Patterns in Jewish Ritual Sacrifice

In my previous post I discussed a forbidden topic known to many as Jewish Ritual Murder.  I prefer to use the term Jewish Ritual Sacrifice because as I understand it, these murders are sacrifices by Jews to the Jewish deity.  Whatever you or I may think of what the Jewish deity really is or whether it is real or imaginary is irrelevant.  These murders are sacrifices for the Jewish deity and I think it is more accurate to refer to them as sacrifices and not just simply as murders which is ambiguous.  But in this post I want to note some patterns that I have observed when looking at all the past cases of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice that others have noted with the goal of attempting to learn the true purpose of these sacrifices. I did not say that this would be a pleasant subject to learn about (it isn\’t) but we cannot avoid looking at the truth just because it is unpleasant and disgusting. So these are patterns of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice, which I will abbreviate as JRS. 

Victims of JRS are always non Jews who are kidnapped and killed by Jews. Young children are common victims of  JRS although sometimes adults are the targets.  The reason for young children being chosen may be due to convenience (ease of kidnapping) or there may be a goal to target children because of their innocence. Also I want to note that thousands of children disappear each year and are never found and it would be very easy for some of these missing unaccounted for children to be secret victims of JRS.  It appears that Christians are targets of JRS over non Christians, for example a Catholic Priest may be targeted simply because he is a Christian who represents the Christian church which many Jews hate.

Human blood is always taken from victims of JRS and this blood is distributed among Jews (for example in bottles) to be used in Jewish rituals and this is the primary reason for JRS.  Although completely hidden from non Jews, it is a requirement of the Jewish Religion to routinely commit JRS to get human blood to use in Jewish Religious rituals.  

It is an important part of JRS that the blood be collected from the victim of JRS while the victim is still alive.  Blood is never taken after the victim is dead, only while the victim is alive and this is a core part of the ritual.  Jews require fresh blood from a still living victim for their rituals. Only after the blood is extracted from the body will the victim be killed. 

The methods of getting this blood from victims of JRS have changed over time.  In the past it was the custom to make multiple stab wounds all over the body of the JRS victim to get the blood to drain out as quickly as they could.  Sometimes a barrel with spikes inside was used.  A human baby or small child would be placed inside the barrel and it would be rolled down a hill.  In the process the child would be pierced by the spikes all over and killed and the blood would fill the barrel.  All the Jews had to do was to open the barrel and collect the blood afterwards.  Below is an image of a child JRS victim inside of one of these barrels with Jews collecting the blood from the dead victim:

The Blood drained from JRS victims is commonly collected in a large pan or bowl such as the one shown in the image at the top of this post.  After the blood has been drained from the victim into this bowl then it is put into one or more containers such as bottles and the blood is distributed among members of the Jewish race particularly to Rabbis in Synagogues to be used in Jewish Religious rituals. Below are more images of blood being collected during JRS.  In every image below you can see the pan or bowl or sometimes even a bucket being used to collect the blood drained from the JRS victim.  Also note in these images how well dressed the Jews are, indicating these are very wealthy individuals at the highest levels of Jewish society who are conducting the JRS.  Its never poor peasant Jews who are involved in JRS but wealthy Jews who are the heads of Jewish society.  This is yet another pattern of JRS, that it is performed by the wealthiest leaders of Jewish society. 

