Who can you Trust?

In this Jewish World filled with Lies and Deception, who can you trust to tell you the truth?  The answer to that question is very few people. There are some honest people who are telling the truth on the internet but they are in a minority.  I estimate that no more than 15% of the publicly available internet is honest and that the vast majority of the internet is controlled and deceptive, including those web sites that purport to tell \”the truth\”.  Jews and their dishonest non Jewish minions have turned the concept of truth completely on its head so just because someone says they are telling the truth means nothing.  You should view everyone who purports to be a truth teller with suspicion because the majority of them are shills as I discovered the hard way.  So you cannot trust very many people on the internet to be honest.  On the other hand, there is a huge list of people and organizations who you absolutely cannot trust to tell you the truth.  On the contrary, you can trust everyone in the following list to lie to you.  This is only a partial list of people and groups that you should never trust to tell you the truth.  Instead you should expect the following people and groups to lie to you.

The U.S. Government. If you are a citizen of another country, substitute your own country\’s government as one not to be trusted.

The Republican Party

The Democratic Party

All televised main stream media channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.  Every single one of them is Jew owned propaganda and there is no truth there.  If you watch the main stream media then you are listening to what Jews want you to believe.  Is that what you want to do?

The Washington Post

The New York Times









the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)


the CDC (Centers for Disease Control)

the WHO (World Health Organization)

the WEC (World Economic Forum)

John Hopkins University

Any Pharmaceutical company involved in manufacturing a Covid 19 vaccine.

the U.N.


ADL (Anti Defamation League)



Alex Jones

Donald Trump

Noam Chomsky

Dr. Fauci

Bill Gates

Elon Musk

Klaus Schwab

Mark Zuckerberg

The 9-11 truth movement

I am sure there are many more individuals and groups I could add to this list but these are the major ones that come to mind.  They all purport to tell the truth and they all lie like Snakes because they are working for the Jewish Snake.  Avoid any person or group in the above list like the plague if you care about the truth.

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