Big Brother Google is looking at me again

I must be doing something right for this to happen.  Time to back up my entire Blog again in case the Jews at Google decide to pull the plug on it.  Yes, this Blog is on a Google platform and so Google could easily kill it if they wanted to in the very same way as Google killed my long existing Youtube account.  I already know the story.  Someone reported my Blog to Google because they do not like the content and now Big Brother Google is looking at my Blog to see if I have stepped over the line.  Google already censored one of my posts on this Blog about the Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax but otherwise they not have molested it.  I said before that if any more censorship by Google happens on this Blog then I will switch to a different platform outside of Google\’s control.  But I just wanted to let my readers know that Google Big Brother is looking at me and so that although I don\’t think it will happen but if this Blog were suddenly pulled off the air then you will know that this is the reason.  If that does happen, I have the blog fully backed up and I will immediately move to another platform.  

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