What the Covid 19 vaccination push is all about

In my previous post stated that it is my firm belief that the entire purpose the Covid 19 vaccination push on a world wide level is in reality a backdoor for implementing the ID2020 agenda of which people such as Bill Gates are heavily involved with.  I strongly urge you to read that post before reading further in this one because that is a prerequisite for understanding this post.  Despite all the people out there referring to the Covid 19 vaccine as a kill shot and saying that the purpose of the vaccination program is genocide to reduce world population, IMO the actual truth behind the vaccination program is being completely ignored by most who call themselves truth seekers.  As I said in that previous post, it is my VERY STRONG opinion that the world-wide vaccination push has a secret purpose of getting each person so they can be easily scanned to identify them.  I have been saying that for over a year and just today I saw an article that told me that this is indeed what they are doing.  Please read this only after having read the previous post so you can view it in its proper context.

EU set to unveil plans for bloc-wide digital wallet – FT

I tell you it is no coincidence that this happening right now after so many people have received whatever is in the Covid 19 vaccine.  I hope that you are wise enough to recognize what this means and what this will mean for the future of the world if they get away with this. 

Remember the Mark of the Beast that was discussed in the Bible.  Whether or not you believe in the Bible or anything in it, the concept of the Mark of the Beast is a fascinating one.  If you remove all of the religious trappings of it, it is an economic system where that all economic transactions will be tied to a \”mark\”. It is ambiguous what this mark refers to but it is something that is required to buy or sell anything.  If you do not have it, then you cannot buy or sell or do anything else.  Those who have the mark are part of society.  Those who do not are forcibly excluded from society.  Compare this to the way that unvaccinated people are being viewed today.  What the Establishment wants to do is to require you to provide proof that you have had the vaccine before you can live your life.  If you refuse to do that, the establishment is going to make it tough on you.  It will take away your rights and freedoms one by one until you finally submit and take the vaccine. That is the plan that you will see unfold in the future and they are already setting the stage for it today.  Just open your eyes to see it.  They are telling us what they are going to do and although most people believe that nothing so draconian is possible, it is possible because they will make it a reality and the reason is that they need everyone to get this unique ID.  That is the plan.  If you trust me about anything, please trust me about this.  I am warning you that this is what they are going to do.  

The end goal of all of this is to have every single person with a unique ID inside their body that can be easily scanned from outside their body.  The \”vaccine\” is a way to get the ID inside the body or maybe the ID is already inside the body (each person\’s DNA signature can be used to uniquely identify them) and all the \”vaccine\” does is to provide a way to easily scan that DNA signature.  Either way, what the end goal of this entire Covid 19 PSYOP is is to get everyone\’s bank account (it will be a digital bank account) under a central authority and to tie that bank account to a person using an ID that can be easily scanned.  There will be no need for cash or credit cards or bitcoin or any other currency or currency substitute.  You will be the credit card to be scanned that will be automatically tied to your digital bank account which is not under your control.  They will control your bank account, not you.  Everything will be controlled by them and you will control nothing.  This is the long range goal of these Jewish snakes and its happening right now under our noses.  

EDIT TO ADD:  In order for such a thing to happen, the freedom of society that we see today will have to be greatly reduced so they can enforce their economic system on society.  I envision a society living under martial-law type conditions permanently in order to make this a reality.  It may take a long time for this to happen but IMO this is the long range plan and (((they))) are going to implement it step by step until we get from where we are now to where (((they))) want everyone in the world to be, which is under their thumb.  I am talking about a Dystopic society.

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