More About Jewish Ritual Sacrifice

This post is a continuation of a series of recent posts on this Blog concerning the topic of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice, abbreviated as JRS.  If you have not already done so, I invite you to look at my post titled Patterns of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice which I have reformatted and added to. Some readers of this blog may be tired of hearing about this subject and wonder why I am spending so much time investigating it and the reason I give is I think it is important for non Jews to fully understand what JRS is because this exposes the true nature of Jews and Judaism in the world both in the past all the way up to today. Anything this Blog can do to shed light on the secret bad behavior of Jews it will certainly do so that all non Jews know what Jews are really about at the highest levels of their secret society.  

Although some people disagree with me, I contend that Jews knew from long ago the benefits of certain hormones that are released into the bloodstream of humans who are tortured or very severely traumatized, benefits such as anti-aging and helping a person look and feel young far beyond what would normally be possible, and they actively sought out these hormones in the blood of JRS victims.  JRS may have many purposes but I contend that one purpose of it is to allow Jews to gain access to these hormones which they desire for various purposes.  

If you have ever heard of the term \”blood sucker\” applied to Jews, it is because of JRS.  The meaning of blood sucker when applied to Jews has been twisted to mean that Jews cheat and swindle non Jews at every opportunity concerning money and financial matters and while it is certainly true that Jews do cheat and exploit non Jews monetarily every chance they get this is not the original meaning of the term Blood sucker which has gotten lost.  The meaning of Blood sucker is that in the past Jews have been discovered sucking blood from (traumatized) victims of JRS.  Below is an image depicting this from ancient times.

What I contend is that there is no benefit to Jews from simply drinking blood but if hormones from a traumatized victim have been dumped into that blood because of the trauma before it is collected then there is a benefit to Jews from drinking it.  The blood is just a medium containing the hormones that the Jews are really after.  I contend that it is not the blood but the hormones contained in the blood that the Jews are really after. The hormones come from the torture inflicted on the victim before the blood collection.

I say that JRS is going on today just as much as in the past but today it is carefully hidden so that it is not exposed to non Jews and non Jews do not know about it.  JRS has not stopped but has gone deeply underground (to protect Jews) so there is nobody writing about any current instances of it as there was in the past.  It is completely hidden but still is going on just as much as in the past and the reason it has not stopped is because it is an integral part of Judaism

6 thoughts on “More About Jewish Ritual Sacrifice

  1. Bro, even the most uneducated, uncivilized people don't suck blood of animals. They only eat some eatable parts of animal but they have to heat up and cook the food properly first. And Jews suck blood of living humans directly like that (real blood, not mentaphor), it is really horrific. If I didn't slowly adapt to your blog contents by reading post by post, I would not belive in this unimaginable thing. However, I think I am redpill enough to know and believe these things because there are too many proofs.


  2. Do you think Joe Biden in 2021 look younger, stronger and more energetic than he is in the 2020 presidential campaign because of this Adrenochrome thing? I think they just gave him some \”hormone blood\” recently so he can work better. Joe Biden look old, senile and weak (at least compare to Donald Trump, who is more energetic and youthful) in 2020 presidential campaign but he is better now


  3. This was known for many hundreds of years in the past but Jews have purposely hidden the historical incidents of this so that people in today's time have no idea of it. In other words, Jews have memory-holed the entire concept so that nobody today knows about what earlier people knew. I am just trying to shed illumination on what the truth is. Yes, it is shocking but we cannot avoid the truth because it is shocking or disturbing. We must follow the truth wherever it leads, especially to places where the Jews do not want us to go.


  4. I have not payed much attention to Joe Biden but has exhibited IMO evidence of senility. As I have said on this Blog I think the establishment plans to replace him with Kamille Harris before his term ends because they really want a black woman to be president instead of a white man. We shall see. As for Joe Biden taking Adrenochrome, I do not know. Some people reading this blog have told me they doubt it even exists but I believe it or something like it exists that has the ability to make a person look and feel younger. I really do not know much about Adrenochrome and there is so much disinformation about it on the internet that I distrust a lot of what I read about it. I just try to keep an open mind and sniff out the core truth while rejecting all the obvious BS being spread about the topic. Of course the snakes spread disinformation everywhere they can to confuse and obfuscate the truth but I see past that and look for the real truth which they don't want us to know about.


  5. 4 tribes of Jews. All have around 21 genetic diseases. Kidney & other organ failures around 40% of population Jewry. Many need blood transfusions frequently, some need it several times a day. Many in the big R-child family died very young. You know who founded international red cross? Who funded organ transplants? 1880's Jack the Ripper with surgical skill removed & stole organs from the women (just 1 block from London Hospital (per FBI website)). Of course, that logic on organ theft for transplantation has been debunked by (((MEDIA))).


  6. I come from a jewish family and I've never, ever heard of this. I have heard a bunch of stuff about the american elite who are supposed undercover jews under mind control. The worst stuff really is, imo, just the stuff that is not hard to figure out- that religious fanatics control the money system and use it to fund war, torture, environmental destruction, miseducation, fake vaccines, \”overpopulation\” projects etc. etc. etc. I have heard \”survivors\” of the illuminati say that the political elite are all required to do ritual human sacrifice and such.


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