Pawns in the Game

In my previous post I said that I trust Ted Gunderson (pictured below) to be an honest man trying to expose the truth.

As I was listening to one of Ted Gunderson\’s lectures, he mentioned a book called Pawns in the Game which he contended laid out the Satanist agenda for the world. I had heard of this book before but I had never taken the time to read it, but in light of the importance that Ted Gunderson gave it, I decided it is time for me to look at it. In this book, he discussed 25 goals that basically define the Satanist agenda for the world.  After hearing him discuss those, I noted how similar they are to what I refer to as the Jewish Master Plan.  In fact, I contend that this IS the Jewish Master plan, just stated in a different way.  So for the purpose of analyzing this, I am giving a link to a PDF document of the book Pawns in the Game as well as to list these 25 principles listed in that book for further discussion.  I will be giving my own commentary on these 25 principles later.

Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr (PDF)

Here are the 25 principles of the Satanic/Jewish plan for world corruption and domination as listed in that book:

1. Because the majority of men are inclined to evil rather than to good, the best results in governing them can be obtained by using violence and terrorism and not by academic discussions. In the beginning human society has been subject to brutal and blind force which was afterwards changed to LAW. LAW is FORCE, only in disguise. It is logical to conclude that “By the laws of nature right lies in force”.  In other words, might makes right.

2. Political freedom is an idea and not a fact. In order to usurp political power, all that is necessary is to preach ‘Liberalism’ so that the electorate, for the sake of an idea, will yield some of their power and prerogatives which the plotters can then gather together into their own hands.  This is the way that Jews can infiltrate and corrupt any Democracy.  It is an inherent weakness (or fatal flaw) of Democracy that it can be infiltrated and corrupted this way by evil organized men who are very determined to get their way in the world, as the Jews certainly are.  Democracy (rule of the people) is great in principle but evil men can corrupt it and secretly subvert it using the power of infiltration, of bribery, of blackmail, etc. so that Democracy becomes nothing more than a façade with a group of people secretly controlling the government.  This is exactly what has happened to the U.S. Government and many other governments IMO.  

3. The Power of money has usurped the power of liberal rulers even as early as 1773. There has been a time when FAITH ruled but once FREEDOM has been substituted for FAITH the people do not know how to use it in moderation. Because of this fact it is logical to assume that they can use the idea of FREEDOM to bring about “CLASS WARS”. It is immaterial to the success of this plan whether the established governments are destroyed by internal or external foes because the victor has of necessity to seek the aid of ‘Capital’ which “Is entirely in our hands.”  Jews have used their great wealth and their control of money to usurp the power of liberal rulers from ancient times.  Jewish Wealth is the ticket to Jewish control.  In the past, faith ruled many cultures in the form of Christianity, which Jews could not corrupt (at least at first until they later subverted Christianity to serve them) but Jews worked hard to get rid of faith based cultures in all countries and to replace them with freedom based cultures.  While faith based cultures could not be corrupted by Jews, freedom based cultures can be and are corrupted by Jews.  Jewish wealth and control of money puts the control of freedom based cultures into the hands of the Jews.

4. The use of any and all means to reach their final goal is justified on the grounds that the ruler who governs by the moral code is not a skilled politician because he leaves himself vulnerable and in an unstable position on his throne. Those who wish to rule must have recourse to cunning and to make-believe because great national qualities like frankness and honesty, are vices in politics.  The final goal as stated here is Jewish World Domination, where Jews control the entire world, including all governments, all people, all land and all other property.  In other words total world domination is the Jewish goal.  Jews despise leaders who are moral (unlike them who are completely immoral) because they say that those leaders who are moral (in other words, who are truthful and honest) leave themselves in a vulnerable position so that they can be removed from their leadership position.  Now, here is the really telling part in terms of this Blog.  Those who wish to rule must have recourse to cunning and to make believe, in other words to deception.  So deception is being justified as a good thing in order to maintain the government and to keep corrupt politicians in office.  So right there is the justification for staging the fake Apollo moon landings, for example.  Its also the justification for staging the Sandy Hook School Shooting.  It also justifies the COVID 19 deception and all other deceptions.  Jews see deception as a good thing because it helps them to maintain their control over the people.  Understand that.

