Finally a post about the Covid 19 vaccination program

If you notice I have not said much about the Covid 19 vaccination program on this Blog and there have been several reasons for that.  First, a whole lot of other people are focused on this subject entirely, so much so that entire Blogs and web sites have been devoted to Covid 19 and the vaccination program that the Establishment is pushing on the people world-wide in almost every country.  I read these web sites and Blogs to see what they say but I have my own opinions and thoughts on the subject.  I happen to disagree with what a lot of other web sites are saying about the purpose of the vaccination program but it is enough for me if a web site or blog is telling people not to get the vaccine and not to trust it.  As long as a web site is saying that, at least I know that the people behind the web site are against the Establishment agenda of getting the entire planet vaccinated against Covid 19 and that makes them trustworthy even if I disagree with their consensus of what the real purpose of the vaccination program is.  For example, there are many web sites and Blog out there saying that the purpose of the vaccination program is to kill people (in other words, genocide) and they refer to the vaccine as a kill shot.  While I respect these people, I do not agree that the purpose of the vaccine is to kill people regardless of anything Bill Gates said about using vaccines to reduce population. I have never believed that and I do not believe it today.

My very first intuition about the vaccination program is that the vaccine for Covid 19 was really ID2020 in disguise. Here are links to some former posts of mine where I say what I believe is the real purpose of the vaccine program involving ID2020.

 I really hate to talk about the so-called Corona virus but in this post I will

Covid 19 for Dummies

The Two Worlds Paradigm example of Convid 19 (Corona Virus)

What I have thought about the reason behind Covid 19 and the vaccinations from the beginning is what I still think today, that the entire purpose behind this is get a unique ID inside of every person that can be easily scanned from outside the body, which is what ID2020 is really all about. ID2020 is what all the truth-oriented web sites should be talking about and warning people about and not that the vaccination program is going to be used for genocide.  IMO ID2020 is the real purpose of the entire world vaccination push but it is being disguised as the cure for a (imaginary) virus to get the public to accept it when normally the public would never want to accept something like this which would completely remove all of their privacy. 

Next, here are some links discussing ID2020, which you should read and understand.  I want you to be aware that Bill Gates who is pushing the world vaccination program is also heavily involved in the ID2020 program.  Once more, I do not say that I agree with all of the information in these links, some of which may be controlled opposition disinformation, but I provide them for your own research into this important subject.

ID2020: Digital Identity Alliance

Are they planning ID2020 as Mandatory implants for All as the Solution to the Crisis?

What’s ID 2020 And Are You Ready To Become Impacted By It?


Dr. Mercola: Bill Gates Horrifying ID2020 Quantum Dot Tattoo – a Rockefeller Tracking Plan

ID2020 Alliance: Global Mandatory Vaccinations + Biometric ID Integration

Microsoft Funds ID2020 And Filed Patent For A Device Connected To The Human Body (RFID Microchip?) For Buying And Selling Bitcoin

I have more to say about this topic but to prevent information overload for my readers, I will end this post here and make new posts discussing this.  I think it is extremely important that we understand what they are doing and why.  Watch for a future post on this subject after you have had a chance to digest all of this information.  I urge everyone to stop thinking about the vaccines as kill shots.  Even if some people are dying from bad side effects to the shots, which they are, that is not the purpose of them. It is not about killing people but about controlling them financially and economically.  I 100% believe this. 

2 thoughts on “Finally a post about the Covid 19 vaccination program

  1. It is all disinformation. The vaccine is to change DNA of humans to make people become less religious and much more liberal (accept and have multiple genders – over 500 genders such as LGBTQAI+), that is the agenda of the establishment. The Jews is somehow find a genius way to corrupt something so obivious such as gender, that really surprise me.Because if inject chip to people, there is ONLY ONE GENERATION has chip and the later generation 5 years or 10 years later – their sons, their grandsons don't have chip in them.


  2. I do not say that a chip is being injected into the body with the vaccine but an ID or perhaps the ID is the person's DNA signature which can already be used to uniquely identify a person and what is in the vaccine just makes it easily scannable from outside the body. IMO the vaccine will be something that all will be expected to get, even future generations. Laws may be passed where that all future babies will be injected with it. For the system I am talking about to be a reality, all people must get this ID assigned to them. This would mean all future generations. Think of this as like a digital social security card assigned to a person for their entire life which will be used to identify them in all monetary transactions.


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