A Thought Experiment

Imagine that I could go 100 years in the future, to the year 2121 and examine the state of the world at that time. What would I see? What would I discover?  Would the world be closer to the Utopia that I always imagined that humanity was striving for?  Or would the world be closer to the garbage bin than it is now?  Would the changes to the world from now to then be positive or would they be negative?

In my lifetime I have seen the world take a huge step downward culturally.  I once thought that this was just the natural way of the world but I do not believe that anymore.  I believe the negative trends I and others have seen in the world is purposeful and by design because certain people who control the world behind the scenes want it to be that way.  So I can only imagine that the downward trends in society will continue in the future because this is all part of the (Jewish) plan for the world.  

The Covid 19 deception/PSYOP is something which (((they))) could not have gotten away with say 50 years ago or even 20 years ago but in 2019 (((they))) have brought the world to a state where a worldwide PSYOP like this is not only possible but it has become a reality that much of humanity believes to be real.  And I tell you that Covid 19 is just the beginning of Jewish deceptions to come in the future.  These evil people have opened Pandora\’s Box of Deception and there is no telling what is going to come out of that Box in the future. Only the Jewish Leadership and perhaps the CIA knows that because they are actively working as we speak to create new deceptions like Covid 19 or worse to radically change the world.  The purpose of these PSYOPs and deceptions is to change the world and since they have been so successful with the Covid 19 PSYOP you can expect more PSYOPs to come.  As the Covid 19 scamdemic has proven in spades for everyone paying attention, if you spread lies and disinformation on the main stream media and get the government to back it up (Jews control BOTH) then the people will believe it no matter how outrageous the lie and regardless of the attempts of honest men and women to expose the lies.  So ANY lie and deception becomes possible.  We are there. 

What I am trying to say is that Covid 19, whatever it is, is just the beginning of using lies and deception to change the world and that we can expect a sequence of new lies and deception in the future that I cannot even envision now but that the (Jewish) leaders of the world will certainly invoke in the future as they transform planet Earth into a Jewish utopia which will become a nightmare for non Jews.  In the next hundred years I envision that the freedom we have now on all levels is going to be a thing of the past and that the world will move toward a dystopic tyranny.  Imagine a series of steps leading down.  Jews cannot bring the world down all at once.  They can only bring it down one step at a time.  Think of the Covid 19 PSYOP as one step but there will be many other steps in the future as the world transforms and changes for the worse.  What will the next step be?

But back to my thought experiment.  I shudder to imagine what I would discover the state of the world would be in 2121.  I envision that to me it would be like a nightmare world where people are much more slaves than they are now and that the slavery is not hidden as it is now but it is out in the open and visible to all.  If you think it is bad now, imagine how bad it will be in 100 years.  The world is not moving toward Utopia.  It is moving toward Dystopia and it will be a Jewish Dystopia.  If you think this is a gloomy outlook it is and it is also a one hundred percent realistic outlook based upon current events.  Humanity is not awake and apparently nothing is going to wake them so the destiny of humanity is slavery.  Jews will make it happen.  Only John Conner can save humanity from the Jewish machine (the Jewish Master Plan).  Where is he?

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