5. Our right lies in force. The word RIGHT is an abstract thought and proves nothing. I find a new RIGHT … to attack by the RIGHT of the strong, and to scatter to the winds all existing forces of order and regulation, to reconstruct all existing institutions, and to become the sovereign Lord of all those who left to us the RIGHTS to their powers by laying them down voluntarily in their ‘Liberalism’.”  This is just Jews again justifying doing anything they need to do to gain control over the world and to keep that control perpetually.  They see it as their right, in that if they are smart enough and determined enough to take over the world, then they deserve to take over the world.  Those who believe in morality and freedom and truth are weak and deserve to be swept out of control by those who are ruthless enough to know how to take control and keep it forever.  Jews have contempt for morality and freedom and truth, which are the things that most of humanity wants but that Jews despise.  Jews exploit the morality and freedom and honesty of leaders and cultures in order to conquer them.  You have to understand this.  

6.  The power of our resources must remain invisible until the very moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning or force can undermine it. Any deviation from the Line of the strategical plan (the Jewish Master Plan) will risk bringing to naught “THE LABOURS OF CENTURIES”  This lays out the Jewish Conspiracy to rule the world, which must remain secret until such a time when it cannot be opposed (in other words, when Jews have such control of the world that no non Jew can oppose them).  Only after this level of control has been reached can the carefully maintained secrecy be removed and all the Goyim be allowed the realize the truth:  that they are all slaves to Jews.  This also exposes that the Jewish Master Plan has been going on for centuries, as I have said.  Its a very old plan that Jews created long ago and new Jews work to fulfill, generation by generation.  This also stresses the importance of the (new) Jewish leadership to stick to the plan originally developed or to risk undoing all of the previous work (by Jews) to transform and control the world.  What this is saying is that SECRECY must be maintained until such a time comes when there is no longer a need for secrecy.  When the Jews declare \”Check mate\”, then the mask will come off and everyone will know that Jews rule the world with an iron fist.  And it will be an iron fist of Jewish dystopia.

7. Use of ‘Mob Psychology’ to obtain control of the masses. The might of the Mob is blind, senseless, and unreasoning and ever at the mercy of suggestion from any side. Only a despotic ruler can rule the Mob efficiently because without absolute despotism there can be no existence for civilization which was carried out NOT by the masses, but by their guide, whosoever that person might be. The moment the Mob seizes FREEDOM in its hands it quickly turns to anarchy.  Jews use Mob Psychology to control the masses.  As an example, the BLM movement.  \”The mob\” is an archaic term for the (clueless) general public, who allow their emotions to overrule their intellect and who can be triggered to act in a certain way that Jews want using PSYOPs, etc.  As an example, think about the George Floyd murder by Derek Chauvin (a PSYOP) that triggered mass hysteria across America and demands that the police everywhere be defunded.  You have to see that for what it is, a clear case of Mob psychology.  

8. Alcoholic liquors, drugs, moral corruption, and all forms of vice should be used systematically by our Agenturs to corrupt the morals of the youth of the nations. The special agenturs should be trained as tutors, lackeys, governesses, clerks and by our women in the places of dissipation frequented by the Goyim. In the number of these last I count also the so-called society ladies who become voluntary followers of the others in corruption and luxury. We must not stop at bribery, deceit, and treachery when they should serve towards the attainment of our end.  Jews advocate the use of alcohol, drugs (example, the push to legalize marijuana across America) and all forms of vice on the non Jewish youth of every country in the world in order to gain control of the world.  What the Jews want is for non Jews to be intoxicated, dumbed down, incapable of clear thought and action in the face of a ruthless, determined enemy who seeks the destruction of everything non Jews hold dear.  This is the plan, to gain control by corrupting non Jewish youth, and Jews are very intent on doing this.  Jews employ agents (which may be Jews or corrupt non Jews) to make this happen.  Jews purposely put their agents into positions where they can directly influence and corrupt non Jewish youth.  The end that is being described here is total world domination.  That is the main objective of the Jewish master plan and Jews will do ANYTHING to obtain it.  Morality is something which Jews do not have.  Control of the world is the highest Jewish morality.  

