Two Queer Happenings

This post is about a chapter from a book written about JRS.  Before reading this, please read everything I have said on this Blog about Jewish Ritual Sacrifice up to now so that you understand the proper context for what you are reading, especially this post which connects a lot of dots.  I think what is said in the following chapter is very significant but first you must understand the background of JRS.  Once you understand this, you see the Jews as the conniving snakes they really are and not as the innocent peaceful people they pretend to be.  They are one thing to the non Jews in public and a completely different thing to only Jews in private.  How similar that is to the Two Worlds Paradigm, where there is one false reality the public is told is the truth and a completely different reality that is the actual truth in secret.  Open your eyes.

EDIT TO ADD:  I note that today Jews control all major governments so there would be no need today to bribe a custom house official or to murder him to keep the Jewish secret. They either own the custom house or they make sure their own corrupt people hold all the positions of authority.  Jews have gained control of all the major institutions of the world and this allows them to keep their secrets from being publicized.  If anyone wonders how could Jews get away with something as horrendous as JRS today, this explains it.  They own the world. They bought it.  If you own the money as Jews do, it is very easy to own the world.  Bribery, dishonesty and corruption make it possible. If anyone wonders why this world is so fucked up beyond recognition as it clearly is, this is the reason.  Jews have totally corrupted this world.

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