Satanic Ritual Murder vs. Jewish Ritual Sacrifice

I have been going down the rabbit hole recently on the topic of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice, which I abbreviate as JRS. In this post I want to discuss the similarities and differences between JRS and another type of murder/sacrifice in Satanism referred to as Satanic Ritual Murder. Comparing Judaism and Satanism is another rabbit hole in itself which deserves to be fully explored but the relationships between the two are so hidden and obscure that its very difficult to do that.  I have posited in more than one post on this blog that there is a hidden relationship between Judaism and Satanism which is very difficult to discern. Here is one such post where I question the relationship between Satanism and Jews.

But in this post I merely want to compare and contrast Satanic Ritual Murder with Jewish Ritual Sacrifice to try to determine what the similarities and differences between them are.  As I said before, this Blog freely goes anywhere to find the truth, even dark disturbing places that few are willing to discuss openly.   

Satanic Ritual Murder is a murder done in sacrifice to the deity of Satanism, which we are told is Satan.  It is often a very violent murder where the victim is horribly tortured before they finally die. Human Blood from victims of SRM is an important part of the ritual.  Sometimes this blood is collected in goblets and drank by Satanists during the ceremony.  There is no documented evidence that I have seen that blood from these ceremonies is collected in bottles and distributed for later rituals but that may be the case. These sacrifices happen to coincide with holidays that Satanists see important to themselves

Jewish Ritual Sacrifice is a murder done in sacrifice to the deity of Judaism, which the Jews call God.  It may be violent.  As noted by many people, many victims of JRS suffered torture, sometimes for days on end, before they were finally put to death.  Blood collection from the victim while they are still alive is an important part of JRS and this blood is distributed among Jews to be used in other Jewish rituals.  These sacrifices happen to coincide with important Jewish Holy days such as Passover and Purim.

From just looking at the above two paragraphs you can clearly see the similarities between Satanic Ritual Murder and Jewish Ritual Sacrifice which indicate clear parallels between Satanism and Judaism.  I do not say that Satanism and Judaism are the same but I do believe they share many common attributes with each other that are secret to most and this is what explains why the two co-exist in the world and never conflict with each other.  

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