I am Black Pilled on the Jewish Problem


There are some readers of this Blog who have no idea what the term \”Black Pill\” means but I am going to explain that very clearly in this post.  The \”red pill\”, if you have understood what I have said about it on this Blog is an awareness of a bad truth (about the world).  The majority of people prefer not to know about the bad state of the world, so they choose to take the \”blue pill\” so they can just pretend that everything is alright and there is nothing bad to be concerned about.  I think they are fools to do that but that is the topic of another post.  I chose the red pill because knowing the truth, even a bad truth, is more important to me than just feeling good.  I see it as much more noble and honorable to put the truth that affects all of humankind above my own petty life.  But that explains the red pill vs the blue pill, if you did not already understand the concept.
The Black Pill is a completely different animal but I need to discuss it here.  The Black Pill is sometimes taken after taking the red pill.  While the red pill is an awareness of a bad truth, the Black pill is feeling pessimistic and hopeless that anything can be done to change the bad truth that has been seen.  It is basically being overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of badness that is seen and coming to the conclusion that there is no hope of fixing this problem.  Do you understand the Black Pill now?
Many people, when confronted with all the badness that the red pill shows them will simply flee from it and take the Blue Pill for their own peace of mind, because they cannot handle the bad truth.  On my journey to know the truth, I took the Blue Pill many times whenever the truth became too heavy for me to handle.

But eventually I stopped running and turned to face the truth and to look it straight in the eye without flinching.  It is far better to know a bad truth than to believe a comforting lie.  As someone who has been there, I can tell you it takes awhile to stop being afraid but if you will face your fears then they will no longer frighten you.  You will feel other emotions instead of fright, such as anger, rage, righteous indignation and a strong determination not to let the bad guys win.  Yes, I went through that stage of wanting to lead a war or Revolution against these snakes and I really believed that humanity needed to fight this war, if not for themselves than to prevent future generations of humanity from being enslaved by this evil race.  Following are some posts I made earlier on this Blog calling for humanity to go to war against these Snakes. 
As you can see from those posts, I was initially very inspired to help wake up people to the truth and to help inspire humanity into a war or revolution against the snakes who control society.  I believed that the truth could be used to wake up the people to what is going on and that the people, once they knew the truth would revolt against this corrupt, Jew controlled System.  
But over time I begin to recognize that most of humanity is asleep and that they will remain asleep despite anything I or someone like me tries to tell them.  Truth cannot be taught from without.  It must come from within or not at all.  So unless a person makes the conscious choice to know the truth then he will never know it.  He will not listen to anyone honest who tries to tell him.  He will believe the liars and deceivers such as CNN and Fox News that tell him the Jewish version of events.  I have also become more aware of the full extent of the Jewish problem which I had not seen before.  The truth is actually far worse than I first saw and most of humanity is completely blind to it.  This is what has caused me to take the black pill on the Jewish Problem.
I feel like a person who is doomed to know the truth but who is unable to do anything about it.
Yes, I started this Blog in an attempt to spread truth, but what good have I done?  Its like trying to empty an ocean with a thimble.  There would have to be an army of people like me spreading the truth for it to have any chance of real effectiveness in overcoming the HUGE advantage that Jews have given themselves in the world.
What I see that has caused me to become so black pilled is an entirely one sided war.  Jews are very well aware of the war they are waging against humanity but most of humanity appears to be clueless about it.  Its like a race between the tortoise and the hare, where the hare has won the race before the tortoise even knows to get out of the starting gate.  Humanity is like a pawn for the Jews to control without humanity having any awareness of it.
There is almost no resistance at all to the Jewish war on humanity except for a relatively small number of protestors and truth seekers and truth spreaders on the internet.  This is not going to cut it.  In order to have any chance at all of resisting the Jewish Master Plan, humanity first has to become aware of the covert war that has been declared upon them by the Jews and then they must create an organized resistance against it to fight it.  I see no indication of either of these things happening in the foreseeable future, if at all.  That is why I am black pilled.
I am Black pilled because I see most of humanity down on its knees in submission, distracted, leaderless, clueless, sheep waiting to be led to the slaughter.  That is exactly how I see the situation today.  I feel like there is no hope of humanity winning this fight unless a benevolent God (who is certainly NOT Yahweh the Jewish God of the Christian Bible who loves the Jews and hates the Goyim) steps in to prevent the evil Jews from enslaving this entire planet forever.

10 thoughts on “I am Black Pilled on the Jewish Problem

  1. Do you remember the man who refused to believe your blog content and said this content makes him terrified and stress to the level that he cannot sleep? Do you remember the man who chose to refuse the truth to live a happy life instead of an unpleasant life with unpleasant truth? This was me. Now I am changed, I am red-pilled, very red-pilled. It takes me a long time to follow your blog out of my curiosity, I read your blog post by post and then become more convinced, or \”brainwashed\”. People tend to believe what they read or hear the most in their life, for example, the media. What they read or hear the most in their life become the tool to brainwash their mind. It is because I read your blog often for a long time so I start to believe your content (which I think was bullshit and stupid the first time I read your blog, sorry if you offended but it is the truth). Your blog is now somewhat interesting to me because now, I accepted the truth wholeheartedly and have become fearless of it. I accepted the truth wholeheartedly and still be happy. I notice the more busy people are with their work, job, studying, the less they tend to believe the truth and they will think of your content as stupid and bullshit. I used to be a busy man so your content was used to be dumb and nonsense in my perception, but then, because of covid, I have a lot of time staying at home to read things, then I become more open to the truth that I used to deem it as retarded and bullshit.


