Fleet Russell White Sr.

The Two Worlds Paradigm Example of Fleet Russell White Sr.

The Two Worlds Paradigm

FALSE WORLD EXPLANATION:  Fleet White Sr. was just some old man living in Aspen, Colorado who just happened to be the father of Fleet White Jr.  Fleet White Sr. was not rich.  He wasn\’t a powerful person.  He did not own anything significant.  John Ramsey in his book said that Fleet White Sr. might have owned a gas station in California, but that\’s it.  Fleet White Sr. was in Aspen Colorado or in Southern California in December 1996 when the JonBenet Ramsey murder took place.  Fleet White Sr. had no involvement whatsoever in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.  

REAL WORLD EXPLANATION:  Fleet White Sr. is a mysterious person with a hidden past.  He is the father of Fleet White Jr.  Fleet White Sr. was a very wealthy powerful well connected man who I contend was very likely a 33rd Degree Level Freemason but good look finding proof of that.  Fleet White Sr. was the owner of a significant oil company in California named Fleet Oil Company which I contend still exists today that is even bigger and more powerful than when Fleet White was alive..  His son, Fleet White Jr. was employed in his father\’s oil company.  John Ramsey lied in his book when he said that Fleet White Sr. might have owned at most a gas station in Southern California.  John Ramsey was fully aware of Fleet White Sr.\’s oil company and that his son (Fleet White Jr) was employed in it.  Fleet White Sr. was in either Boulder Colorado or Denver Colorado or the area around them in December 1996 when the JonBenet Ramsey murder took place.  Fleet White Sr. was present at the location where JonBenet Ramsey was murdered.  Fleet White Sr. is one of the prime suspects as being the murderer of JonBenet Ramsey but this information has been completely concealed from the public to protect him.  

I have made a lot of posts about Fleet White Sr. on this Blog because I contend he is the prime suspect in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey based upon the testimony of Nancy Krebs.  Following is a list of links to previous posts I have made about this man in an attempt to shed light on who he really was and about Fleet Oil Company.

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Obituary for Fleet White Sr from the Aspen Times in 2006

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The West Mahala Southern California Oil Field

The 1997 New Year\’s Day party in Aspen, Colorado

Ron Nunn of Brentwood, California

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More to Come

3 thoughts on “Fleet Russell White Sr.

  1. I find a one trait that the truthers or truth websites or truth youtube channels if has this trait must be Jewish owned minions/ liars/puppets/disinformation agents. The trait is that they believe the Covid-19 \”pandemic\” is real. They tend to avoid talking about Covid-19, and if you try their best to find about Covid-19 contents in their blogs/websites/youtube channels, they will say that this \”serious pandemic\”, \”awful pandemic\”, \”disaster disease\” is created by the Jews, the rich elite…etc….they are maybe correct in the later part but they completely false in the first part. I used to trust a youtube truth channel deeply but I find one of their video claim like the above, which mean he himself think the pandemic is real. I am in shock, I think he must be a disinformation angent and all my trust on him, on all his previous \”truth\” videos are destroyed. Or maybe some truthers are really trustworthy but they are dumb enough to believe this Convid-19 bullshit is a real pandemics?


  2. Very good point you make. As I have tried to make clear on this blog, the internet is filled with disinformation agents disguised as honest people. Even if the name the Jews as behind things just to give themselves credibility with an increasingly Jew-aware public, it means nothing in terms of their honesty. A snake can learn the language of truthers and use that language to deceive other truthers but it's just controlled opposition and not real opposition to the Jewish snakes. But as for your post you are absolutely correct. Any web site or YouTube channel or whatever that treats the pandemic as real and not a PSYOP is absolutely not to be trusted. In fact you can use this as a simple truth test for any person or web site to see if they treat the pandemic as real or false. You shall know them by their fruits.


  3. And the very same thing can be said about the George Floyd murder and the Derek Chauvin trial. Anyone treating these things as real and not PSYOPs is absolutely not to be trusted. The snakes are everywhere spreading the lies everywhere they can. You have to be wise enough not to be deceived. Remember this one simple fact: what they want you to believe is usually not the truth at all. The truth is what they don't tell you, that perhaps nobody tells you, that you have to figure out on your own. Trust no man to tell you the truth. Only trust yourself.


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