A Very Unusual Video concerning the Jew World Order

As I was researching on the topic of a Jew World Order I came across a very unusual video discussing it.  While I am not saying I agree with the content of this video, I think it deserves to be at least looked at here on my Blog.  This is a completely different way of looking at the Jewish problem in the world.  I certainly don\’t claim to have all the answers and I welcome new ways of looking at the problem, even if I do not necessarily agree with them. I am just going to post the video here and let people decide what they think about the content of it. 

In particular, I like what the video says about the Black Pill and I realize that my attitude toward the Jewish problem is a black pilled one. While I encourage hope and resistance in others, I do not believe that humanity is going to win the war against the Jews and regain its freedom.  I believe that the Jews are winning and that it is inevitable that they will win because humanity is basically just sitting on its hands while the Jews get away with everything without any opposition.  Jews already have the world under their control and there is NO organized resistance against them at all.  How can they fail to achieve their goals?  So yes I am black pilled on the Jewish question.  There is no doubt whatsoever about that.  But, as this video says, am I actually helping the Jews win by having that attitude?  Who knows.  

In case that video does not upload, here is the web site it came from:


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