Multiple Agendas of 9-11 and Covid 19

In my previous two posts (here and here) I stated that it is my very strong opinion that the goal behind the mass vaccination push for \”Covid 19\” is because the (Jewish) elite of the world wants to implement a system of economic control over every single person in the world so that the elite controls everyone\’s digital bank account and so that all monetary transactions in the world are using this cashless system.
But then I remembered an important lesson that I learned from my ten year study of 9-11.  When I first approached the 9-11 issue I was primarily interested in learning the real reason why it happened and not the fake \”terrorist attack\” reason that the main stream media beat into our heads a thousands times a day following 9-11-2001.  I expected I would find a single reason to explain it but what I discovered is that there were multiple reasons behind it, and I am going to be discussing these in this post. I realize the same thing applies to Covid 19.  It is a mistake to say there is one goal behind it when in reality there are multiple goals behind it.  That is what this post is about.
9-11 and Covid 19 are both PSYOPs, planned and executed by the very same people. Who are these people?  They are Jews and other elites. They are intelligent but very devious, deceptive and dishonest people who treat the rest of humanity as cattle to be manipulated by them. These people control the world. They plan things such as 9-11 and Covid 19 many years in advance and then execute them in order to accomplish multiples agendas or goals.  Each of these PSYOPs is just a means to a desired end.  Once you realize that then you can begin to look at what the various agendas are.  First we will look at 9-11 as a pre-cursor to discussing Covid 19. Remember, the same people who were behind 9-11 20 years ago are behind Covid 19 today, so we can apply the lessons learned from 9-11, especially about multiple agendas,  to Covid 19.
In the case of 9-11, all of the agendas for this PSYOP fall under one or more of these categories:  Control, acquiring control of oil/energy resources, making profit, transforming the world and helping Israel.  Following are all the major agendas of the 9-11 PSYOP I have been able to identify.
Agenda: Secure the future energy needs of the U.S. and its allies.  This falls under the categories of control and oil/energy.

One of the main reasons for the U.S. go invade and overthrow Iraq was for the U.S. to get control of the Iraqi oil fields.  I note that the very first thing the U.S. military did when they overthrew the Iraqi government is to secure all the oil fields, which were very important to the U.S.  Afghanistan had no real oil resources but the U.S. and its allies wanted to build a pipeline over Afghanistan territory to cheaply transport oil from central Asia to Europe.  One of the main reasons the Taliban government was overthrown was so that this pipeline could be built and controlled.  Oil was one of the main reasons behind the invasion of Afghanistan.

Agenda:  Change the Arab face of the middle east to make the middle east much friendlier to western nations and to Israel.  The U.S.A. achieved much more control of the post 9-11 middle east. This falls under the categories of control and world transformation.

Agenda:  Put fear into the American people to make them powerless to the changes being forced upon them by 9-11.  This falls under the category of control.

Agenda:  To make the American people feel Patriotic toward the U.S. Government.  This falls under the category of control, actually mind control.

By making it appear as if the U.S.A. had been brutally attacked by a foreign adversary, this caused the American people to want to rally around the flag and rally around the U.S. Government and basically to support whatever the U.S. Government wanted to do \”in retribution\” against those who had attacked it. The snakes needed the consent of the American people for the wars they were about to unleash in their name.
Agenda:  Secure much tighter U.S. Government control over the American people under the pretense of providing security.  This falls under the category of Control.
Note that the huge U.S.A. Patriot act provisions were written before 9-11 and then very quickly passed into law after 9-11.  Any member of Congress who objected to the draconian provisions of the Patriot Act received a nasty dose of military-grade Anthrax in the mail, courtesy of the CIA to scare them into compliance.  
Agenda:  Restrict air travel world wide between countries to control people\’s movements.  This falls under the category of control.

Agenda:  Help Israel by attacking its enemies (such as Iraq and Saddam Hussein) and to help prepare for \”Greater Israel\”.

Note that large parts of Iraq as well as the southern portion of Syria are planned to be Greater Israel sometime in the future.  Jews will make it so.
Agenda:  Demolish WTC towers 1 and 2 at little financial cost.

