I Don\'t Believe in Pizzagate

I came to the conclusion years ago that the phenomenon known by many as Pizzagate was nothing but a PSYOP.  Even though there are many on the internet especially on the Right who talk about Pizzagate as factual and 100% real, it is not real and let me explain why I say this.

When the Pizzagate phenomenon first appeared shortly before the 2016 election, I was one of many people who was investigating the claims made by the pro-Pizzagate crowd to determine its truthfulness.  Although I tended to believe their claims based upon my own personal biases, I wanted to verify that what was being said is the actual truth and I diligently investigated all the major claims.  My goal in this investigation was NOT to debunk Pizzagate which I initially believed was honest and true but what I discovered on my own is that everything I investigated proved not to be true.  Although there was a huge amount of very tantalizing disinformation being spread around everywhere concerning this, when I investigated it I came up with nothing.  Pizzagate was all smoke and no fire and in the end the only thing that Pizzagate did was to help put a corrupt Jewish Billionaire in the White House who probably would never have been elected if there was no Pizzagate.  Because Pizzagate like QAnon is very politically one sided.  The people that Pizzagate went after were all Democrats and Liberals.  And since Pizzagate was happening right before a Presidential election, it had IMO a large influence on the 2016 election.  Everyone who believed in Pizzagate was going to vote for the Republican candidate (Donald Trump) and vote against the Democratic candidate (Hillary Clinton).  This was especially true in the case of Hillary Clinton, which Pizzagate hugely demonized, making her look like a face slicing Satanist who eats children for breakfast just to get their Adrenochrome.  Remember the Hillary Clinton emails which everyone in the Pizzagate campaign was scouring with a fine tooth comb to find evidence of her evil and Obama\’s evil?  Everything they came up with was incorrect and bullshit.  We were played big time.  It was all Bullshit but millions of Americans especially on the conservative right believed that shit and I really do believe that Pizzagate put Trump in the White House.  Looking back on the entire episode now I feel the same way about Pizzagate as I do about QAnon.  Both were PSYOPs that benefitted Donald Trump and Conservatives and the Republican Party and which completely demonized the Democratic Party and its leadership. Pizzagate was never real just as QAnon was never real.  They served their purpose by putting Trump in the White House but now everybody should see them as the frauds they actually were.

Pizzagate was not real

Everything QAnon said is a lie, including the Deep State and the Cabal.

Trump was NEVER fighting human sex trafficking.

There were never any secret indictments, zero, nada, zilch.  That was all 100% disinformation. 

So if any of you still believe in Pizzagate its time to end the illusion.  It was never truthful.  It was a politically motivated PSYOP designed to influence the 2016 election in the favor of Donald Trump and it did that in spades.  Everyone who believed in it should be ashamed now. 

2 thoughts on “I Don\'t Believe in Pizzagate

  1. One thing that I really respect you that you are never stubborn to trust or worship anyone or anything irrationally. You are open-minded and can change your old beliefs or ideas. You can admit that you are deceived or fooled and what you used to believe now cannot be trusted. You understand that they can abuse human's irrationality and emotions. You are like a detective who do research and investigations to find the truth about a group of monstrous, bizarre, cunning and intelligent criminals but they have galaxy of deceptions, lies and disinformation to fool you, and you have fallen to their traps, you are fooled but then you realized, you stood up again to continue to investigate about them.


  2. I am always after the truth and my opinion of what the truth is changes. As a human being I can be deceived and I have been deceived countless times. It is because I know I have been deceived that I learn from my mistakes and I learn who I can trust and who I cannot trust. I had to learn the hard way that this world is full of liars and deceivers dressed in sheep's clothing. Its a very bitter lesson to learn and it killed my initial optimism about the world. I am not optimistic now because I am aware much more so than most of the real picture and its not a good picture. I wish it were. What I basically have learned is that I cannot trust anyone to tell me the truth but myself. Although I will listen to anyone to hear what they say, in the end I can only trust myself so I have to do my own investigations about everything and not trust \”Gurus\” to tell me the truth. I am my own Guru and in this world that is the way you have to be. Look to no man to tell you the truth. The truth is known from within and only from within. I certainly do not have all the answers. I am still learning every day about the world but the liars and deceivers teach me about themselves. I learn about them from watching what they do. They out themselves. All I have to do is to not be fooled by them.


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