Another shooting

As I said in a previous post, you can expect to see many shootings to come during the weeks and months and years of the Biden/Harris administration.  The latest shooting is one in Miami, Florida.  Here is that great bastion of truth CNN to tell you about it, because CNN LOVES to talk about shootings, either real ones or completely imaginary ones like the Sandy Hook School shooting (PSYOP).  CNN is the mouth piece of the establishment and whatever it says you can bet there is an agenda behind it.  The agenda with all the \”shootings\” is to make all the guns go away, first the big guns and later the handguns too.  I am sure that (((they))) want the second Amendment to go away completely but they can\’t do it all at once.  They can only do it in steps.  Every \”shooting\” is another step to bring the American people closer to that day when guns are finally banned completely, which is the Establishment\’s wet dream.  Until that happens expect to see shooting after shooting after shooting after shooting until you finally demand that the second amendment gets repealed.  Your Jew owned Congress person will be very happy to do that for you.

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