What Jews really think about Non Jews

This Blog serves multiple purposes.  One of the main reasons I started it was not to talk about Jews at all but to point out obvious cases of deception in the world such as the Apollo Moon Landings and the Sandy Hook School Shooting.  To me, pointing out that these things are indeed lies is much more important than pinning blame for them on Jews and their minions.  But ultimately all of these deceptions when fully investigated and explored eventually does get back to the Jews.  But the purpose of this post is to provide some links to web sites and information that explain how Jews really feel about Non Jews and the total contempt that Jews have for other races.  When one realizes that Jews view their race as superior to all others and that they view members of other races as being like animals compared to them, well, it helps to explain why Jews would have no morality about lying to and deceiving non Jews who are not even considered human to them.  It was very shocking for me to realize this but after seeing enough examples of it from high level Jewish sources, I came to accept that this is the truth and in fact this racism is encoded in the Jewish religion.  Although the Jews go to great lengths to hide the true racist, Jewish Supremist nature of Judaism and the Talmud, it is there in writing for any Goy to see who wants to know bad enough how Jews view non Jews.  This is a depressing subject and you might not want to know it but then again, knowing it might wake you up to the reasons why this world is so full of lies and deception everywhere such as the Convid 19 plandemic.  If you want to begin to understand these things then you need to understand the thinking of high level Jews, because ultimately high level Jews are the source of these deceptions.  So with this introduction the rest of this post are links to what I believe are informative articles that describe the Jewish Problem or Jewish Question.  These are topics for further research for myself and for you if you want to know more about this.  I have not really gone down the rabbit hole on the full Jewish question but at least I am aware of it.  So here are the links.  Look at them if you will.

Judaism on “Who is human? Who is not?”

Who is Human?  Who is Not?

The Soul of a Jew and the Soul of a Non-Jew

What Does Rabbinic Judaism Say About What Makes Jews and Gentiles Different?

British Jewish Scholar Comes Close to Admitting the Jewish Racism in the Talmud.


Jewish Manipulation of World Leaders

Ban the Talmud as hate speech


The Muzzled Jacek Miedlar Shares His Expansive Knowledge on Jews.

2 thoughts on “What Jews really think about Non Jews

  1. I think Judaism is actually Satanism (or Demonism, because I am not sure if Satan is a good God or a evil God, but I am sure the God of the Jews and the Christians are evil God because I real all the horrific things in the Talmud and the Bible). If this racist demonic religion called as Satanism, people will kill this religion instantly because they fear the word \”Satan\”, however, this religions is called \”Judaism\”, so people don't care.


  2. I want to make clear that I am not an atheist but I do not believe in the Jewish Deities known by many as Jehovah and Satan. These are basically terms given to us by Jews. The entirely of Christianity including the concept of a Messiah or Savior is given to us by Jews. I do not trust Jews AT ALL and I do not allow Jews to define reality for me. That is the mistake I see so many non Jews making without even being aware of what they are doing and this is mainly because they have been conditioned from birth to believe in Christianity. I too was conditioned to believe in Christianity but I have come to view it in the proper context as something being created and controlled by Jews to deceive and control non Jews. Of course Jews would be involved in using Christianity to control the world. Only a naïve person would believe otherwise. I said all that to say that I do not believe in Satan as an actual spiritual force or Deity as you appear to believe. I believe in evil Jewish men conspiring to control the world. That is what I believe in. You can leave both Satan and God out of it as far as I am concerned. As for Satanism, I see it as a Religion very much the opposite of Christianity. While Christianity is a Religion of good, Satanism is a Religion of evil. Neither requires an actual deity to be behind them but only the belief in a deity as part of the religion. I caution you not to believe in Jewish false deities but to put your focus on men on earth who are ultimately behind both Christianity and Satanism. As for the relationship between Satanism and Judaism I have posited there is a relationship on this Blog but I do not understand it. Perhaps Judaism is Satanism but Jews have blurred the line between a good God and an evil God so much so that its impossible for me to tell. Everything appears to serve the Jews, which is a big hint that Jews are behind both Judaism and Satanism.


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