Besides collection of blood, it has been noted that torture of JRS victims is common place, sometimes for days on end, before the victim is finally put to death.  See this article for incidents where torture of JRS victims was noted. I can only speculate why they would torture JRS victims if all Jews want is their blood.  What I contend is that JRS victims are tortured to cause hormones such as Adrenochrome to be released into the blood which is then collected. I note that in Satanic rituals torture of victims is very common.  See this post about Adrenochrome.
JRS usually happens to coincide with one of the three prominent Jewish Religious holidays and these are as follows: Purim, Passover and Hanukkah.  Easter is another time when JRS commonly happens as it coincides with the birth of Jesus who many Jews hate and despise. 
There is a misconception that Jews make these sacrifices because they hate non Jews but this is not the case.  These sacrifices happen because they are a core part of the Jewish Religion, hidden from Non Jews, which Jews believe that their deity has commanded them to do.  So when Jews commit JRS they do not see themselves as doing evil.  They see themselves as obeying their God\’s command.  It is a Religious Duty to them.  If you ask the question how could a Jew not feel guilty or not think they were doing wrong by killing another human being to get their blood, just remember that the Jewish Religion does not view non Jews as being human beings.  According to Jewish Religion, non Jews are animals and animals can be freely sacrificed and treated in any way imaginable that others would see as inhumane. This view of non Jews as animals is one of the main reasons why Jews can commit all manner of evil against non Jews and not see it as being wrong.  
It is my opinion that Jews use this human blood collected during JRS among other things in Occult rituals involving the Jewish Kabbalah, etc.  Jews are involved in Black Magic and they use human blood collected from non Jews who have been violently murdered in these occult rituals.  This is as far down the rabbit hole as I have ventured but someone who is not a Jew needs to go down to the very bottom of this rabbit hole and shine a light around and tell us what they see.  I think that I would be horrified to discover the truth about the way high level Jews hate and conspire against non Jews in a very wicked way.  I want to go further and say that I have posited that there is a relationship between Judaism and Satanism.  I could never say what this relationship is but in this paragraph I think you see the relationship.  The God that Jews worship at the highest level is to me unspeakably evil.  
Sometimes marks or patterns are cut into the skin of JRS victims that has to do with Jewish occult rituals.  Specifically, representations of Jewish symbols or Hebrew letters may be cut into the skin of JRS victims that has a specific meaning in the Jewish ritual.
Sometimes Hebrew curses against Non Jews and especially against Christians are spoken during JRS.  This is IMO part of the occult ritual aspect of JRS.
Some child victims of JRS are purposely sold to the Jews for gold or money by the child\’s parent(s) or by the child\’s caregiver or by complete strangers who have kidnapped children for the specific purpose of selling them to the Jews in exchange for gold/money.  I note that it is possible that some of the many child abductions reported today may be from strangers who are making money by kidnapping children and selling them to Jews in secret.
In the past it has been observed that crucifixion of JRS victims occurred in many cases.  This still may be the case today in secret JRS ceremonies attended by only Jews.  The reason behind the crucifixion appears to be a mimicking of the crucifixion of Jesus who many Jews hate and despise. 
In the past it has been observed that forced circumcision of previously uncircumcised JRS victims occurred in many cases. Since many non Jews are circumcised from birth today (I contend not for health reasons but because Jews have influenced this to happen because they think everyone should be circumcised) this probably happens much less frequently today.  You might ask why would Jews want to circumcise someone who they were going to kill anyway?  That is a good question and only the Jews can answer it but I can only guess that Jews have had a goal of getting everyone circumcised from long ago and whenever they encountered someone uncircumcised then they would be compelled to perform that ritual on the uncircumcised person.  Who the fuck knows why they would do it but they did in many cases when the body was discovered circumcised afterwards.
For whatever reason, victims of JRS are never buried under the ground to conceal their bodies after death.  I note that it would be extremely easy for Jews to hide what they had done by burying the victims but they never do this and I contend that there is a reason why they never do it that is a part of the Jewish ritual procedure which I as a non-Jew do not understand.  The body of the JRS victim may be dumped somewhere on top of the ground in a remote area or it may be thrown down a well or into a river or a lake. The body may be cut up into pieces and distributed.  The body may be dropped into a pit. The body may be incinerated or disposed of in other ways but it is never buried under the ground and there is a specific reason for this that is known only to Jews.  Perhaps Jews believe that only humans should be buried under ground and because JRS victims are not seen as human since they are non Jews, they are not buried under ground for this reason.  This is just my speculation.

