created by German gentiles (this car manufacturing conglomerate comprises not only Volkswagen but also Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, etc..) as the world's second most valuable carmaker with a market value of $106 billion, $7 billion more than its German rival. Let that just sink in for a moment. How can an ordinary company Tesla that sold only 367,500 vehicles last year be more valuable than VW Group that delivered almost 11 million vehicles last year, 30 times more than Tesla? This is only possible if you have connections to the richest Jewish Hedge Fund Managers who would all come on board to purchase your stock, thereby artificially creating high demand and propping up its value on the stock market. Tesla's share price has gone up 1000% in the last year, yet year-to-year car sales have remained unchanged. But sooner or later, maybe the Jewish Elon Mush will own the electric car industry because the Jewish media work hard to PR him and he also has so much financial resource to create good technologies to surpass other electric car brands of the gentiles. In conclusion, if Jews don't own the bank, they don't own industries, they don't own countries. This is why Rothschild of the far past has confidently said if he could own the bank, he could own Britain no matter which puppet was the leader.Control the bank = world domination. Money can do everything.


  13. I disagree with the notion that I have seen put forth that Jews are not talented or capable of doing anything on thier own. That is anti Semetic BS. It is my experience that Jews are both intelligent and talented, but that is not what is at question. What is at question here is honesty and truthfulness and integrity and conscience and morality. Those are the areas that Jews are seriously lacking in. But you are right that Jews own the money system so they have access to unlimited financial resources and Jews make sure to use that control to fund and finance other Jews to help them be successful in the world. That is what I call Jewish nepotism, because they dishonestly keep the money in the Jewish family and they keep non Jews away from wealth. I am aware of the Tesla stock being hugely hyperinflated to make Tesla the most valuable car company and to make Elon Musk incredibly rich. Such favorism and manipulation has been used to make Jeff Bezos also incredidibly rich and Bill Gates also, both Jews. But if the economy crashes due to Jewish manipulations of it who pays the price of that? Its never Jews. Its always non Jews who pay. Its always non Jews who lose their jobs and their houses and their life savings and their pensions. Jews have no morality about causing hardships to non Jews just so they can get rich and that is why Jews should NOT be the ones in charge of the money and the economies because they cannot be trusted not to be dishonest and swindle and exploit and manipulate the system into the ground. But you are right. I need to add controlling the bank/money to the Jewish Master Plan because it belongs there.


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