They are lying about the number of people who have been vaccinated

They are lying about the number of people who have been vaccinated.  First, I want to stress that I have not read anyone saying this before.  Nobody told me this but nobody had to tell me.  Once you become aware of the true nature of our enemy then you understand what they do and why.  Remember that during this plandemic, the number of people who allegedly \”got\” Covid 19 was HUGELY overinflated.  In fact, they completely stopped counting deaths from other causes for a long time and just classified all deaths as being from Covid 19 regardless of the cause.  It is an undisputed fact that they did this and it is no surprise why.  In case you do not know why they did this, allow me to explain in the following paragraph.

Covid 19 is a PSYOP.  It has always been a PSYOP and the purpose of the PSYOP is to get every single person vaccinated with a \”Covid 19 vaccine\”.  What they call a vaccine against Covid 19 I call something else but that is not important here.  What is important is that the goal of the Covid 19 planedemic is to get every single person \”vaccinated\”.  It served the interest of the Snakes behind this PSYOP to hugely overinflate the death toll and to make it appear that Covid 19 is an extremely deadly disease so that people would want to get vaccinated to protect themselves.  I mean, if a virus is not really deadly (or does not really exist at all) then why would anyone want to get vaccinated against it?  No, the people had to believe that Covid 19 was a real death threat to induce them to get the vaccine and so all deaths were classified as Covid 19 deaths for this purpose.  It was all about tricking people into taking the vaccine voluntarily.  But how many people have really taken the vaccine?  That is the topic of this post.

Just as the snakes of society hugely overinflated the death toll to induce ignorant people to take the vaccine out of fear, I contend that the snakes of society are also hugely overinflating the number of people who have received the vaccine for the very same purpose.  If a person who does not know better hears on the TV and radio repeatedly that everyone is getting the vaccine, then its much more likely that that person will feel comfortable about taking the vaccine him or herself since they believe that everyone else is doing it.  It serves the interest of the snakes of society for people to believe that hundreds of millions of people are taking the vaccine willingly and voluntarily and that it is completely safe.  Hey, everyone is doing it so you should do it too.  That is what the Snakes want the people to believe but I contend that the reality is different than what the MSM wants us to believe.  I contend that the actual number of people who have voluntarily taken a covid 19 vaccine is far less than what is being reported in the main stream media.  The main stream media is hugely overinflating the count of the vaccinated as a way to manipulate the unvaccinated public into willingly taking the vaccine.  As I said, nobody told me this but I know it because I know my enemy.  I know my enemy lies and deceives all the time and I trust nothing it says to be the truth and neither should you.  Everything the MSM does is part of an agenda to manipulate and control the public in a certain way.  After you see it enough times then you recognize what is happening.  

So the next time you hear CNN tell you that over half of the American population has received a Covid 19 vaccine, don\’t you believe it.  CNN is just telling you what they want you to believe.  The truth is what they never tell you.  They always have an agenda for everything they say and do.  Never forget that. 

4 thoughts on “They are lying about the number of people who have been vaccinated

  1. There is something very fishy in this \”vaccine\”.There has been news that people who got vaccinated against Covid 19, still got the disease. Then they say that it doen't always work, but it lessens the symptoms.


  2. As I said, Covid 19 is a PSYOP to get people to take the \”vaccine\”. Of course its not a vaccine against Covid 19 at all. What it is remains to be determined. It could just be a placebo which does nothing but make a lot of corrupt bastards rich or it could have another far more nefarious purpose. I will say this, anyone who does voluntarily take the vaccine is an idiot who deserves whatever symptoms they get from it, including death. But the really horrible thing is that they are giving this vaccine to kids. God help us that humanity has reached such a low point.


  3. You are not alone in seeing the lying whore media deception..I fact here where I live, I have reported for months on how ALL other cases of real respiratory illnesses and deaths have suddenly turned into COVID-19 FALSE cases..And their figures make NO SENSE and have no actual basis on fact at all… It is all deception and lies


  4. This is true. The snakes have unmasked themselves for anyone who is awake to clearly see. Unfortunately, so many people are not awake and blind and deceived and this is what the snakes count on. It is up to people such as you and me to help to awaken all those sleeping clueless people who have no idea what is going on. We are the new honest main stream media since the old one has been totally corrupted by Jews and their minions. If honest people want a place to go for the news, they should come to people like us who will tell them the truth instead of CNN and Fox who will only tell them self serving lies.


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