Miles Mathis

Have you ever heard of Miles Mathis?  Miles Mathis is a person on the internet who has his own particular explanation for many things.  He specializes in revealing many things in the world to be fake, i.e. deceptions, which is the reason I have an interest in what he says because I am very interested in deceptions. Here is his web site for reference.  Some people refer to Miles Mathis as a disinformation agent, which he may very well be but I cannot dismiss everything Miles Mathis says as disinformation because he has IMO revealed some very profound truths in his writings which I am going to be giving links to in this post.  I certainly do not agree with everything Miles Mathis says.  I will go further and state that I believe that some things Miles Mathis says are patently absurd and ridiculous and I would never endorse it to be the truth.  But at the same time I cannot completely dismiss Miles Mathis as being wrong about everything he says because some things from him I agree with.  

When you see some of his writings you will be tempted to just write off everything Miles Mathis says as disinformation but I invite you to at least look at what he says, whether you agree with it or not.  He is entirely wrong in many cases IMO but he does unveil some things and so I believe there is some value to be gained from looking at what he says, right or wrong. So in this post I am going to be providing links to some of the writings of Miles Mathis that I believe to be the truth and these are the only writings of Miles Mathis I will endorse.  Everything else he says I do not endorse.  As with everything else I find on the internet, I separate the wheat from the chaff.  I take the truth from wherever I can get it and dismiss everything else, and that should be your attitude also.

Things from Miles Mathis that I either agree with or I think could be true (read with discretion):

Stephen Hawkings died and has been replaced with a double:

It looks like Donald Trump is Jewish:

The Folk Scene was totally manufactured:

Noam Chomsky is and has always been a spook:

Jeff Bezos look like another CIA front:

Bill Gates Jewish Aristocrat:

I don\’t believe in Elon Musk

Las Vegas Shooting Hoax:

The Hippie Matrix:

Your Fake Local News

Boycott Everything!

Watergate Unstoppered:

Despinning Tucker Carleson

Whose side is Alex Jones on?

18 Reasons I won\’t be getting a Covid Vaccine

Evidence of Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries and Death:

The January 6th \”Attack on the Capital\” was staged:

Alex Jones sells it as real:

The Oklahoma City Bombing was a False Flag:

The sinking of the Lusitania was Faked:

Who is Klaus Martin Schwab?

The Great Reset

The Fake 2020 Presidential Election


Covid hits a Wall:

The CIA overthrow of Guatemala:

The CDC all but admits Covid 19 is Fake:

A Monkey Business (Covid 19):

The Fake Revolution (BLM Protests):

Fake Riots Fake Division (BLM Protests):

The George Floyd Killing was Faked:

9-11 Passengers:

Covid 19: What they don\’t tell you:

More on the CoronoHoax:

Yes, this is a test (Covid 19):

Why I Believe the CoronaVirus Scare has been manufactured:

American Moon (Apollo Moon Landing Hoax):

Westboro Baptist Church is Fake:

The Hanukkah Stabbing in Monsey was Faked

More to Come

3 thoughts on “Miles Mathis

  1. I actually agree with nearly everything in the Miles Mathis list, as I too have written extensively about nearly all of them….Amazing how so many try to classify him as 'disinformation' though.. But that comes with the territory of course!Great list, and great find, BTW..


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