This is an agenda that most Americans are clueless about but WTC towers 1 and 2 were filled with Asbestos which would normally have to be removed at great expense before the two aging obsolete towers could be safely demolished.  In fact, it was deemed so expensive to remove the asbestos from these towers that it prevented them from being demolished.  But the snakes found a cheap way of doing it by demolishing the towers in a fake terrorist attack.  They just brought the towers down using a messy controlled demolition and allowed the asbestos to spread everywhere.  And then the corrupt U.S. Government officials told the people that it was safe to breath the air which they knew was a lie.  To this day nobody in the U.S. government has been held accountable for this (and they never will be).
Agenda:  Make money from 9-11.  This comes under the category of making profit.

In the first image above is the Jew Larry Silverstein, who just by coincidence happened to rent the WTC complex from the New York Port Authority in a 99 year lease not too long before 9-11.  He also, just coincidentally mind you, insured the WTC complex against terrorist attacks.  After 9-11 this Jewish Rat got a double insurance pay off on the two collapsed towers (WTC 1 and 2) by claiming that they were two different terrorists attacks and he received over 4 billion dollars in settlement.  Keep in mind that he was renting these buildings and was not the owner.  The owner was the New York Port authority but despite this, Lucky Larry Silverstein got a lot of money for free that the American people had to recompense.  This man is a vulture.

And now we come to the \”put options\” where various people made bets in the stock market that the stocks of the two major airlines involved in 9-11 would take a huge plunge.  The people who made these bets would only profit if the airline stocks plummeted.  This proves clear foreknowledge of 9-11 by some people who were definitely not terrorists living in caves.  The snakes could not help themselves from profiting from the great financial demise of these two airlines.  Jews are really great people though. Don\’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
And then, as if this wasn\’t already bad enough, Jews had the gall to blame the government of Iran for the fake terrorist attack and to hold Iran financially responsible for all the \”damage\” done during itNow that\’s chutzpah.
Agenda:  Demonize Osama Bin Laden.  This does not fall under any category but it deserves mention.

There has been a huge amount of disinformation spread about Osama Bin Laden but what my belief about this man is is that he was an Arab freedom fighter who very much resented what the U.S. and Israel were doing in the world and especially in the middle east.  He was a clear enemy of Israel.  And although he had assisted the U.S. by fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden had turned against the U.S. Bin Laden saw the U.S. as being a tyranny and he was fighting against it. So the U.S. and Israel were very happy to pin the blame for 9-11 on their shared enemy.  Osama Bin Laden was a pasty for 9-11 and nothing more.
Agenda:  Demonize Muslims and Islam so Americans hate them.  This falls under the category of control or mind control.
In order for the U.S. Government to wage war on Islamic middle eastern countries it was necessary for it to have the blessing of the American people to do so.  By making it appear as if Muslims had attacked American viciously and for no reason, many Americans came to hate Islam and Islamic nations and wanted the U.S. Government to seek revenge militarily for the attacks. 
Agenda:  Make money by going to war.  This comes under the category of making profit.

The U.S. had a huge war machine which was basically lying dormant after the collapse of the U.S.S.R.  Its very bad for profits if the U.S. has no enemy that it needs to go to war against to defeat.  So they created an enemy by staging a false terrorist attack against themselves to justify using the war machine and allocating many billions of more dollars to the war machine and the civilian (Jewish) investors in it.  Many people profited hugely from 9-11 just from the U.S. defense industry and military contractors such as Blackrock racked in HUGE profits.  It did not matter to these people if thousands of civilians in Iraq were killed and terrorized just so they could their war profits.  War is a hugely profitable business to some regardless of how harmful it is to the world.  They also declared a perpetual war on terrorism to justify spending money to fight it all over the world.  Mo Money.  Mo Money.  Mo Money.
Covid 19
In the case of Covid 19, all of the agendas for this PSYOP fall under one or more of these categories:  Control, making profit, transforming the world. Following are all the major agendas of the 9-11 PSYOP I have been able to identify.
Agenda:  Set the stage for a cashless society.  This falls under the categories of Control and world transformation.