  2. I am not offended in any way by your reactions to my Blog. My purpose for creating this Blog was to help to wake up people like you to the truth as I see it. How you view me, the messenger of that truth, is of no consequence. Yes, those who are busy with life and the world have no time for the truth. Only those who really want to know will know. If I have helped to open your eyes then I am doing God's work IMO. I appreciate your honesty with me. You are not fully awake but your eyes are open when before they were totally shut. You need to continue to expand your awareness.


  3. You have not taken the red pill or you would not be happy. To you this is nothing more than an intellectual curiosity. You have not really seen it. You have not really accepted it as the truth. If you had, you would not be happy. Its a long road and you have just begun to walk it.


  4. You clearly have not read the bible yourself, or you have read it through jewish glasses.The Christians are the isralites, not the jews. The reason it took them 2000 years to get here is that they had to destroy Christianity first. Now you believe Christ love the jews. While he warned against them? Ye are of your father the devil. You have to investigate the difference between jews and isralites.. 9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.You also have top understand that the 2% figure is a hoax. there are a lot more, at least 20%. Ever heard of crypto whites? Your best friend could be one, or your inlaws, your neighbor, you co-worker, your boss..They act like in the \”Ash experiment\”, they bring the illjusions into your social circle. And hid behind the conned term \”cognitive dissonance\” which gives them a cover, so they can act as if they have a mental illness instead of being part of the team.


  5. You should read \”you gentiles\” Maurice Samuel.He explains how the will use intermariage and infiltration to miw the pure blood with the snakes blood and rot society from the inside.The Lord Jesus Christ Was Not Jewish! The Son of God Was Anglo Saxon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCphuicYt0MWe are living revelation to the letter.If the bible is a fairytale, then it is a very accurate one.And since evolution is a hoax and new age even worse. there is not much we can do accept expose the works of darkness and pray for god to save our soul. Because like the bible said, god will send great delusion for the unbelievers, that they would believe a lie. False signs and wonders..


  6. You are choosing to view the Bible in a way that allows you to believe in it while still rejecting the Jews. I say this respectfully to you without trying to offend but I have had to completely detatch myself from Christianity in order to see it clearly. Just listen to what I say. The Jewish race is a race of master deceivers from ancient times. From their very beginning they have been deceivers with an intent on taking over the entire world. They are for their race only and they are against every other race. Their so-called God is only for the Jewish race and hates every other race. This race is cunning and devious and organized. It infiltrates and influences governments and every other organization in order to control in secret. Would a race like this create entire Religions in order to control people? Of course they would because Religion is the ultimate mind control tool. I know you are a Christian and that you do not want to hear the words I am saying about Christianity but I urge you to just stop and think more about it. I came from a Christian background so I understand what you are saying better than you might think but still I am very wary of trusting anything that has Jews playing such a central role in it as Christianity does and the reason for my caution is what I have learned about the Jewish race. Words can be the perfect deception tool to make anyone believe in a certain \”reality\” that appears true while being false. I have to go beyond words to look for proof outside of mere words. Words can deceive but sometimes a picture paints a thousand words that tell the truth, as I show in my Pictures from the Real World Explained post. But I understand you. You are the way I was earlier in my life before I really became aware of the Jewish Problem. You can choose to see Christianity and the Bible in any way you like but I must always look at the big picture of the Jewish corruption of the world. The reason Jews have gotten into a position to be able to control the world so strongly now is to a large part because of Christianity. Christianity has made non Jews dumb and blind to the Jewish problem. If I were still a Christian I would have never made this Blog I can tell you that.


  7. Once more you are choosing to view Christianity and the Bible in a way that allows you believe in them while rejecting Jews. You can do this but I cannot do this. My goal is knowing the truth and I cannot allow myself to be deceived by any Religion or by any words in a Religion. The truth can be known without Religion and that is my goal. Since I know that the Jewish race is a race of evil clever deceivers I do not trust any Religion that has Jews playing a central role in it as Christianity does. It does matter to me if you disagree with me. My focus is on the truth.


  8. Once more I see what you are doing but I cannot do that. I have seen a few things about the Book of Revelation which you imply that you agree with as being in perfect alignment with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion but why should I discuss that with you? You are a believer and I know not to argue with a believer. Go believe in whatever you like. A believer has lost track of the truth entirely and is just believing in words written in a book. The truth must always be your guide but a believer has been totally derailed from the truth. I am sorry we disagree.


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