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In a previous post I revealed Derek Chauvin to be a Hoax and part of a PYSOP.  In this post I want to give other links that point to the entire George Floyd murder as being a PSYOP but before I do I want to expose a Conspiracy theory that has been purposely created to discredit the concept of this being a PSYOP.  As I was researching I found a lot of links for example on saying that Derek Chauvin was Ben Bailey.  You have to see through this trick.  The evil Snakes of the world purposely spread lies like this that anyone can see is not true (the man in the video playing the role of Derek Chauvin is clearly not Ben Bailey) just so they can discredit anyone who says that the George Floyd Murder is a PSYOP.  Do you understand what I am saying?  I am saying that the Establishment knows that honest people are going to expose this PSYOP and so they create their own web sites saying it is a PSYOP but then they put an obvious lie in it that anyone can see through to discredit ALL websites saying it is a PSYOP.  When a normie researches on a search term like \”Derek Chauvin\” + PSYOP, chances are good that he is going to see one or many of these disinfo sites come up.  He will read it and he will reach the conclusion that these Conspiracy nuts have to be blind not to know that Derek Chauvin is not Ben Bailey and so Joe Normie will automatically dismiss the possibility that the George Floyd murder was a PSYOP and conclude that it must have been real.  He will also probably have a bad opinion of all Conspiracy theorists and distrust anyone in the future who questions the Establishment story. Its time for Joe Normie to stop asking silly questions and go back to his football game and beer.  Just so you understand the game being played.  But in this post I will give some links to sites that question the Derek Chauvin narrative. I am not saying I agree with all these links but I include them here so that people can do their own further research into this incident.

Derek Chauvin Mug Shot looks Suspicious  

Russia Designates George Floyd “Incident” Psyop Operation—Warns CIA Is Main Target

Glaring Anomalies, Obvious Agendas in the Case of George Floyd

4 thoughts on “More Derek Chauvin Links

  1. If a person who has a widows peak (belong to a type of hair line) like Derek Chauvin in the picture of him kneeing on George Floyd shaved his own widows peak, do the old position of the widows peak still have some trait left, or this old position of widows peak will turn completely bald and become skin area?


  2. I find that people say they use the young mug shot picture of Derek Chauvin so he don't have widows peak like when he kneed on George Floyd. Here are two picture of Derek Chauvin (when he is older in the present time). One picture from a direct angle show he has widows peaks but another picture from the slightly lower angle that don't show he has windows peak because it is hidden from the view of camera:Picture from the angle that show the widows peak: from the angle that don't show the widows peak:


  3. I am aware of the windows peak in the first photograph but the windows peak is not what I consider to be in any way primary evidence of different people playing this role. Of course hair can be changed. A widows peak can be shaved off. My primary evidence is that the face of the two men is physically different both in facial shape and in the age of the person. As I said, the snakes of society are very good at finding near duplicate people to play the role of the same person. They do this in many cases, for whatever reason and this is another case in which they have done this. So I am not even looking at the widows peak as being really significant as evidence of this being a different person. I don't know why you chose to focus on that.


  4. You say the young mug shot of Derek Chauvin as if to imply that this mug shot was taken before the George Floyd murder, which is not the case. Clearly the mug shot photo was taken after the first photograph and not before, so I want to eliminate that if you are trying to imply that. They did not go back and find a younger picture of this man before the George Floyd murder and show that everywhere. The mug shot picture is later. I can see that you are unconvinced that these are different people but as I have said, the establishment is very good at finding near duplicates of the people and showing them as the same person and they use this deception frequently. You are choosing to be fooled by the drama that they want you to believe, which is your choice. I am not fooled. The entire George Floyd murder is deception to manipulate the masses and the Derek Chauvin Hoax is only one component of it. The man playing George Floyd in that video is also not the same person as the original George Floyd. You have to see through the lies. I can only lead you to the well. You have to open your mind to what is happening.


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