Although few of the truth seekers talking about the Covid 19 vaccination program have seen this, I believe that the main purpose of it is to set the stage for a cashless society.  I like to refer to this cashless society as the Beast System because it mirrors in many ways the topic of the Mark of the Beast as discussed in the book of Revelation of the Christian Bible.  I plan to be making entire posts about what I see the Beast System is planned to be, but in this post I just want to state that this is IMO the real agenda behind Covid 19 as I have stated previously in this post and this post and other previous posts on this Blog. The wet dream of the Jewish bankers and the ultra rich and the control freaks running the world who see us all as nothing more than cattle is to have total control over our lives and the biggest control they can have, short of outright putting us all in chains in physical slavery is to put us in invisible chains in economic slavery.  The goal and the idea behind a cashless society is to have everyone\’s bank account in digital form under centralized control of the snakes.  Each person is assigned a unique identifier which is tied to their digital bank account.  This ID is either on the body or inside the body.  There is a method to easily scan the ID from outside the body and to transmit the information quickly to the central bank account, for example using the 5G and later 6G network.  Once this is in place then a completely cashless society becomes a reality. ALL financial transactions world wide are made using this system. This is what the Snakes are setting the stage for and they are using Covid 19 and the vaccination against it as a cover so the cattle will take their shots in ignorance and not realize what it is really for.  The Establishment does not give two fucks about us other than to control us and in terms of control, this system will give (((them))) total control of everyone\’s lives.  For example, under this system paying bills will be done automatically by them and not by you.  They will pay your bills for you when they are due and they do not need your consent to do so. All control of your finances is removed from your control and given to them under this system. When a bill is due they simply extract the amount from your digital bank account which is under their control.  You will have no control over this. Can you begin to understand how this would be the ultimate wet dream of Jews and others who want to control all financial matters?  In addition to controlling financial transactions, there will be no privacy at all because your ID can be used to track you in real time wherever you go in the world.  This is what (((they))) want and unless good people rise up to stop it this is what they will eventually get. I made a post not too long ago called a Thought experiment where I wondered what I would see if I could look at the world a hundred years in the future.  When I made that post, I was thinking of the Beast System and how much closer the world will be to total control and loss of privacy a hundred years from now.  We are just in the beginning stages of it, but the snakes plan and scheme in secret for many years in advance and they constantly push the world (which they control) so it conforms to how they want it to be.  Step by step, they march the world in lock step in order to transform it.  Its happening now right in front of your eyes.  
Possible Agenda: Depopulation and getting rid of the useless eaters and breathers.  This falls under the categories of control and world transformation.

I want to at least mention this as a possible agenda of the Covid 19 PSYOP.  Many other people have been discussing this on the internet, going so far as to call the Covid 19 vaccine a \”kill shot\”.  While I do not go that far, I do see that either the Covid 19 virus (if there is really one) or the vaccine against it could have a depopulation agenda.  This could happen in two different ways in terms of the vaccination.  First, the vaccination could kill the host and I note that there have been many deaths noted from taking the vaccine.  There was one specific case I think in a nursing home in France where most of the people at the nursing home died from taking the vaccination.  The vaccination killed these people and while that might be the exception rather than the rule, we cannot ignore it.  I do not know that everyone is being given the same thing in the vaccines.  For example there may be some vaccinations that really are kill shots to kill people such as those elderly in that nursing home who are not contributing anything to society. I do not know this but I would not put anything past the Snakes who are behind the Covid 19 PSYOP.  Second, the vaccination could make the host infertile where it is impossible for them to procreate, which would lead to eventual depopulation.  I note that the lying weasel Bill Gates was involved in a vaccination program in Africa that was determined to actually cause sterility and this was not by accident.  The snakes who rule the world want for certain people not to pro-create, especially people who inhabit certain territories in Africa that contain valuable resources that the Snakes want to steal for nothing, but I digress. I do not know what the long term harmful effects of receiving a Covid 19 vaccine are going to be for those who are foolish enough to take it into their bodies.  This remains to be determined. 
More to Come

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