9. Jews have the RIGHT to seize property by any means, and without hesitation, if by doing so we secure submission, and sovereignty. Our STATE, marching along the path of peaceful conquest, has the RIGHT to replace the horrors of wars by less noticeable and more satisfactory sentences of death necessary to maintain the ‘terror’ which tends to produce blind submission.  Jews have a right to seize property by any means in order to control the world.  The STATE being discussed here is the one world Jewish government known as the New World Order or as some call it the Jew World Order because it will be a world government where Jews rule non Jews.  Peaceful conquest is the method that Jews prefer to use to gain world dominion instead of wars which are very destructive to lives and property.  There will be no wars in the NWO because Jews will control everything and everyone.  War will become obsolete but it will be replaced by slavery of non Jews to Jews.  Think of an entire planet enslaved to and under the thumb of Jews and you will have a good picture of the end result of the Jewish Master Plan.

10.  In ancient times we were the first to put the words ‘Liberty’, ‘Equality’ and ‘Fraternity’ into the mouths of the masses … words repeated to this day by stupid pollparrots; words which the would-be wise men of the Goyim could make nothing of in their abstractness, and did not note the contradiction of their meaning and inter�relation. The words brought under our directions and control ‘legions’ “Who bore our banners with enthusiasm.” There is no place in nature for ‘Equality’, ‘Liberty’ or ‘Fraternity’. On the ruins of the natural and genealogical aristocracy of the Goyim we have set up the aristocracy of MONEY. The qualification for this aristocracy is WEALTH which is dependent upon us. Jews have been the ones to push the mob to demand Democracy because in doing this Jews obtained the control which they could not get under a Monarchy.  As I said, Jews cannot corrupt an intelligent monarch who has all the control in his or her hand but Jews can (and do) corrupt Democracies to control them in secret.  As I said, Democracy is great in theory but it ignores the corruption that evil rich powerful men can use to subvert and control ANY Democracy.  Without a safeguard to protect it, any Democracy may be subverted by a ruthless determined intelligent foe like the Jews.  And here the Two Worlds Paradigm comes into play.  In the False World, Equality, Liberty and freedom are important in Democracies such as the USA.  In the Real World, there is no Democracy, there is no equality, there is no liberty and there is no freedom.  In the Real World, all of those are just illusions to deceive the mob (the clueless general public).  Despite what the mob does not know, the Jews know what the truth is.  In the past, benevolent monarchy ruled the world in many places but today Jews have totally destroyed that system and replaced it with with a system where money (which they control) is king, world wide.  All of this has been done to give the Jews world dominion, which they have already accomplished to a great extent in secret today. 

11. Foment wars but at the same time direct the peace conferences so that neither of the combatants obtains territorial gains. Wars should be directed so that the nations engaged on both sides will be placed further in Jewish debt, and in the power of Jewish Agenturs. Jews freely foment wars to gain world dominion and also for pure profit purposes.  In the wars they foment they are careful to make sure that no land is gained by either side in the war.  The Jewish plan for world dominion has all land under Jewish control so they are careful not to do anything that increases non Jewish control of land which they see as belonging to them.  Another reason for fomenting wars is to bury the warring nations under crushing debt that the Jews can use to their advantage to control the nation from within and without.

12. Use Jewish wealth to have candidates chosen for public office who will be “servile and obedient to commands from the Jewish leadership, so they may readily be used as Pawns in our game by the learned and genious men we appoint to operate behind the scenes of government as official advisers. The men we appoint as ‘Advisers’ will have been bred, reared, and trained from childhood in accordance with our ideas to rule the affairs of the whole world.  As this Blog has stated many times, all world leaders and politicians and prime ministers, etc. are secretly serving the Jewish Master Plan.  Leaders are purposely chosen who will willingly serve the Jewish agenda and then these chosen leaders are presented to the public.  A perfect example of this is Barak Obama who came out of nowhere to become Present of the U.S. but there are many many other examples.  In the case of Obama, here is a man who was trained since he was a teenager to be President of the USA.  The snakes plan in advance who they want to be the leaders and they train them for that \”job\” and then they manipulate the mob and pull the hidden strings to make it happen.  Its a sick game that has totally corrupted the world.  I hope you see through it.

