I am getting more discriminating in web sites I trust

I have noted that I am getting much more discriminating in the web sites I trust.  I do look at many other web sites to see what others are saying but I realize that over time I am becoming less satisfied with what many truth-oriented web sites call the truth.  Here is a web site that I used go to all the time and at one time I was satisfied that this web site was truthful but no longer.  My idea of truth has become more refined and this web site no longer satisfies my thirst.  Like many web sites, it is telling a version of the truth that is not really the truth.  After looking at everything it says I am left with a bad taste in my mouth and do not feel as if am getting the real truth.  Its what I refer to as \”spun truth\”, which is meant to appeal to the emotions of  a certain audience but its not really the truth.  In many ways it is bullshit and I reject its message.  In my quest for the truth I have gone far beyond what web sites such as this have to offer.  I seek a higher truth and this web site is never going to give me that so I am not going to go there anymore.  There are very few web sites that I know of that I feel I can trust, so few I can count them on the fingers of one hand and that is very sad but that is the nature of the internet.  Perhaps you can understand my feeling or maybe you have not climbed high enough on the truth ladder to do that.  One of the commenters of this Blog referred to me as a Detective who researches everything to come up with my own answers and the reason I do this is because I do not trust anyone out there to give me the truth.  I only trust myself.  I would much rather trust myself than to be misled or follow someone else to be limited to the answers they give me.  I provide my own answers to my questions that are often independent of what anyone else says. A guru is a person or web site or tv channel or whatever that a truth seeker goes to (or consults) to find the truth.  I do not require a guru because I have become my own guru.  The following is a great article by Miles Mathis where he talks about becoming your own Guru because no other guru can be trusted because they are controlled opposition.. The Establishment provides almost all the gurus itself in order to mislead people and prevent them from understanding the real truth.  Anyone who believes one of these establishment-provided gurus has not taken the red pill at all but a false red pill. They are clever snakes in sheep\’s clothing who are put there to deceive.  I understand perfectly what Miles Mathis is saying here because I have lived it.  While I disagree with Miles Mathis about some significant things, he sees a lot and this article is proof of it.  

What I finally understood – Miles Mathis

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