7 thoughts on “Patterns in Jewish Ritual Sacrifice

  1. So Satanism just change its name to Judaism so that humanity who fear the word \”Satan\” don't destroy this demonic religion


  2. No, I don't say that Satanism changed its name to Judaism. Judaism and Satanism both exist but they are of the same \”God\” if you will. You can say that they worship the same God in different ways. Satanism is pure evil. Judaism says it is good (to Jews at least) but its very racist and it condemns non Jews to slavery and being treated like animals. Its certainly not good. And behind the scenes Jews are making human sacrifices of non Jews. I do not fully understand Judaism and I do not claim to but I do state that it is not a good Religion. It is racist and has evil intent toward non Jews. It should not exist.


  3. Judaism (including the Talmud) is the entire reason that the Jewish Problem exists IMO. Judaism both condones and influences bad Jewish behavior of every kind toward non Jews. If there was no Judaism there would be no Jewish Problem. Judaism is the root cause.


  4. I wonder if they do it frequently every years and do not bury the corpses to completely hide them, so why do many courses are still out here but no one discover them? If people see the unburied corpses (which people are very likely to see because the corpses are extremely bad-smelling that can easily be sniffed from long distance, and the corpses are on the ground anyway so they are much easier to see or discover), they will post the pictures or videos of these corpses in various social medias (facebook, youtube…etc..) and the news (whether mainstream or tabloid) will have to post the articles about the corpses…WHAT SURPRISE ME THE MOST IS THAT JEWS HAVE DONE THESE EXTREMELY HORRIFIC THINGS SO MANY TIMES IN SO MANY DIFFERENT PLACES AND GET SEVERE PUBLIC ATTENTIONS IN THESE PLACES, EVEN GET WRITTEN THEIR HORROR IN MANY HISTORICAL BOOKS, AND YET THEY STILL CAN GET AWAY FROM THESE BAD REPUTATION OF THE PAST AND LIVE WELL TODAY AND CLIMB TO THE TOP OF POWERS IN ALMOST ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE.Today, the Jews and the country Israel even get worshiped in Asia (non-Christian countries).


  5. First of all, secrecy about their rituals is very important to Jews. After getting some very unwanted publicity in certain cases such as the five Chicago school children discovered in the 1955 case with the three naked boys just dumped on top of the ground in a remote area, Jews have learned to cover their tracks. We know that in at least one famous case from the past of a murdered Catholic Priest they cut up his body and put the remains in a sewer. Who knows how the Jews would get rid of the bodies in secret. Incineration would be a way but there are many other ways. As for what you say in the second paragraph, Jews have extreme influence in the world both to control what is said (for example in the main stream media) and also to kill investigations and court cases involving them. They control the world's money supply so they use bribery to silence witnesses, bribe judges not to even try cases involving them, etc. I believe Jews own much of LE and the legal system in many countries so they can get away with almost anything. Jews control the world but in secret so you should not be so shocked that they can get away with these things. You should just open your eyes to the reality of the Jewish problem that has been in existance for thousands of years. Its not new. The only thing that is new is that the Jews are getting bolder and their control has become such that they can now stage world wide PSYOPs like Covid 19. That should sound the alarm bells of what Jews can do with their power and control and they can get away with basically anything. Are you awake to that?


  6. I just read your post again. Here is my opinion, I think all Jews no matter rich or poor who attend the rituals must dress really well to show their respect to their God and this serious rituals, not just the rich one. They all have to dress well in important religious ceremonies just like other people in other religions, no matter rich or poor. In current day, I think the rich Jews are very busy with their multiple businesses, therefore, the Jews who do this kinds of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice maybe the secret poor ones but not exactly poor, they just aren't so busy like the top ones, the poorer ones just get \”welfare\” or money from the tops one to live well. The poorer one will have a lot of free time to do this complicated horrific religious things.


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