13. Jewish combined wealth can control all outlets of public information while Jews remain in the shadows and clear of blame regardless of what the repercussions might be due to the publication of libels, slanders, or untruths. Thanks to the Press we have got gold in our hands notwithstanding the fact that we had to gather it out of the oceans of blood and tears… But it has paid us even though we have sacrificed many of our own people. Each victim on our side is worth a thousand Goyim. Jewish combined wealth controls the world media but this fact is hidden from the general public.  A disinformation campaign exists to make it appear as if the CIA controls all the media in the USA and greatly influences media in the rest of the world but this is simply a cover for the actual Jewish control of world media.  The CIA is a front organization and proxy for Jewish control.  What the CIA does it does at the direction of its Jewish masters so its masters can hide in the shadows and pull strings on the entire world in secret.  If there are repercussions against the media for the lies and slanders and libels and untruths it routinely tells (think of CNN) then no repercussions will come against Jews for this.  Only the media will be blamed and punished. And if the mob stops listening to the media out of distrust then the Jews will find many other ways to control information in their favor, such as on the internet using disinformation agents under their control.  They have their dirty little fingers in everything to manipulate the public as they want.  

14. It is necessary that Jewish ‘Agentur’ always come out into the open and appear on the scene, when conditions have reached their lowest ebb, and the masses have been subjugated by means of want and terror. When it is time to restore order, they shall do it in such a way that the victims will believe they have been the prey of criminals and irresponsibles. By executing the criminals and lunatics after they have carried out our preconceived ‘reign of terror’, we can make ourselves appear as the saviours of the oppressed, and the champions of the workers. We are interested in just the opposite … in the diminution, the killing out of the Goyim.  Jews frequently manipulate the common man to control him.  They use terrorism, stock market crashes, world wide pandemics such as Covid 19, and whatever other things they can think up to subjugate the people.  And then when the general public is brought low, they make sure that their agents are there to be the heroes of society.  Today these agents of the Jews are such men as Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden and many others who are nothing more than puppets doing the bidding of their masters.  Note that Jews purposely put humanity through endless cycles of bad times followed by good times followed by bad times followed by good times, because this helps them to maintain total control of the world population. Jews always use scapegoats to deceive the people about the true cause of a bad time (think Osama Bin Laden as an example) and then they make their agents appear to be the heroes who go after and kill the bad guys (think Barak Obama, who pretended to kill Osama Bin Laden).  Jews deceive the public into believing that they care about their welfare (for an example, that they are vaccinating the world because they care so much for humanity) when in reality what they want to do is to kill humanity.  Although I have tried to downplay the notion of the Covid 19 vaccine being a kill shot, this seems to say the opposite.  Jews have a vested interest in reducing the number of non Jews in the world, which favors Jewish control.  So it is very possible that they will use the vaccine to ultimately kill many non Jews and make it so that many others can no longer pro create.  There is no morality to contain the Jewish hand.  Anything that they can do to gain total world control they will.  There are no rules, there are no laws, there is no morality.  There is nothing but Jewish will and determination to achieve their prize.  Are you hearing me?

15. Industrial depressions and financial panics can be brought about and used to serve their purpose. Enforced unemployment and hunger, imposed on the masses because of the power we have to create shortages of food, will create the right of Capital to rule more surely than it was given to the real aristocracy, and by the legal authority of Kings. By having our agentur control the ‘Mob’, the ‘Mob’ can then be used to wipe out all who dare to stand in our way. Jews control the money and the economy of all nations and they use that control to purposely cause depressions and panics when it serves their purpose.  I believe that the 1929 stock market crash in the USA was purposely engineered by the Jews to serve one or more Jewish agendas and did not happen by chance.  Purposeful shortages of food will give the Jews (via Jewish control of money) more control over the public than Kings used to exercise over their subjects in days of old.  Jewish agents control the mob (ie the general public) and they use that control to get the mob to attack and demonize all those who stand in their way.  For example, the mob is being influenced today to demonize and attack those who oppose the Covid 19 vaccine.  You can just see on the internet all those clueless people who blame the unvaccinated for still having to wear masks everywhere or for there being enforced lockdowns or whatever.  Instead of blaming the Jews, the honest people who oppose the Jewish agenda are blamed by the mob and this has been purposely engineered by Jewish agents.  You just have to see it.

