A Word about Adrenochrome


As I was going down the rabbit hole on the topic of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice (see this post and this post), I connected some dots that I have never read anyone connect before so I wanted to make a post about this while it is still fresh on my mind. Here are two important dots that I want to connect for you in the case of JRS:
First dot:  As I noted in my post Patterns in Jewish Ritual Sacrifice, blood from JRS victims is always collected from the victim while they are alive and never after they are dead.  Only after blood has been collected from the living victim is the victim put to death.
Second dot:  Victims of JRS are often found to be have tortured, sometimes for days on end before they are killed.
In this world, you have to think for yourself and not wait for others to give you answers to the questions you have.  I asked myself, why would Jews want to torture their victims sometimes for up to three days before finally collecting their blood and killing them?  Of course one answer that many people have come up with is that these Jews are just evil people who hate non Jews and Christians so much that they love to torture them but another answer jumped out at me right away when I thought about Adrenochrome.  Adrenochrome is a hormone that is released into the blood of the human body when it is under severe trauma.  Severe torture of a victim would cause this hormone to be released into the blood stream.  It is said that this hormone Adrenochrome is highly prized because of its qualities.  It is also said that the purest form of Adrenochrome comes from young kids and not from adults.  Note that in JRS most of the victims are young children and not adults.  Although adults are sometimes chosen as victims of JRS, for example Catholic Priests, Jews seem to target young non Jewish children as JRS victims.  
It is the torture aspect of JRS prior to the blood collection that got my interest in the most that the entire reason for the torture is to get the JRS victim to release Adrenochrome into the blood which is then collected.  Do you see the connection between torturing the victim and then collecting blood from the tortured victim that has the Adrenochrome released into it?  The more torture, the more Adrenochrome would be released into the blood.  In some cases of JRS the victim had been tortured for three days before the blood was finally collected and the victim killed.  
This post is just to get you thinking that torture is done during JRS for the specific purpose of getting the Adrenochrome into the blood, which is then drank or used in food or other rituals.  Adrenochrome is also important in Satanic rituals where torture is also used on still living victims to get the blood laced with Adrenochrome so they can drink it in their Satanic ceremonies.  I want to end this post with various links discussing Adrenochrome for your further research down this rabbit hole. Once more I am not saying I agree with all these links or sources so read these with discretion.

2 thoughts on “A Word about Adrenochrome

  1. I respect your opinion but here is my opinion.I think it is a disinformation. The andrenochrome thing is mostly from Q-anon, a disinformation campaign from the establishment with load of genuinely dumb and bullshit conspiracy theories which are deliberately and carefully created to mislead people and make them think conspiracy theorists are dumb – just as their good plan. Let me tell you why this andrenochrome thing sound so logical and interesting but it is actually a disinformation:1) they said Andrenochrome is immortality serum, it is too delusional and ridiculous. Nothing can make people become immortal. We never see immortality. All Jews will die just like all people, we see no Jews in particular and no one in general has immorality through history.2) Andrenochrome can be created purely in the lab. No need to kill people to get this. They can get the purest form of andrenochrome, even purer than Andrenochrome from kids, from this lab method.3) The adrenochrome things are allowed to be discussed in most establisment-controlled websites, while the things like \”history of Jewish ritual sacrifice\” is not allowed. This is a trap4) I think this theory is vastly exaggerated to make the thing \”blood sacrifice\” become unbelievable (cannot believe) because you just need hundreds thousand of kids for all the political leaders, congressmen, celebrities, CEO…etc…hundred kid is definitely not enough for many of them although it is a very big number, hundreds of thousand. The blood is for ritual and some Jews, it is not that common among a significant part of population.5) Q-anon. I think they torture people and drain their blood simply they want to please their evil God. They must be as evil as possible like their evil God. They must make the victims become as terrified and suffering as possible by letting them let slowly and painfully overtime by these ways. Their God are absolutely evil and he want his followers prove their evilness and savagery by these rituals, to train his followers become as evil as possible to be closer to him and his level of evil.


  2. I believe that there is truth to the Adrenochrome story despite the fact that it was spread by the disinformation PSYOP known as QAnon. Just because QAnon said it does not mean its not true and I tend to believe this. Undoubtedly there is a huge amount of disinformation being spread about this on the internet but at the bottom of all the disinformation I detect that there is a truth that is being hidden, and it is that hidden truth I am after regardless of what all the trolls and Trump supporters are saying about it to use it as a tool to demonize Hillary Clinton and Hollywood liberals. I am aware of all that garbage but I sense there is a central truth here about hormones that are released into the blood of traumatized victims and these hormones are desired for their qualities such as anti-aging. I understand why you would want to completely dismiss the entire concept as imaginary bullshit but I caution you not to just dismiss it but to look past all the purposely spred disinformation to the central truth. Let me address your numbered points. 1) Of course its not an immortality serum but I believe it can be used to slow the effects of aging on a person and make them look and feel young for much longer than they normally would without it. 2) Perhaps. 3) This is a good argument and I can see how the establishment would want to do this as a way to discredit people who believe this concept. 4) The disinformation concerning Adrenochrome could be used to make the general public disbelieve in blood sacrifices and no doubt this is at least part of the reason behind it. But these blood sacrifices DO exist. 5) I have condemned QAnon many times on this Blog but as I said just because a disinformation agent is saying something does not mean its not true. For example, CNN (a clear disinformation agent) said that Trump lied about many things and this is true, Trump did lie about many things. Just because CNN said Trump lied cannot be used as evidence to say that Trump did not lie, but the far right does that exact same thing, using CNN's attacks on Trump as proof that Trump is good. One cannot fall into that stereotypical thinking. Look at each subject being discussed and don't be influenced by the messenger of the topic. Even a bad messenger can sometimes speak the truth. Addressing your final paragraph, you may be correct that the reason behind the torture in both JRS and Satanic ritual abuse and murder is simply because they are evil and do it to cause pain and misery in their victims. It could be just that and nothing more but I still think that causing severe trauma in the victim causes something to be released into the blood that is desired by those who consume it and this is at least part of the reason for the torture/trauma prior to the blood collection. But I admit I do not know and this my own speculation.


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