16.  International Freemasonry has been infiltrated by the Jews. The purpose of this is to take advantage of the facilities and secrecy Freemasonry had to offer to serve their world dominion agenda. Jews organize their own Grand Orient Lodges within Blue Freemasonry in order to carry out their subversive activities and hide the true nature of their work under the cloak of philanthropy. All members initiated into (((their))) Grand Orient Lodges will be used for proselytizing purposes and for spreading their atheistic materialistic ideology amongst the Goyim. When the hour strikes for our sovereign Lord of all the World to be crowned these same hands will sweep away everything that might stand in his way. On this Blog I have discussed how Freemasonry is Jewish at its core and how Freemasonry is being used to serve Jewish agendas.  Even if many of the lower degree members of Freemasonry are clueless of this fact, Freemasonry was long ago infiltrated and is being used as a platform for Jews to control the entire world.  Its a tool for them to use.  The inherent secrecy of Freemasonry serves the Jews very well because they too love secrecy about what they are really doing.  The final sentence describes the moment when Jews will declare total world dominion has been achieved.  Its what I call the Jews declaring \”check mate\” on the world.  As part of the Jewish master plan, Jews plan to declare a world king (or king of the entire world) who will rule the world from Jerusalem.  Also part of the Jewish Master Plan is a violent purge of all opponents to the Jewish New World Order.  Members of Freemasonry world wide will be called upon at that time to violently remove all opposition by force.  

17.  Jews value systematic deceptions. Their agentur will be trained in the use of high sounding phrases, and the use of popular slogans. They will make the masses the most lavish of promises. The opposite of what has been promised can always be done afterwards … that is of no consequence. By using such words as Freedom and Liberty, the Goyim can be stirred up to such a pitch of patriotic fervor that they can be made to fight even against the laws of God, and Nature. And for this reason after we obtain control the very NAME OF GOD will be erased from the ‘Lexicon of life’.  Jews value systematic deceptions to manipulate and control the general public as this Blog has repeatedly said.  Jews use their agents to manipulate the general public in any way they desire to further their agendas. After Jews have obtained complete control of the world there will be no Religions and no discussion of God.  Jews want a completely Godless society. 

18. Jews value revolutionary war and street fighting and terrorism because this is the most inexpensive way to bring the population to speedy subjection. While staging deceptions has its value, there are times when using overt violence has its value as a quick and dirty way to achieve Jewish control over the people.  An example of this is the 1917 Russian Revolution.  Another example is ANTIFA today.  Another example is the use of overt terrorism today (controlled by Jews) as a way to achieve Jewish control.  But in looking at terrorism, one must be very careful not to confuse terrorism by deception with actual terrorism.  For example, 9-11 was a case of deception and not real terrorism.  Jews decide when to use deception and when to use actual terror to achieve the best control.  Whatever they do is a lie with evil intent against the people.

19. After all wars secret diplomacy must be insisted upon in order that Jewish agents, masquerading as political, Financial, and Economic advisers, can carry out Jewish mandates without fear of exposing who is ‘The Secret Power’ behind national and international affairs. By secret diplomacy Jews must obtain such control that the (gentile) nations cannot come to even an inconsiderable private agreement without our secret agents having a hand in it. Just as Jews foment and finance wars to their advantage, Jews control governments in secret after the wars in peace time.  Both in times of war and in times of peace, Jews are the ones who are secretly pulling the strings to control what happens in the world.  Jewish agents (who appear not to be in any way associated with the Jews) control the world and its all done in complete secrecy.  This is how Jews control the entire world. 

20, Ultimate World Government is the goal. To reach this goal it is necessary to establish huge monopolies, reservoirs of such colossal riches, that even the largest fortunes of the Goyim will depend on us to such an extent that they will go to the bottom together with the credit of their governments ON THE DAY AFTER THE GREAT POLITICAL SMASH.  Several things are revealed here. Total world control or dominion is the goal.  A one world government that controls all the nations and all the people is the goal.  This is the New World Order. Also revealed is the Jewish Master plan to suddenly end their secrecy and to reveal to all that they have total control.  This will involve a total economic collapse in the USA and every other major country.  Perhaps the U.S. dollar will suddenly fall and economic chaos will happen world wide. All other governments will be destroyed so there will only remain one government, which is a world government.  This is what the Jews have planned for us.

More to Come

2 thoughts on “Pawns in the Game

  1. The primary goal of their agendas (world dominion) has not changed but the methods to attain it can be changed. Perhaps the Jews think that they are served better by a sober group of slaves than a drunken one. In the interests of exploiting humanity to make money from them, having people sober instead of drunk would make sense, but its not for the benefit of the people but for the benefit of the rulers.


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